UK's NHS to ban bacon from hospitals to encourage healthy eating?

hi folks I should put a trigger warning on the beginning of this video because this might well trigger you carnies into a premature heart attack sitcom right meditate a little bit before you go any further in this video right this is a story that's done its rounds um in the tabloid newspapers in the UK over the last week or so right tabloid newspapers they are a UK institution they are a hotbed of lies and half-truths and they do love a good headline so get this one eating bacon is as likely to cause cancer as asbestos right look if you're putting asbestos on your booty's right I urge you not to but um anyway and well it's this story all about well apparently there is a campaign it's called give the bacon what does it give bacon the boot campaign that's won the UK national health service there is a campaign about banning bacon from National Health Service Hospital menus right so our National Health Service in the UK is free at the point of delivery long live our National Health Service and when you're going to hospital I've never done this because I've never been in hospital as a as an overnight patient and bought you given food you're actually given food right you don't have to eat it you could get your visitors to bring in your own food you could order pizzas in I guess if you wanted to but the food that is bought and paid for by the National Health Service which is funded by me the tax payer right there is a campaign to ban bacon and actually sausages as well I'm assuming processed meat right so complaining doctors it's a it's a campaign of doctors who want to make the National Health Service food menus more healthy so campaigning doctors want hospital patients banned from eating bacon booties and sausage and mash these are right these are stove arts of the English diet they are minging right so bacon butties bacon and eggs sausage and mash those are the things right they are staples of Britain but there's a that the plum base health professionals group via cancer risk processed meats pearls and want National Health Service hospitals to promote healthy diets right so an Estero there I can never say this word the person that knocks you out when you have an operation right so dr. Sean Charlotte who's through at Holstrom Holstrom as I was saying it so I was saying it boys and girls supports they give bacon the bootcamp and said bacon is in the same category as asbestos as far as its potential to cause cancer and we should be you know we should be endorsing healthy foods um hospital menus the National Health Service spends millions treating cancer heart disease and type 2 diabetes so therefore says dr. Shireen kasam why serve foods that cause life-threatening conditions hospitals should be giving healthier options they should be setting a good standard shouldn't they for patients right so in the UK more than 23,000 cases of cancer every year could be caused by eating processed meats such as bacon salami hot dogs and ham 23,000 cases of cancer that could be avoided sit down it's not something that is definite definitely happening it is just a campaign but this healthy partnership people these doctors they want the public to write to MPs and to hospitals to urge them to take this up but understandably this has not gone down well by everybody in Britain the newspaper farming UK vegan doctor group curls on hospitals to ban bacon doesn't matter whether they are thinking or not right if they are looking at the 23,000 cases of cancer that could have been avoided by they they're just taking process me out of your diet then you don't have to be vegan to see then all the writing on the wall where do you this is where the Ferrari of course come from so scientists from the University of Oxford have recently shown that people eating around 76 grams of red and processed meat a day sort red and processed meats or red meat and processed meat 76 grams that doesn't sound like a lot to me right which is roughly in line with government recommendations is it is that what the government are recommended oh my god the government really do seek to keep people sick and ill and on medication dear God right and they have a 20% higher chance of developing bowel cancer than those who ate just about 21 grams what about those who didn't eat any did they did they compare that I don't know I haven't read this report this new report from the University of Oxford anyway but farming UK I've got a quote from Kerry Rushton the meat advisory panel though right this is the Pro meters the meat herbs are on the case boys and girls red meat provides valuable nutrients such as protein iron zinc vitamin D and B vitamins right you can get protein from plants you can get iron from plants you can get sync from plants you can get they – Mindy from the Sun if you are looking enough to see the Sun and you can get B vitamins from plants except b12 which you need to supplement or eat fortified foods so she added a range of lifestyle factors have a significant impact on the risk of bowel cancer most notably age genetics lack of what lack of dietary fiber carry Rushton carry you can get with the program love get with the program the meat advisory panel you meet hearts what do you feel about Kerry Washington from the meats advisory panel saying that lack of dietary fiber is a problem for you meat ants oh no inactivity and high alcohol consumption all of these can't contribute to bowel cancer it's not just about the red meat note that Kerry Rushton only talked about red meat she didn't mention process me did she so does Kerry Rushton as well as believing that a lack of dietary fiber is a problem for you meters is she also arguing that processed meat is a problem as well one can't only speculate but she's absolutely right that there's other factors involved including lack of dietary fiber as well as eating processed meat remember it's just a campaign calm down I don't want anybody I mean a hernia a heart attack or of some kind of you know whatever embolism over this right it is just a campaign and it is yes it's being sensationalized by the UK tabloid media because that's what they're good at right dudes that is what they're good at however Transport for London have actually banned they have actually done it they have banned an advert containing bacon butter and eggs which was due to long run on the London Underground Wow haha because it was deemed too unhealthy well yes yes it is indeed very good Transport for London little bit of censorship there from Transport for London so guys right you will note I'm I'm just you know I'm sensationalizing this in my arm sweet way so how do you feel about these dudes do you think that taxpayer taxpayer pounds should not be spent in the UK on hospital menus that contain knowingly unhealthy foods such as processed meat should hospitals be spending taxpayer money on healthy foods and setting a good example it does seem awfully like double standards doesn't it that if the National Health Service is trying to promote healthy healthy diets that they give actually healthy foods to their impressions that's one way to look at it ah is this censorship is this the nanny state coming in telling people what they should and should not eat so on that bombshell guys I will let you make your own mind up I've got an opinion on this but I'm gonna let you have first dibs on it so comments below do you think that it is right and just that the NHS should only provide healthy foods foods that are known not to cause a 20% increase in bowel cancer you know Oh should they allow you know should they it should the hospital toilet come round with whiskies and cigarettes at the same time as their hospital meals ah should they let people eat what they want over to you and I shall speak to you very soon over and out


  1. I think they should get rid of the coco pops first. We also need a definition of healthy foods and a real evaluations of the massaged stats.

  2. I love Bacon .

  3. You can’t have bacon or eggs sorry. Have this instead. Orange juice, pancakes margarine and jam, cornflakes with long life milk. The desert trolley will be round shortly. I wonder which is healthier?

  4. I say permanently ban all factory farming and processed meat. For health and environmental reasons then subsidize local farms that practice permaculture and organic foods. This way the local economies will benefit and we can help save the planet. Also then we can eliminate the need for hospitals for most people to begin with 🙂

  5. There's no ban on bacon in NHS. The ignorance is thick! Our public canteen sells a bacon/cheese and egg muffin…I call it the "heart attack".
    The food in hospitals is disgusting it's shocking!

  6. Lots of people and staff have been complaining about how there is no longer bacon and sausages on the menu for the patients but none of them seem to know that it's a bloody good thing not to serve seriously ill people things that will make them more ill

  7. Bacon tho

  8. Because NHS workers all look soooo healthy !

  9. Your trolls are extremely triggered and threatened. QFoolofFools appears most triggered. Almost caught him deviating from the script

  10. Your trolls are extremely triggered and threatened. QFoolofFools appears most triggered. Almost caught him deviating from the script

  11. Hospitals are a joke! My Dad was in hospital last year with lung disease – unfortunately he passed away 😢. He previously had two heart attacks, a triple by-pass, and had diabetes and dementia (lifelong obsession with meat, followed by dairy). The 'dietitian' (as a former nutritionist, I'm ashamed to call her that) gave recommendations for my dad to eat the fattiest meatiest meals with cake and cream??? I was horrified. 

    I was there when the dietitian was in his room, and my sisters practically pushed me out of the room because they could see that I was getting mad (not like me as I'm a gentle soul), but boy did I want to smack the dietitian down that day!

  12. I think it's time for Sv3 to head over to the U.K and eat raw bacon in their hospitals.

  13. Michelle great video as always! Listen I wanted to run something by you that's a little off topic and slightly down the rabbit hole. You've read David I keep probably therefore know about the elites that run our world and how they like to put their symbolism everywhere on company commercials, corporations, movies etc, and they are very obsessed with the one eye or all seeing eye symbol as well as goat symbols which Satanists use for the goat God baphomet. With this being said, I've noticed with many of these carnivores and ex vegans on YouTube, these symbols are present. Bobby is always seen in most of his videos petting a goat, Sv3rige has another YouTube channel called GOATIS. Other carnivore promoters have pyramid symbolism on their shirts and in the background of videos. Tristan has a close up camera shot of one eye at the beginning of most of his videos and others I have also seen with illuminati one eye pyramid symbols for tattoos. Something is going on here. These people are either low level satanists or they are paid shills as I've said earlier. I have the eyes to notice this kind of stuff and who knows maybe I'm wrong but it truly is fishy and bizzare.

  14. Honestly, storebought bacon IS terrible! It's not food! Just like tofu. The store-bought bacon is highly processed and FULL of nitrites, nitrates, sugar, flavors, salt, etc! It's much better to get your own pork, slice it up yourself. And cook it. Tada, healthy, non-processed bacon.

  15. yes of course NHS should be providing only healthy foods, even lean meats (not that I agree with that consumption) they must know by now that food can be medicine too

  16. This is great and the fact even doctors who likely eat meat are trying to ban it just shows how much they actually care, I truly believe It is only a matter of time until all animal products are banned.

  17. It is very interesting that, for once, the UK is behind the US with regard to vegan and whole plant diets, in the form of food served in hospitals, at least in one~ but a very big one ~ instance.

    Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest insurance medical groups in the country and it's always been known that if you work for a company that carries Kaiser Permanente for its employees and families you are one hundred percent *golden * In other words not only do they cover just about everything you can think of, with a low or non-existent co-pay, the quality of care is supposed to be excellent.
    Anyway late last year I think, Kaiser Permanente inpatient facilities, began serving Whole Food plant-based meals with either very little or zero animal products, I'm not quite sure. It is also as I recall, their official diet recommendations for all the families under their care, and of course that would mean all ages and stages of life. Well of course that would only make sense.

  18. Mmmmm – More bacon please. The only one triggered here is Michelle bringing the topic up because her starch diet isn't cutting it…LOL.

  19. HA!

  20. farming uk.. aka vegans bessy mates..

  21. Hospitals should be providing meals that aid recovery, antioxidants and reduce inflammation ect.

  22. all the uk has to do is ban tomato sauce and brown sauce and no one would bother eating bacon anymore..
    bet the american carnies will love this story, any excuse to attack the NHS and promote their pay-through-the-nose extortionate health care system.. funny you never hear americans saying how amazing it would be to not have to worry about health care.. all they go on about is how it's a commie system and why should you pay for someone else.. but then.. irony of irony.. the minute they move over here they're singing its praises!!!

  23. On B12, this is an interesting read.

    "It cannot be emphasized enough that until a particular food, obtained from multiple regions, consistently improves vitamin B12 status (by lowering MMA levels), it should not be relied upon as a source of vitamin B12."

    An interesting part is when they show that B12 analogues placed into the soil will be absorbed by the plants.

    I'll just paste my favorite parts here. The tables don't copy very well so if you want to see the information just click the link.

    Iranian Villagers

    Herbert (26) reported a group of “vegan” Iranians growing plants in night soil (human manure). The vegetables were eaten without being carefully washed and the amount of B12 was enough to prevent deficiency. However, for this information, Herbert cites Halstead et al. (1959) (27), who do not mention these Iranians in their paper. Herbert possibly meant to cite a 1960 paper by Halstead et al. (28) which reported that some Iranian villagers with very little animal product intake (dairy once a week, meat once a month) had normal B12 levels. None had megaloblastic anemia. Their average B12 level was 411 pg/ml which was quite high considering their diet. The authors speculated this could be because their diets, which were very low in protein, allowed for B12-producing bacteria to ascend into the ileum where the B12 could be absorbed. They also speculated that because they lived among their farm animals and their living areas were littered with feces, they picked up enough B12 through contamination.

    Soybean Plants Absorb B12

    Mozafar & Oertli (29) (1992, Switzerland) added cyanocobalamin to the soil of soybean plants in amounts ranging from 10 to 3200 µmol/l. Using an intrinsic factor assay, 12-34% of the B12 was absorbed by the plants. 66-87% of the absorbed vitamin remained in the roots and the rest was transported to the various other parts, mainly the leaves. Mozafar points out that the concentrations of B12 in the soil used in this study were many times higher than the reported vitamin concentration in soil solution (.003 µmol/l) measured by Robbins (25).

    Hydroponic Lettuce Absorbs B12

    Bito et al (2013) tested to see whether hydroponically grown lettuce would absorb vitamin B12 if it was injected into the growing medium (39). It did so at a rate of .02% to .03%. Enough B12 was absorbed that two lettuce leaves could meet the RDA of 2.4 µg.

    Plants Absorb B12 Analogue When Fertilized with Cow DungTable 12. B12 Analogue in Soil30 Sample 1
    (µg/kg)Sample 2
    (µg/kg)Synthetically fertilized soil95Organically fertilized soilA1410A – Treated with organic fertilizer once every 5 years

    In light of the above results, Mozafar (30) (1994, Switzerland) then studied how the B12 levels in plants are affected by adding cow dung to the soil. An assay using pig intrinsic factor was used to measure the B12 analogue. The study looked at the B12 analogue content of both organically fertilized soil and plants.

    Two samples were taken from soil that had been treated with organic fertilizer every 5 years over the previous 16 years. The B12 analogue content in these samples was compared to soil that had only synthetic fertilizer applied. Results are shown in Table 12.

    Table 13. B12 Analogue (ng/g) in Plants30 Nothing Added to Soil“Organic”   (10 g Dry Cow Manure Added)Soybeans1.62.9Barley kernels2.6A9.1ASpinach6.9B17.8BA,B – Statistically significant difference between groups with same letters

    Soybean, barley, and spinach plants were then grown in pots of 2.5 kg of soil. 10 g dry cow manure was added to each pot. Plant parts were thoroughly washed to remove any soil before B12 was measured. Table 13 shows the results.

    Further analysis showed that most or all of the B12 analogue in the plants was unbound. Mozafar concluded that plant uptake of B12 from the soil, especially from soil fertilized with manure, could provide some B12 for humans eating the plants, and may be why some vegans, who do not supplement with B12, do not develop B12 deficiency.

    Does this mean that organic foods are a good source of B12? No. These studies show that when B12 analogues are placed in the soil, plants can absorb them.

  24. No trigger warning so evolution can do it's job.

  25. Cancer is big business, they have been looking for cures as far back as I can remember (I'm now 43) and they will still be looking for cures in 100 years, there are more people who work in the cancer sector than people who get it…. there is too much money to be made from it for the government and the big pharmaceuticals and these puppet masters of society will keep it going by any means they can

    "They create a problem then sell us the solution"

  26. About time too, i hope it happens, when I was recovering from a cancer operation the food was dreadful, I was vegetarian at the time and yes I was lucky enough to have someone to bring in some food.

  27. Here in the US where medicine is profit based serving bacon to hospital patents is the perfect business model.

  28. They should at least have a healthy vegan option .

  29. no triggering for us following the Belgian doctors wanting to jail vegans for child abuse hahahaha

  30. Of course bacon along with every other type of meat too will be banned, not only in hospitals, but in schools reastaurants, supermarkets etc. I.e. outlawed all togethere everywhere, even though Dr Charlotte Houltram can't prove her claim that bacon or other meats causes cancer ( associated with-, at best, if even ) or that it is unhealthy in any other ways either. In the meantime, I'll enjoy my bacon an other processed meats such as fermented baltic herring, my home salt cured ox tongues and many other goodies. And in order to stäy away from the hospitals, I'll avoid the bread, mashed potaoes and other dreadful things in those pictures.

  31. You're still lucky there in the UK to have bacon in hospitals. Here in Canada there is no such thing as bacon in hospitals , we have oatmeal mush and jell-0. I'm trying hard not to get sick here for that reason alone !

  32. I think it’s important to remember who the “government” work for…(hint: it’s not we the people, and it’s not some invisible league of devil worshipers or Illuminati. It’s the capitalist class). It’s not often they’ll do right by the people without a lot of citizen or interest group pressure.

    That said when I gave birth in a hospital in Boulder, Colorado I was given some of the freshest healthy food I’ve ever had. At that time this hospital was sourcing from local farmers markets, and building a mostly plant based (not vegan or vegetarian) menu. The food was so good, I didn’t want to go home!

  33. How many meat eaters does it take to change a lightbulb? …… none, they would rather stay in the dark about things.

  34. You probably won't believe this, but in many states (including mine) McDonalds and/or Burger King restaurants are located right inside some of the hospitals! It's insane. Thank goodness some of them are starting to close down now after many years of complaining.

  35. got to choose your battles wisely though. i suppose smoking bans in public places along with open display of carcinogens, advertising and government campaigns were a soft target as smoking was mostly a 'lower' class pastime. different story when it comes to taking on the landed interests peddling their carcinogens day in day out. first time I've heard of meat adverts being banned which is certainly progress albeit slow. people are well aware yet are still shovelling carcinogens down their and their childrens necks on the daily and still act surprised when cancer comes a calling.

  36. The first thing we Americans tossed was the English diet 😂😂😂. How isn't everyone in England 500 pounds.

  37. Love it. They should ban it, along with dairy 😊

  38. Well, It’s time to present Beyond Meat products to hospitals as a perfect alternative, I guess. That will extend a hospital stay.

  39. Cmon Michelle
    You'll have to give us better reasons to give up bacon and processed meat than-
    1. Unimaginable cruelty and slaughtering millions of animals that have a higher intelligence than most dogs
    2. Causing horrendous problems for the environment due to waste etc etc.
    And 3. Scientifically found to be horrific for human health.

    You couldnt make it up😂

  40. Hello Michelle." Anaesthetist" is pronounced…."a knees thar tist" 🙂

  41. "Bacon is in the same category as asbestos as far as its potential to cause cancer". That is completely wrong, but unfortunately even professionals have this misunderstanding sometimes. Or maybe she is being misquoted, I hope so. Those products are in the same category as far as certainty of the evidence that they both cause cancer, but they are not even close to having the same risk. Good campaign though. Hospital food options should be healthy, and unhealthy stuff should not be advertised without restraint.

  42. Weetabix butties for everyone 😁

  43. Yup meat causes cancer.

  44. Another Episode of the Gossiping Granny

  45. All the bacon lovers gonna be mad lol

  46. yawn

  47. B420/35 blaze it vegan.

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