Unusual but Effective Shoulder Workout | Mike Rashid, Simeon Panda & Mac Trucc

what's up everybody it's a boy my she and my brother Weiss implant the head and doesn't he look different doesn't something different about different glean huge congratulations Josh sensimilla big congratulations to him it should know they got engaged thank you I know I forgot to even mention this guy help set it up so you guys will see it when you see the video I don't know if I'm gonna post the video before or after this one but you see that might help me set it up so I really appreciate that man bro thank you for allowing me to be a part man that was no doubt that was one of the most beautiful things I ever saw that was good he's good he raised the bar so now when I get engaged I don't know what I got a cruise I don't know some but it was dope thank you and it was his girl birthday today yeah which was perfect at uni because it meant not the surprise or the sneaking around like was easy to do by about an excuse I don't know Randy yeah but anyway but again to a shoulder workout we're gonna do unilateral movements so we're gonna be isolating on one arm at a time when we do these training the reason I like to do it because it's a little bit more difficult you know dumbbell is always for me anyway is always harder than you know a bar or a machine but also you know everybody has imbalances you never know until you do those single arm movements and this way you get to really at one side of the river that's how you get to catch it up to the other side and also you can't bullshit with doing so you can't if one side is weak when you're doing you know both arms are both legs whatever you doing one side will compensate you don't want always do that so it's good to get off it at some time and do unilateral to figure out when you add and you get an exit it's fucking hard to do and you know get a actually workout switching it up so I'm gonna hop into the shit let's go let's go I slept on my shoulder I keep sleeping on it and I heard it when I do that I actually bring my hand out here a little bit oh yeah yeah but it's like you said it's still balanced it's all balanced yeah that's that's my point now you're gonna find a way that fits you so I tweaked it a little bit because I slept on it so what I do is I don't believe in just not training right so I would normally be back here I'm here and my hand is turned a little bit when you're at a neutral grip you're good this is kind of rough on the shoulders like they'll pull up a lat pull down whatever so even with a press so my hand is slightly tucked like this you can't really tell but it is and it takes a lot of attention off of whatever that is though that was hurt so looks a little hack this is another thing I want to do don't just go through the motion really be thinking about hitting it proper if I think about what's working back there that matters this is a really so really testing exercise for you guys like if you haven't done this before when you actually do start going here you're gonna get a shock of your lap because your core comes into play your ballots comes into play it's difficult it's no it's not like a regular you know sitting on a shoulder press machine or even then you're doing a seated shoulder press this is different when you're standing up you only got one hand trust me like form is everything so make sure you pay attention yeah activate all those stabilizers you you're working all of this even in your legs just keeping your body stable it's all I saw you guys might not see it but my left side I find it a lot more difficult than my right side might make itself more evident when it gets heavier but this is something this particular about unilateral training date it can identify like you know imbalances you know so you found that's yours yeah my left side another thing positive about doing this show the press is standing it looks fuckin badass the strongmen do exactly you've ever watched a strongman competition they get some huge and I mean huge I mean even the handle is probably about this big dumbbell and then they swing it onto their shoulder and then it's all about you know getting it up you know so it does look I think it's calling like a circus dumbbell or so yes yes yes ridiculously huge yeah it's our biggest vise Holly Hollow it's a quite light but if you've seen if you've seen the old old strongman and I'm talking about the old ya where they like they literally you know like that it's that old move I respect you know um what's next wait Oh will you 55 or 60 I think oh let's do let's go to 65 I don't because we're now gonna have to go up to 100 in no no no so 65 did you say or seventeen seventy seventy-five seventy-five or forty seven so that was your back I heard a dare you what's good else I'll snap yeah we're doing single eyes yeah you start start with like a we want over like a 25 35 50 now with 55 and now 70 what's good what you saw hey that LA traffic got you huh this feels really good though it feels super effective yeah I think 81 should be good oh yeah cool cool sounds good just this build excellent right here yeah I said nothing I'm not gonna have to do all the way in the world we're doing UV lateral movements it's more effective it's very effective it's good come on come on come on nice look ya'll I took a lot it takes a lot of strength to do this see unilateral movements it cuts through the bullshit you can't bullshit that that's pure power you can't bullshit that this is how you deal those dents big muscles heavyweight for breakfast not one or two but eight to ten eighty twelve excellent such a dope move man you just excellent feels great we're gonna rip out but just wanted to hit one heavy one man one who's I feel under touched that hundred hopefully I'll get it Hey just wanted em ones where once you take off the rack you wanna press state away I'm looking over there soon as I take off this guy on my shoulder began and this is the benefit of trainer with a strong heart if somebody do something crazy bully out it you gotta do it the plan was to hit 80 he got 100 so we got it on come on oh yeah wait boy about Buddhism I [Applause] [Applause] yo house though No not my you know look at that [Applause] [Applause] laughs sorry no joke Jamie when I look to that left side I felt everywhere let's get it on come on come on no fibers come on crazy so this guy's on our okay fatality says [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this year you're gonna eat everything and you build a solid foundation and once that foundation is built we've built our foundation years everything benefits everything everything you do everything else benefits his traps is getting work just now because he's built big traps so he his traps will benefit from him doing side door is done I mean but you can't just help the gate just happened doing it you gotta train your traps that's right everything except learn your Anatomy like it makes no sense to you that you're in the gym and you don't know what you know Dunaway school in their China training you're trying to buddy boo but you don't know the name of the muscles trust me [Applause] I don't know wait when I'm using both sides I don't come from here yeah because I it's a little momentum you can get yeah here it's light but detentions ready created from and neither one builds the body better than the other this is harder to do but it makes me stronger yeah and I think that's always more pressure but but and bodybuilding you don't have to be that strong it's not a building muscle to build a muscle you sculpted it it's a heart but I respect that said right but I want to be strong see with me no matter if I'm doing laterals curls whatever I always go with the same theory that I walk with a slight bend in my arm so rather from curling I want to go back to here yeah if I'm doing a lateral raises I'll keep that same being because I don't do this yes so and owners ma don't do this is because that's when you get a lot of tension to the elbow later she's like yeah well my elbow so sensitive that's the best I was telling sim about it earlier like a boxing like you develop tendonitis from now hyper Elric standing it right like having you sit like that was this weird natural swing the only thing that I feel we should go with her all the way being it's like when we do it exactly exactly but everything else it's just like when I do my my lateral race I keep I keep that same being no matter what it and I know that when I do see it I'm always going to slap in so I started to and I know that they always out so my arms be spent with straight mental Street what they ask as in if it's our overall yes not [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right so what we did today was when to show you guys how to train the syllabus unilateralism I'm a big fan of it typically I'll add it in with the regular stuff that I'm doing but today we decided to an entire workout using one arm at a time why do we do that it's a little bit more difficult things we often agree on we can go a little heavier but 100 so you don't have to go as heavy to get a lot of work done if one sided future which is usually always the case you get to final imbalances and that kind of neutralized right because when you're not when you use a both arms all the time the strong arms going to keep getting stronger we've gone we'll never catch up it's a good way to that and not just strong strength but size development they catch up it has no your body has no choice but to catch up and you know the stabilizers actually activate we're doing a single arm standing man they have your guy it got so difficult you feel so much tension on your core because you want that you want to be strong a complete solid foundation all right so anyway hope you guys liked it subscribe the simians channel the excellent content pushing maxwell up the same excellent content their links it down below you know what I mean and keep rockin with us you don't keep bringing up some educational fundamental shit we don't want to just I told y'all before we're doing this too give you out some of the tips attack that we've learned along islands we all been training for 20-plus years Israel so we're trying to give you a summer stuff that we learned that we picked up along the way


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