Ultimate Fitness & Health for Dogs | Dr. Bill’s Advanced Nutritional Support

Whether you have a loving family pet or
a top-performing athlete, fitness and health go hand-in-hand. You cannot have one without the other. Hello, I’m Dr. Bill Barnett. Our many canine breeds different greatly in their degree and type of athletic ability. From the site hound sprinters to the endurance champion sled dogs and the full spectrum of in between working and sporting
breeds, one thing is for certain: ultimate fitness and health are unattainable unless you provide the correct type and amount of nutrition, In order to achieve the optimum fitness and health your dog needs: fuel for muscular development and energy, nutrients that nourish all of the cells in its body, proper socialization, plenty of training and exercise, and the ability to handle all of the stressful events that life brings to our canine friends. Feeding larger volumes of food to provide extra fuel is not always conducive to better fitness and health. We all recognize that today’s foods
contribute greatly to the obesity epidemic we are experiencing in our pets.
My canine ultimate fitness and health product is a highly concentrated,
nutritional supplement that has been scientifically formulated to provide a
balanced blend of nutrients known to be helpful in obtaining fitness and health
in our canine breeds, as well as assisting in gaining ultimate
performance potential in the canine athlete. One product does it all. Canine ultimate fitness and health
provides proactive nutritional support for increased muscle strength, enhanced
speed and endurance, ligament and tendon strength, joint mobility and flexibility, and rapid performance recovery, just to name a few. To learn more about canine fitness and
health click on the canine ultimate performance link. You may also want to
read the optimum nutrition and health sections, where we go into detail about
how you can achieve and maintain optimum health and maximum performance for your canine athlete.

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