UNI VLOG | Healthy Food Shop Haul + EXAM SEASON STRESS!!

[Applause] [Applause] it's morning everyone and welcome back to another vlog so today I'm heading back to uni so I thought I would fail them because I'm gonna be doing a fresh food shop when we get there and I just thought it'd be like a nice day to document before exam season officially begins because every single day will be revision studying all these bits and pieces and make sure you go check out my recent main channel video because it's a real-time study with me me and my brother over in it he's here and I've got the little puppy I'm gonna miss you so much I miss you so much you gonna miss me yeah ah he's been quite naughty over the past couple of days haven't you you're going through the northeast odd lafay is where he's just like viciously biting because I think he feels like we can't wait to take him for a walk because I feel like he's got too much energy at the minute and we just waiting for his next jobs and then we can take them out can't we but I won't be here for the first walks I'm super super sad about that but you can just film it and I'll probably pop it in the vlog or something so everyone else can see Barney's first walking house anyone's wondering but I just like to document it anyway because it's something that I'm gonna miss but yeah I can't wait to go walk him in the soil well it's you gotta go on so many walks with Megan's dog with David's mates dogs with our cousin's dogs it's gonna be great isn't it I hope you get on with everyone do you like tummy tickles don't ya you like a good tummy tickle you like a good look is there pause they always bend like this they also always bend in a weird way hey pretty boy you got the prettiest eyes I haven't you you better remember me mum's just doing the tires and stuff on the car and then we're gonna go ahead and grab Megan because we thought there's no point no point taking two separate cars with me I'm Megan over on the corner from each other so we're taking Megan Bertini as well and her mum brought us back last time the car is gonna be very very full and cramped but it's okay also I wanted to show you this I don't know if I ever mentioned it I'm sure I did in one block but there are orange smarty Easter eggs I had one the other day that my nan got me the small one and that was delicious and it's like taste of orange I don't know I was just thinking that because I had it but I don't know but my mum and brother both managed to get the orange Smarties and mini eggs the huge huge Easter egg but I was eyeing up in the shop it was ten pounds and granted I don't think any strike is worth that much money because that's just ridiculous however they got it reduced because obviously it's after Easter now and look here we are I didn't realize there were orange Smarties in the actual shell so I'm going to take this and me and Meghan can share it for a lovely late breakfast so just come to big Tesco we're doing Ellen shop megan's over there picking up the bed just we're just literally in the fruit and veg section at the minute which broccoli bacon men I am now back in my uniboob I am literally so knackered I probably have never looked more dead in my life I think it's the fact that I know that this month is going to be so tough like these next four weeks I'm gonna be revising constantly and I just I'm trying to get myself in a more positive headspace positive mental attitude I'm gonna try my hardest otherwise I know if I'm in a bad mindset then I'm gonna do less work then feel even worse we're not doing well and it will just be an endless cycle so I feel like I just need to rest maybe do a bit of work this evening my mum and nan just dropped me and Megan off we also went to Tesco's as you'd have seen and I'm just about to show you my food job listing if anyone's interested I've tried to stay as healthy as possible and yeah I tried office Laos I always try and get packaging that's recyclable and stuff like that I get so many horrible comments on my videos about plastic packaging and like things like that but at the end of the day I can't be the only one to be blamed for this everyone else buys all this packaging they just don't document it online so obviously they're not getting targeted but just because I put my life online doesn't and I mean I don't care and just because I'm buying products that have plastic packaging doesn't mean I don't care is it you here any option it's like these big corporations and companies that need to make these decisions to make their packaging better for the environment like I'm sick of being blamed for everything and I hope you guys understand that because I do try my hardest when I can with what I can do as a student because everything is very expensive and when you are living this lifestyle so yeah sometimes I do struggle aband it's quite hurtful when people are comment in bits and pieces like I don't have a strong financial income I don't I don't have strong financial support from anyone else in my life so it can be very difficult sometimes to always get the best things and do the best things for the environment I am trying my hardest I do say this a lot but I'm just I just gave it a sick of all those comments when I do try my hardest like yeah I'm just gonna show you my food shop downstairs maybe have a little rest and and again with some work because otherwise I will feel like I'm gonna get all my stuff out the bags and then I'm gonna show you guys why God so here's my food chopper we went to the big test those and I did the healthiest food job I possibly could I did get a couple of naughty things because I know I'm gonna be very stressed during exams but nonetheless yeah I just tried to stay healthy because I know I treat my body well that I'm gonna be in a better place for like studying and I won't feel so lethargic and grumpy so I've got some Tesco zone and crunching of cornflakes essentially these are probably one of the unhealthiest things but I did get them just gonna work right over there for now I've got some of the some cases some kitchen roll it's actually eco-friendly it's 100% recyclable which I thought was a faff so I'm gonna put them in the kitchen we'll keep them in the kitchen obviously I've got some Tesco's fat-free vinaigrette dressing which I'm gonna put on my salads and stuff look at all this chocolate in the background on mine and dropped off then I've got some sweet chilli hummus which I always have it with some pita breads unfortunately they didn't have any wholemeal pitter so I've got white pizza which is not my favourite but it will do for little snacking and stuff during revision then I've got some Kenko lattes these won't offer because I know I'm gonna need a lot of caffeine during this exam season I've got some doubles gents a fruit squash because the water tastes so ranked at uni I've also got three of these big bottles of water which I know is not the best because it's plastic but the Lincoln water tastes like chemicals from our tap so I'd rather this because it like tastes like I'm drinking bleach sometimes which is not ideal I've got some of the cauldron falafels which I love snacking on either with hummus or just on their own then I have some of the nice and nobly granola this is gluten free and has blueberries raspberries strawberries and yogurt chunks in I'm very excited to try this tomorrow I think I'm gonna make myself like a little smoothie Bowl and like blend loads of my life frozen fruit and pop it in and then pop some of this on top which should be yummy I've got some sweet strawberries which I'm buzzing about I love my fruit then I've got this huge sips our Loyd Grossman tomorrow in Chile at pasta sauce when I run out I've got three bananas in here I don't usually use bags for these and but my nun sorted it all out and I was like oh God then I've got some broccoli for during the week which then I've got some cool Hollywood's crusty rolls and probably just another like he sort of thing and I've got baby leaf salad which I always love having with like couscous and some sort of core not like chicken alternate or something and then I got these from the reduce section which we're gonna eat this evening some pineapple fingers there were only 15 peach then I have some fruit because I'm a child and then my other naughty thing was this God fellas stone baked chicken margarita pizza so yeah that's all my bits and pieces I got I tried to stay as healthy as possible but yeah I'm really happy with this and now I'm going to go have a nap and hopefully you're not sleeping for hours I have missed a few parcels since I have come home I need to collect some from the post office tomorrow but I'm kind of pissed off because Hermes left this under my gas me a box for about that's been there for about three weeks now hmm so love that but thank you very much to Sunkist for sending this over I am very excited to give it a try but it is their new it's their new gradual tan that has 95% natural ingredients which is fab there's loads of different info here about it if you want to read it but there I've got a velvet tanning mitt so hopefully that should feel very nice on the skin me and Mac will definitely be testing this out and very soon and then we have the actual product itself which feels really big it's 200 milliliters so yeah I'll give you a little review about this because I've been loving my fake to hunt them in it it's making me feel a lot more confident in myself so yeah I thank very much for that for some kiss for sending those over and then then I also got this little package here which i think is spilt a bit because it's feeling a very very sticky I'm assuming the postman just tried to shove it through the letterbox and which has made one of them split open but they're these three little cocktail things to try from a brand called cocoa and vanilla I have a vodka cocktail here rum punch and a gin one I have lots of information through email about what each of these different ones entail but I'm sure we'll be trying this when we go out because it's Megan's birthday very soon and we'll definitely be needing it drinks to pre drink so I'm gonna give these little ghosts soon right so it's now 20 past 10:00 and I'm in bed which feels so weird at uni but working over the past three days it's like got me into a routine of going to bed super early and waking up to super only which is a good and a bad thing like for those of you who are new to my channel basically in the summer I work at their place that I've been working since I was like 16 and I just do it because it's like good money I know what I'm doing like starting new jobs and stuff gives me a lot of like extra stress and anxiety and I know starting a new job is like nerve-wracking and stressful for a lot of people but like some certain jobs really like make my anxiety like flare up and that's the worst expression possibly to use but if you're not I mean like it sort of amplifiers that's the word I was thinking of myself amplifies my amplifies my anxiety when starting certain specific jobs I've done before so I know like which certain things to avoid and for my mental health which i think is quite a good thing now that I know what triggers and what doesn't and the fact that I like to know I'm doing and it's like a good routine and it helps me out it's just very exhausting because I'm waking up at 5:00 a.m. three nights in a row I just we only did three chefs but and there were just three in a row five a.m. a half 6:00 a.m. shift until like 5 half 5 6 o'clock in the evening just very tiring literally like my first shift was on Thursday I got home at like 6 o'clock got into bed slept from like half 7:00 until 5:00 a.m. the next morning then woke up and it was just like an endless cycle of just being so tired and drained and working and my feet were killing a clam happy to be back to uni so I don't have to work constantly although it's very good because I do need the money I just feel like I haven't done as much revision over the past couple of days like I'd like to and as I plan to I didn't realize my body was going to be so exhausted off my shifts because I'm obviously not used to that routine I'm used to this weird you need lifestyle where I'm waking up super late and going to sleep super late just sort of happens like when you're here for a lot of people and I hate it like I don't like going to bed really late and waking up really late cuz it makes me feel like I've wasted the day but yeah I don't know I think feel like I'm just rambling now sorry sorry about that but this evening we've just been like chilling downstairs having a bit of a catch-up so obviously haven't seen her oh I haven't seen Megan loads I've just seen how long we've been working because you from the same place and just having sort of catch-up over what's gone on over the past couple weeks and Easter and then I did a little bit of my course work which is doing tomorrow don't know if any of you guys remember by I submitted a draft for my expert for an expert which state witness statement course workpiece do you like a few weeks ago which was a draft then we had to peer review it and then basically using that pair of you feedback to just adjust things that we needed to and I've pretty much almost thought you tomorrow just need to make sure all the formatting is correct and stuff and then I'm gonna submit it tomorrow before my deadline I only have one latch tomorrow and I have like one lecture or one thing every single day this week so it's not too bad earning an hour in uni which is going to be good because I can maximize my revision time and yeah I really hope you guys have been enjoying my content recently sorry I haven't put out loads in Easter and I just feel like no one would be really interested and all of the boring stuff that I get up to but I hope you have enjoyed what I did upload I've been uploading choir on my main channel recently as well at my real time study with me some fun challenges bits and pieces so let me know if you do enjoy them by hitting the thumbs up and yeah I will see you tomorrow for another uni vlog


  1. Best of luck in your exam season, it's a super stressful time and it's good you're remembering to take care of yourself physically and mentally! No shade here about the use of plastic packaging, I'm a student too and it is super difficult with prices isn't it? Loved this vlog, hope you have a great week!

  2. I'd recommend a water filter to make the water taste better, it'll save money over time rather than buying plastic bottles!

  3. I know you may not have time in exam season but I really find watching our people’s uni vlogs so so motivating, Incase you have any spare time and need some motivation! Good luck in exam season, you’re going to absolutely smash it!✨

  4. Hi Charlotte, because the water at ur uni isnt the best i would suggest a brita purifying jug if u have the extra money to spend on one, its better in the long run :)) also good luck for ur exams !! <3

  5. Good luck in all your exams!!! YOU’RE GOING TO ABSOLUTELY SMASH IT GAL!!! Love you💖💖

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