Universal Health Coverage – Everything You Need to Know about Global Health Expenditure

three-two-one let's talk numbers again how much does the wild spend on health each year one dollar in every hundred five no according to a new report on global health spending published by the World Health Organization in 2015 the wild spent close to ten percent of global GDP on health that is one dollar in every ten invested in health for instance to pay for health workers facilities or medicines piled up that one in ten amounts to seven point three trillion dollars it sounds like a lot of money and it is what's more it's getting bigger by four percent every year between 2000 and 2015 and it is increasing even faster in poor countries with a six percent growth per year in fact what people call the health economy is growing faster that the global economy itself which expanded by 2.8 percent per year over the same period but there is a problem according to whu-oh global health spending remains very unequal for example although more than 80 percent of people live in low and middle income countries they see less than 20% of total health spending that means that many people across the world are at a risk of falling into poverty traps because of health expenses often paid out of their own pocket w-h-o estimates that this is the case for more than 100 million people each year and another staggering figure more than 50% of the world's population does not have access to health services when they need them in high-income countries 7 out of 10 dollars spent on health come from government or social health insurance while the other three come from private health insurance or out-of-pocket payments this number drops to five in ten in over a hundred middle-income countries covering 76% of the wild population living it to individuals to cover the other half of the cost in 30 low-income countries the government pays around $2 in every 10 less than in the year 2003 dollars come from external aid which leaves people to shoulder nearly $5 of the burden of paying for health care so what needs to change one obvious way to change things is for governments in countries that spend little to spend more and it is clear that many of the countries that have benefited from economic growth over the past decade could be spending more keeping a close eye on health spending is an important part of making this happen better data drive better policy and improve accountability w-h-o and its partners are committed to working with countries to improve the availability and the quality of the data at their disposal


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  2. The US. Has horrible Health Care and it's costing us almost 16% of the GDP

  3. But what you fail to understand is that if you give people so-called free health insurance, they will complain about everything under the sun and do nothing to protect their own health. You know what happens when you feed a wild animal. You cannot heal the people. You are no leader, you are weak. God shall show a small piece of His Power and the entire Earth shall Shake violently. But you, you are weak. You tell the world you are wise, but you have no wisdom. Your feet are cracking up

  4. Thanks5 WHO, graet job,go forward,

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