Ukrainian Physical Fitness

all right good morning everybody I got my iced coffee it's very potent anyway for today's Ukrainian cultural highlight I want to talk about physical fitness in Ukraine I think there's a couple differences from American and Ukrainian physical fitness and we'll highlight those differences of course they have the normal gyms where you get the free weights and the machines but there's a couple little additional tidbits that I want to talk about and if you notice I got my castle camp t-shirt on that's gonna be in ten days so I'm pumped about that so anyway let's get started okay so for this first segment of the physical fitness we're going to start here in my apartment because I have everything you need which is a kettlebell so this is a 16 kilogram kettlebell so that puts it around like 35 pounds I think and what we can do with this or some compound lifts and kettlebell lifting is quite popular in Ukraine there is an actual like like a national competition for it and there are three main lifts in this competition there's the snatch the jerk and the long cycle and they have Ukrainian names I don't know so for the snatch you swing it between your legs and then you snatch it above your head the jerk you have two of them and you basically just press them up and then the long cycle you start with two of them down you swing them up like a power clean and then you jerk them so it's like a clean and jerk so I would go ahead and demonstrate those for you and then we'll move on to the next physical fitness thing in Ukraine all right so first the snatch and I'm gonna try my best not to destroy this thing all right so I'll do it facing this way so you swing it between your legs you thrust up like this and then you repeat and the competition is how many you do in a certain length of time so okay that's good enough alright so the next one I'm just going to be using the one you start with them like this and you press them up okay and your feet now the long cycle or the clean-and-jerk start with both of them like this you move them up here and you press it up repeat okay and like I said you would have one in either hand for that so the kettlebell and Ukrainian is called the yeah something like that like I said popular alright so next up I'll see you guys at the I don't even know what it's called when we call it take a playground for adults alright so you can see we're here at this like I said adult playground it's the bodyweight assisted machines you got like I don't even know what that is that was but it was it's kind of like in the pelvic thruster you got the leg leg press kind of deal the push-up machine everything you can think of anyway this is like the nice modern version and we're getting ready to go visit the old dilapidated like side of the river version so let's go check that out alright so here we are at the older version of the outdoor sports equipment area so here we have a variety of workout equipment let's start with V for a little thing for dips for back extensions for like the knee crunch kind of you lift your leg up doodahs pull-ups obviously we even have here i benchpress they're all chained in and the this thing's called dumbbells and a little bit more stuff over there and this is just free to use you come out here the weather's nice and you do your workouts alright so we're gonna do a little interview with the Ukrainian guy about some Ukrainian culture so yucky Brava my popular Nisha boo crying it's a possible prowl okay so these are like the activities at the base so the bench press Bruce yeah jep's – Nick – Nick is like four pull-ups it's a popular dish plus rotten Abbasid she puts out you can stick – yeah super water – Muslim to toe so I asked if it's more popular to do it here at like a gym and he said the weather's nice we go outside a little bit a being attached in there and being a third system of supports that usually close to kasha so it's yes so I asked him if you likes to run if it's important he says yes it's like to show both this oh hey so be like cut all right I'm gonna have to cut this one short cuz uh gray skies are chasing me down and it's getting windy – so I'm not gonna show the actual gym because it's a gym those of you who have been to a gym before will know what it looks like won't be anything surprising but uh hope you enjoy shows poor crisis for example something like I just pull it off so this is what usually happens at the gym we just stand here and talk but nobody actually does anything cuz I'm strong man ticky send them on here for more demos for the solve manager on that over more [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


  1. Good job.This is my city.This is my hasbend .

  2. Wow! It's always interesting to look at my hometown from a different angle. Good job!

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