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do I don't be recording this conversation is that okay with you yeah that's fine cool so the reason for this conversation I would like to understand what happened to you so that your message gets delivered together with your review and we will publicize it for now Facebook and Twitter page hopefully the more people know about your issue you will get help that you need okay that understandable so in your own words can you tell me what happened sharing it's not just one time this is just the last time this is what caused me to post the most recent post on this customer it's um uh I'm HIV positive and so my meds are very important to me they are life and death I have to have them I know they're expensive United Healthcare knows they're expensive and they knew that I was positive when they bid on our account where I work so this is no secret to them that I have to get these expensive meds so on Monday March 28th I went to the doctor my doctor that I have been going to for years and he gave me a new prescription that would one pill would replace three of the current pills I'm taking it's a little bit less expensive it's much less harmful on my system on my liver and kidneys it's just easier easier to to take so I turned it into United Healthcare that was done again on the monday march 20th and on tuesday i looked online and it said on hold that this order was on hold they had received he was on hold there about that time I got an email from them and the email said that they needed more information for my doctor and they gave me an order number and a phone number so I called the phone number and I said all right so here's the order number what do you need they look it up they said we need some blood tests from your doctor I said fine so I called the doctor back and he said yeah I got the same message they do this all the time to me I'll call the order in go down and take the meds or the lab tests as soon as you can so I went down and they do the blood no problem and so I waited a few days I got the I personally got the results from the lab on Monday March 27th this is a week later six days after they drew the blood I called the doctor and I said hey you got the blood test back and assistants said yes we got him and we called United Healthcare and we turned them in we we asked what they needed anything else than they said no I said okay cool so I called United and I said you've got everything from the doctor whilst you need we don't need anything else so on Tuesday I look online and it's my order says in process well I don't trust them because I've been through this many times before so I called them and I said I would just want to make sure everything's okay and they said oh you know what there's a hold on this order because the order was placed for a three month supply which is normal during that supply and will only give you 30 days at this time I said that's no problem I used two different things every 30 days I'll do it every 30 days no problem he said okay let's let me call the pharmacist to make sure everything else is all right I said oh thank you for doing it so though she while I'm at home I call the pharmacist she comes back online and she says the pharmacist needs another signature from you doctor I said okay Sunday my neighbor you need within five minutes you'll get it back so I waited about an hour called the doctor I said they needed another signature they said yeah we already signed it and sent it back okay cool so on Wednesday then I know I'm thirst that was late in the day so on Thursday I waited through Wednesday I Colin I looked up the mom online on Thursday and order still set in process so I called them back and they said well you know everything looks like it should be okay I don't see any problem here let me call the pharmacist she called the pharmacist comes back to me she says everything seems alright I just want to make sure that this that you're okay with the 30 day supply said yes I'm okay with a 30 day supply all right when you should have it by April 10th well this is replacing my other beds and I would run out on April 10th I said anyway I can get it sooner than that she said no April 10th the soonest I'll make sure your order goes in today I'll make that notation you should have it on the 10th I said okay well again so on Saturday April 1st my online accounts still set in process so I called him again and I said what's Adina and so she looks it up and they're always very nice to my first call I'm you know I can't offer customer service there being fairy thing she said Oh your orders on hold because we need your approval for a 30-day supply I said I said three times I have given this okay but okay okay the 30-day supply and she's all right well then it should she'd go out today she said oh I'll get it – it's still there on the 10th I said would you please call the pharmacist and make sure they're everything's okay because if it doesn't shift debt and I said to her I don't trust you guys and she said all right I'll call so she calls the pharmacist um I hold a long time she comes back she says everything's okay it's gonna I said all right I'll have it on the debt yes you'll have it on Monday morning online it still says the orders in process so I call again and the woman says I don't see you nor I said I had an order number here it is she said you I can't your order number doesn't help me I can't find it by the order number I said every time I call I give him the order number she said well I I don't have access to an order number I don't I get that helps me not at all and I said this is the phone number you sent me I've been calling this number all along and using this order number and been jumping through all these hoops and now you tell me there's no order if she said no there's no I'm sorry sorry mr. Chappel I don't know what to tell you I said you can tell me who you supervise his name is and transfer me because I know this is the this is the drill you have to culture so she after a long period of time she keeps coming back and coming back and come back and I said I don't want the supervisor anyway give me your escalation team because I know they're the only ones that can do anything so she gets me to the escalation team the guy is really efficient and again he's not friendly but he is forthright and that's what I want I don't care if you're nice to me but I want it I want to answer so I told him about the order told me what happened he said I've got to order right here and it's the the problem is it's supposed to be shipped from our specialty pharmacy not I said well this is the number you gave me this is the phone number you sent me and this is the order number and they've been finding all along and now you're telling me it's a different pharmacy said well you know I'm sorry but that's that's just the way it is as well has a chip – no it hasn't shipped why has it shipped we need your approval for a 30-day supply you've got to be kidding me so um he said well you know I can make this happen today I promise I said would you please check with the pharmacist and make sure everything's all right so he did he'd check for us as he came back and he said I I promise he said I'll check the fargo home today an agency ships he says when do you want him I said well I was told I couldn't have it for at the 10th but I want it now he said I'll have it for tomorrow and that was on a Saturday so that that meant that he would have to shift that day Buchanan Monday that's a Tuesday so it can be here Tuesday unreasonable when you're reasonably with me I'm Elizabeth you said all right so I'll make sure it ship so the other thing I said to him was what should I do differently next time I said I did what could I have done did I do something that I do something wrong today and he said no he said I don't know what to tell you he said when we deal with the specialty pharmacy things get mixed up and they get lost and they don't ship when they're supposed to I said you understand this is life and death and he said well yes I know it's a training issue okay I said what would you do you know he was he's not used to I'm having a conversation with him and so what would you do if my company didn't pay my premium when it was doing is it wild we car insurance I said oh okay so I have to do my end of the deal but you don't have to hold up your head well you know things happen but anyway it did arrive by me on Tuesday they give the ride yes at just when he said it would this is this is why I was so persistent with them this time because I don't trust them because I've been through this with them so many times this isn't the first time my doctor prescribed as different medication for me that would be easier in the system because the last time they just flatly denied it and they said no we won't do it he doesn't qualify and I don't know why I don't qualify why they know more than my doctor knows but this is the second guessing that they that they always do I mean they're just I mean it's just it's the way they do business it's it's a prescription delayed is you know a penny earned kind of thing the longer they can delay providing service and the longer they delay paying for it unfortunately people may not be there to finish the gift to the medication I think I and I I asked my doctor I said I'm healthy and I I can go after him and I have the persistence and the patience and I'm not going to look at him let him get away with anything but what about the people would what if this were my mom trying to get her one of her medication yeah she would give up she would just give many people out there with HIV or not as fortunate as I am to be in the health I am think they can't they just don't have the are the patients the were with AMI they just can't stick with it to put up a fight like I do so you think they're killing people one two three four five six seven eight nine just so there's nine calls for this order only and I was on the phone with them at the beginning of March because another they changed the the formulary of one of my other medications and changed the tear also what they ever they call the tear so it was gonna cost me more and I needed an additional signature for my doctor so that was a series of calls to first had to take her one issue and then add sticker that's the other issue and this is the medication I've been taking for a decade and suddenly all these changes happen in the middle of my plan here this is this is how they do business well yeah I'm happy for you that medication came finally how would you want United Healthcare to change to help people in your condition going forward they could first of all believe my doctor take my doctor's word when he orders something he's the one that is examining me regularly he orders blood tests he's he he looks me in the eye you know he he sees what what condition I'm in and what I need I didn't need a pharmacist somewhere working for a big giant company to me to second-guess what my doctor or anyone's doctor what decisions he's making he's he's he's one of the leaders in the industry when when there's an aid conference aids conference worldwide he's on the podium making speeches and I've got some pharmacists somewhere making decisions second-guessing him that's one thing they can do another thing they can do is if they're gonna have this specialty pharmacy thing more closely link that with their regular pharmacy and community to me when changes are made like that it's they're gonna transfer a prescription tell me so that if I have to follow up on it which looks like I acted so that I know where to go to call I'll call I'll do the work even though I shouldn't have to I'll do it but don't give me one phone number and then tell me you lost my order that's another thing they can do and why jump through all of these hoops all these times have this is 2017 I've broken technology I know that you can create a record in someone's the medical file here and it will go through the system and show up down here so if if I change the 30-day approval on one place it should be 30-day approval everywhere it shouldn't have to do it five times so that's an example another thing they could do is simplify approval process simplify the process brief why not have it be an online check box they they're always pushing online online online if you go to their website you cannot client an email address Oracle or a customer service phone to call all you can do is fill out a form which which goes to that and sometimes the answer is up sometimes they don't and when they do answer it's usually just a canned response thank you for for contacting us your you will take your concerned under under you're not going to concern and you never hear anything else this video together with you you'll cave is the content of this video to be posted come on yes Michael that's fine okay so that's what we're gonna do because share it on Facebook we probably gonna make UnitedHealth a little bit uncomfortable because we're gonna post it to their Facebook as well and see how they react good because I tell them you know I try to be a good customer oh here's there's another great thing they have an automated survey you can take after you talk to their customer service people and I always say yes I'll do the survey because I believe they you know they ask for a man to give me a feedback and I always give their there their customer service people good marks almost always because they're almost always really nice and helpful but then they at the end they always say or there's a series of questions about would you refer UnitedHealthcare how you know do you refer you not health care to your friends so I go through when I get high marks I mark I'm Mike Carmack low mark and it cut me though as soon as as soon as I give a mark they don't like gone and I've asked them about that and they say Oh mr. Chappel certainly we don't do that we don't we don't censor our survey responses and I said well I think you do Gary thank you very much for your time thank you Michael thank you very much thank you for sharing have a nice evening thank you sir you'll be alright bye


  1. STay away from UHC garbage trash

  2. What about AARP medicare complete. Someone told me this is a really good plan.

  3. Best senior health care
    Easy choice
    The worst united health care

  4. United health care
    The best plans
    Easy choice
    Blue cross
    Health net
    The best plans

  5. Was forced to enroll in UMR United Healthcare Choice through my employer. Hate having this insurance company. UMR denies anything and everything. If you meet their deductible they will still come up with a reason not to pay anything. High deductibles, high premiums, crap, so crappy I'd like to say it's a front/fake health insurance. It's not even really health insurance. It's 100% scam, but some of us are stuck with it…

  6. Horrible insurance
    Company the. F. Worst…..

  7. Horrible for seniors
    Its a sad this plan and
    Service h o r r i b l e.
    Not a people or customer friendly company.

  8. Uhc should be in jail
    Senior ripoff

  9. United health care
    Ripoff plan
    Cheats and scams
    Absolute horrible
    Uhc the damn worst

  10. Uhc ripped me off
    Senior ripoff

  11. Attention Women With Breast Cancer…UHC is NOT behind women with Breast Cancer and will fight you every step of the way NOT to pay when you have exhausted every provider they insist you see. I thought our company had excellent coverage and pay a very high price for it for each of us and now to only learn when it comes down to pay for services they will run the other way…Even our insurance broker is at a loss for words as to how I have been treated with my breast cancer…To the point where we have had to file a formal complaint with the Virginia Bureau of Insurance and the Virginia Department of Health!!! UHC will continue to put you through more hell then just the hell of your cancer and treatments you must go through!!! I am fighting with every ounce of energy and life I have left in me for my care and it is falling on deaf ears. UHC only cares about their bottom line and not patient care!!! Additionally, don't even bother with their cancer support program…useless and a total waste of time!!!

  12. There united health care sucks try to get
    Any help…….
    Wait and wait and wait and aarp sucks

  13. Why is what I'm hearing NOT what the man in the video is saying? The sound is voiced over.

  14. If you reside in NY/NJ and if you feel like you have been wronged by Uhc I will be happy to testify on your behalf. I worked for Uhc until recently and if you want to take them to court I can assist you with information. Uhc has violated many laws and continues to do so do to lack of communication within departments and insufficient and inappropriate training of their employees. State of NY/NJ has threaten to terminate contract with UHC do to heavy transfer rate to their offices instead of UHC employees handling calls themselves. Uhc denies many prior authorizations even when benefits are started in your benefit summaries. DO NOT let UnitedHealth Care get away with the evil things they are doing to those in need please take action and sue.

  15. This is incredibly frustrating. As someone who has more than one friend with HIV, I understand that the medicine provided is VERY important. My only concern with this segment is that I feel that everyone he got in contact with had never worked with and account using this specialty pharmacy before. I think this guy is incredibly patient. As someone who works in this industry, if you have to call more than 2 times, PLEASE ask for a manager. They will always get you to their escalations department and will get your problem handled.

  16. Anybody got anything on Cigna healthspring? Curious to know

  17. Advantra. Much better?

  18. The worse government owned insurance company in The United States.Them and a local, wicked so called vision care specialist tried to run a scheme on me a year ago.They refused to pay the claim.I filed a complaint with BBB, haven't heard a word from neither crook.I have full vision care, but UHC was trying to make me foot the bill.They are also making never ending Robo calls to my old number.I told to remove the number and stop the calls over a year ago.It is clear that this company is a Stalking Agency, under the disguise of health care insurance.They are going to be the ones to report to the government who is and isn't complying with vaccinations, etc.BE WEARY AND FIND YOURSELF ANOTHER INSURANCE COMPANY.These nosey people are not your friend🤔

  19. DON'T GET UNITED HEATHCARE ITS A JOKE!!!!!SWITCHED FROM BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD THINKING ITS BETTER.ALL THE COPAYS,AND DOCTAR GOT TO CALL PHARMACY FOR A MEDICINE TO GET FILLED,Yet it been filled twice already by Blue Cross.Oh and if your Primary care doc gives you 8 speciality docs to go to.Get ready Cause when they print out your referral it will list how many times you are approved to see each specialist. So if it's 10 visits per specialist that's $50 each time. Now mind you you're paying insurance but then you're paying every time you go and you having trouble getting your medicine. United States needs a health care reform major major bad explanation mark. Oh and by the way when them doctor see that they can see you that many times they will be sure to get you in the office that many times to suck you dry and the insurance dry. That's even if you don't even need to come back they going to keep you coming for test this that lies. Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Health Care no good. I mean who's got $50 for a primary care doctor if you're paying $500 a month in insurance??? I'm moving to Mexico

  20. United Healthcare sucks! The stories about their heartless approach are endless. My heart goes out to you.

  21. Fuck UHC. They wouldn't even cover an antibiotic cream for a skin infection I got after I cut myself. That's how fucking bad they are. They are notorious for being the absolute worst insurance company to ever exist.

  22. Hey, I think you may have gotten a positive result. I just got off the phone with Optum Rx. This is what happened. I have 5 days left on one of my prescriptions which is on hassle-free shipping. I went online to see what was up. This Rx was refilled 90 days ago. The expiration date was updated but the ship date was not. I noticed a new feature. At of very bottom of the order status page are 2 new buttons "Click to Call" and "Contact OptumRx". I chose the contact them button, gave my phone number and chose call me "now". My phone rang 5 seconds later. It was a recording which said to talk to someone press 1. I did and then a real person came on the line. After I explained the problem, she fixed the ship date, asked how many pills I had left and arranged for overnight delivery. Phone call duration – 6 minutes. WOW! Of course I was skeptical so I logged bask in to check the status of the order. It is now "In Process".

  23. yeah I think I am going with another company or just stay with regular medicare and pay for Part D

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