Up Date 20.05.19 : Wound Of LOLA Much Better But Her Health not yet Come Back.


  1. Photographer please hit that arm with a stick so we can hear more screaming. Million Pity poor monkey.. 😂 😂

  2. 2:37 is her side wet from licking or is the wound oozing gunk?

  3. Well at least her mom is sticking right by her

  4. Same shit with Nanda and now we don't even see or hear anything about Nanda

  5. My concern she stands a chance in loosing her arm

  6. No Lola ain't no better her arm is still swollen and now her face is breaking out

  7. Se não der pra recuperar o bracinho dela, amputa então, pelo menos ela acostuma com a falta dele mais depressa, é sua recuperação pode ser acelerada ❤🐒😠😡🇧🇷🇧🇷

  8. And ask the Cambodia government to do something about the distress we can hear in the background!!

  9. She's too alert for infection, high fever, lethargic and loss of appetite. The swelling could mean, her elbow is broken or dislocated. Or it's swelling from the gash she received, around the area, probably quite sore. An x-ray is the only way to tell. So ,stress the troop by capture, or dart gun with sedation. For the adults guarding her, then vet, x-ray, shot of antibiotics if needed. Now ask your vet in your area what it would cost if it was pet dog. Keep in mind there are three adults guarding him.

  10. Рана мокнет, не заживает, дела плохи!

  11. Thankfully it is still suffering. I really hope it suffers for a long time before dying and feeding flies. That is its only use. To create maggot/fly cycles.

  12. She is drying up! Shrinking every second! Notice her fat arm is still fat, the infected arm still burning her health!

  13. Is it against the law of Cambodia to save life?Why milto save them ,they took them to the vet clinic.Why baby Lola they just ignored the little baby.Why not save her too.Put her down is against the law of God.Any human being only God can take their lives.Please give baby Lola a chance to live.Pleaseeee…

  14. Dead arm is shriveling up. It's just a useless appendage now. Except those broken bones inside cut muscle and tissue.

  15. Her arm is worse looking 2 me, & now she has lump on herleft side of face. Very skinny, shes going downhill as we watch. Wish it wuz possible 4 some1 2 help hate 2 c this baby die.

  16. She needs ti complete his diet, aparte From the milk his mother gives him with fruit, so that the people who visit him will take a Command or banana or mango from daily please that he Can gain strength and can heal son, please give him the daily fruit 🙏🏻🐒

  17. I would pay if someone could get her to a vet. How can I find out who to talk with about this? Please help me help her 🙏🙏

  18. Poor thing is dying

  19. I don't know where you're looking mate, that wound looks pretty rough to me, it's certainly not any better that's for sure.

  20. You can run now bab y hapy2 play with your friend at around the park and find food to eat

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