University of Rochester Public Health Sciences

– Having University of Rochester really be a now multi-faceted health system with many outlying locations. – As a student here
I’ve had the opportunity to work with many
different research groups across the medical center not just in public health sciences. – The expanding nature of the hospital system
you are involved in. The inter-play with the community is something you will find continuously. – I feel like the training at
the University of Rochester’s School of Public Health
Sciences really gives people a hands on experience and allows them to prepare to be great
members of a scientific team. And as a physician and
scientist in training I think it’s incredibly important to understand how to work both
independently and as a team. – The department of Public
Health Sciences has a variety of graduate programs ranging from a variety of Master’s
programs to several PhD programs. Our Master programs are the
Master’s in Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Services, Research and Clinical Investigation. And our PhD programs
are in Health Services, Research, and Epidemiology. – So the training for the
PhD program really enhanced kind of those innate skills that I had. – I think my Master’s in Public Health prepared me very well to do research, collaborative research with a variety of different faculty members. – And has really taught me the value of collaborative research and
transdisciplinary research. And has showed me how to be
part of a large working group and even smaller collaborative groups which will be imperative moving forward in a scientific career. – There’s more to our programs than just simply taking classes. Sitting in the office of a faculty member and talking about ideas can be some of the most rewarding
educational experiences that a student can have here
beyond simply taking classes. – Something that I found
pleasantly surprising was the diversity of
students in the program. There was everything from
undergrad to graduate students to PhD students to doctors
in all the classes, which gave us a very broad perspective based on everybody’s opinions. – And I think that all that is based on firm scientific training as well as what we look for in our student applicants which is, I think, a
pretty good understanding of the liberal arts which I think helps develop creativity insight,
to develop the wisdom. And when you merge the two together you get an excellent product, which in this case is a young person who’s very well trained to go out and make a mark in whatever area of health care or public health
that they choose to move in. – I tend to believe our
methodological principles and our research skills
that we teach the students are applicable to many different settings. – If I were speaking
with another deaf person I would say that Rochester
has a great deaf community. University of Rochester
is already very friendly and welcoming to deaf people. They have all the services ready to go for people in general
I would say the program is an excellent program. There are a lot of other programs and courses that are offered here that can match what you need. There are just so many fields
and classes offered here that can match whatever
you’re interested in. And the faculty and the
staff are very friendly. – It really offers us a unique opportunity to kind of get out into the community at the different
locations that we now have throughout the community. Whether it be the center
for community health where we rotate downtown or
whether it’s our partnership with the VA in Canandaigua. You’re really exploring different layers of the community everywhere you go. – But the best part, I think,
of the research opportunities within the program that I wasn’t just doing classroom research. I was actually doing
real research projects while I was pursuing my degree. – All of these programs are characterized by a strong methodological foundation where students really learn and understand the
methodological principles underlying individual
disciplines as well as how these disciplines are
applied to other fields primarily working with clinicians and other kinds of
collaborators outside of our — – Even though I have a unique interest in coming to the University of Rochester I know that this program
has a lot to offer to any resident who’s interested in the future of preventive
medicine in the United States. I recommend this program
because of its diversity, its very very multi-faceted approach to health care system. – The Public Health
Sciences graduate training provides you with a broad based education that has both the theoretical
basis that you need and the application of
skills that will allow you to be successful for your entire career.

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