Understand your Dental Insurance Benefits

everyone wants to have a bright and healthy smile dental insurance allows you to lower your dental cost in this short video we will explain how to get the most out of our dental insurance there are two types of dental plans PPO and HMO plans a dental PPO allows you to go and see any dentist regardless if they are inside or outside of the dental plans provider network however it is best to stick to an in-network dentist since you will have reduced coverage for out-of-network dentists on most plans dental HMOs are more affordable options but have smaller provider networks compared to dental PPO plans you must have your general dentist refer you to dental specialists such as orthodontist or endodontists always make sure your dentist accepts your dental HMO before scheduling an appointment most dental plans include two sometimes even three teeth cleanings per year free of charge make sure to schedule your free teeth cleanings as preventative measure to keep your teeth clean and healthy people with dental insurance visit their dentist more regularly as clingen and routine visits are often free of charge bad breath tooth decay and these are some of the most common dental problems with tooth decay the second most prevalent disease behind the common cold in the United States although dental PPOs are generally higher in premium than dental HMOs dental HMOs usually have no waiting periods for basic and major services a common basic service would be teeth fillings while common major services would be root canals implants and wisdom teeth removal if you need immediate major dental care your best option would be to find a solid dentist in a dental HMO to avoid waiting six to twelve months on a dental PPO however it can be hard sometimes to find a good dentist in the dental HMO plans a healthy smile can go a long way to bring you both success and social confidence at solid health insurance services we are always happy to assist you with your health dental vision life and long term care needs as independent insurance brokers we work with dental carriers such as Delta Dental Emeritus Cigna California Dental Blue Shield and more please contact us at three one zero nine zero nine six one three five or email us at info at solid health insurance com

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