UGUE brothers gym session

yep the realistic you know this hey what's up guys alright so we're doing our blog Channel today you'd see Rob and I work out yep what's on the blog channel decided to go live for the fun of it I figured why not it's a nice day I'm gonna go work out and figure we put out something on the blog channel through the training I got a freaking headache alright oh there's a bunch of people join in I like it I like it a lot strike a pose what this comments coming in so fast and I'm gonna pre-workouts it's really hard to follow them oh man take out my head so you hear anything yeah okay hear anything pinky I'm not sure it's a mini M Tracy Mandy look under people on this pretty good for a mid-afternoon livestream impromptu now this is not our place is that the this is that our actual gym actually the gym at our place is really nice I haven't been there but I'm probably to do some stuff there too with a vlog channel because I really need to do some stuff for that channel oh happy birthday Caitlin so that I could do some all right this big Rob we get on strong brother wait what you guys want to see his arms oh my god alright there's the face of determination tearing it up do robbed there you go keep going I saw guys took my hand shaky alright that's a little better sweet bro they came back workouts you guys are funny yeah we just started filming just for fun of it our daily our daily stuff yeah arms today cool work out your butts you guys sir you guys are terrible you guys are terrible I actually trained legs the other day what's going on guys keep sorry about our butts the diet yeah sort of this month has been pretty ridiculous so I've really been following anything guys I'm sorry that's not a super talkative I got a massive headache today so I'm just trying to really force myself to do this today shoutout to you Haley what's that say can't hear anything how's the apartments pretty awesome we're almost done yeah almost yep yep still gonna have some stuff from the place we've been doing it uh we doing it bit by bit we were a little bit non-traditional on a removing situation we only got a truck to move the major stuff apparently sorry apparently the Wi-Fi and here's awful god-awful so I went to my own Network which is better but I'm got a crazy-cool I guess sort of stressful kind of confusing scary but cool announcement Joe is officially full-time youtuber now so we're down we're down a job so we're gonna be focusing a little bit more on the youtubes especially on this channel cuz there's not too much on this channel I had app launch of videos playing for this month they all got put on the back burner because of everything that happened this month I wasn't able to get any of those videos out and it's time to get back on it for everyone I'm trying to get everybody from the other channel on here and unfortunately because it's been a stressful month I've been able to get anything done I mean I still got to talk about my results from the 23 of me I got all that everything updates regarding my stuff my kid things I need to talk about and none of those videos got finished everything was going on but we're gonna have a little more time it's now Joseph issue a full time youtuber so now now it's definitely a must because now we're down that narrow down that income which is cool it's cool it's pretty cool because now we can focus more on what we want to do well I'm still working I'm joking folks a little bit more we can have a little bit more time to work on this channel more time to do to get the business stuff behind the scenes done and so it's cool it's just scary because sudden really wasn't necessarily planned and now we're down an income before the channel really is sort of is the thing you know everything that's going on this month plus to move and now this is just a bunch of changes and as I'm sure you guys understand as changes can be crazy stressful scary but also can be really really awesome and a lot of positive stuff will come out of it so we're we're we're that's why we decided come the gym just have some fun yeah yep almost e'en positive I'm just I'm kind of hitting hitting that point in the month plus today I'm not feeling lost couple days and felt good today I got a massive massive freaking headache so I'm gonna ton of pain I'm just kind of why I'm not looking at the screen because my eyes are he's just so much a system I'm exhausted this major so I'm ready to kind of we can get back to normal get this moved on and I spent the last week getting all the paper cut my financials done for my custody stuff which guys have you ever done that oh it's such a pain in the ass so many records I mean I got a stack of paper this thick just stuff forgot to turn in it's just a pain in my ass but it's gonna be worth it unfortunately they stomped on my son since February looking for her my ex they still haven't found them so that's added some undue stress on I my noodle so but we're gonna make the best of this weekend this is my weekend I'm just gonna do some videos have fun get some laughs and excedrin excedrin is good except I have to take like eight of them I take I take goodies powder typically babies powder our busy powder it's stuff's disgusting but it works even that's like I gotta take a couple packs my dad used to have to take a shot like he had this like the gun thing he's the shooting is like I don't know genetic curse but yeah another phone I'll find him eventually just more time more time of course going through all this and getting up through this you know all this path so I was paperwork and go through all this information then I start going down all the pictures and the videos I have of him and then I get myself all kinda upset is I guess it's a natural process and I start taking up all that deep-seated like emotional stuff I mean most of my most of my anger towards all situation is done I just have my moments where you just hang it but it'll be alright it'll be alright only thing I could do is what I can do so I got the paperwork done maybe yeah tsubame it's okay just more time means more time to improve my own life get myself in a situation where I'm in the best possible situation for my son so he can have the best possible future that's my in gap yeah I always keep him positive always keeping positive helps to stand what I do fits over there because we're always cutting up and laughing so I'm gonna get out Emily and I set in since since my partner over there is talking I'm gonna set in so just bear with me a moment oh man you get them live looking at the ceiling all right wait all right combing you Rob there's Rob sorry guys he left you on the ceiling orientation who's it on you all right is it upside down it's this thing works it's working all right so what is this yeah you can work out then what I don't treat it all they go man well then I still gotta move today again rest of our garbage it's hot disgusting my side yeah yeah I'm still gonna move yeah orientation was wacky like mice out with sugar just popped no I don't know if you would that way you're in the shot I guess 90 degrees in Texas yeah it's pretty it's pretty hot here it's not super humid which is good usually it's disgusting I miss the old apartments I'm like the third floor it's gonna care everything down it's annoying this is due waits for an hour and a half and then if I'm going to do cardio on a particular day it's probably another 45 minutes to an hour it's in the 45 minutes to an hour on the treadmill the elliptical Stairmaster or go outside and run it's cold in France it's cold in France what's that Italy it's really cold and free I can't hear anything guys just so you know guys you don't have your buds to know how do you hear this but I'll hear what that's read the cover I can't read these though yeah today get back in shape mm-hmm get back into it I told him I told him you're a full time you ever want to come to North Carolina they told about that yeah it's only a full time you two now yeah officially official hopefully I'll be joining soon he's gonna do see abdominals some crunches some crunchies yeah there's no music playing oh so yeah yeah fortunately my work schedule Keith suit from a lot of other videos last night I not only did I work late I got stuck in traffic so I need to get home to like 10:30 11 o'clock so they these guys are already out and I missed everybody sweet sweet look good very impressive yep really just filming myself in the mirror the whole time I'm really just filming myself in the mirror though yeah yeah it's been a mirror shot the the focus was past you in the mirror because everybody wants to see me they want to see it yeah cuz my battery's gonna die anyway how much can I be inch preyas I don't know I don't know my back's really what's it oh I'm gonna close it out cuz I gotta I gotta actually train a little bit and then we gotta get out of here yeah thanks guys gonna get some food we're gonna do a lot on this vlog Channel it's um nom noms yeah I don't know what that is but no not gonna do those two they don't I don't know what nothing I'm sorry hey we love you guys thanks for joining us yeah


  1. Hope you wont find it too stressful with Joe youtube full time. Hope you get rid of your headache. With everything going on probably stress. Keep Safe❀Keep Well❀

  2. 😍😍😍 daYum guysss , fine as ALWAYS Joe ❀️ sucks I missed the live 😭 but those arms πŸ€ͺπŸ₯΅πŸ˜˜

  3. Rob I’m sorry you were feeling so awful, headaches are the worst 😞 I pray that you find your son soon, everything will be okay πŸ’œ Joe no worries about your job, it’s just an opportunity for something bigger and better πŸ’œ much love ☺️

  4. My husband gets migraines n my son gets them along with aniexty issues especially with school thank god here in mass school almost done my son takes topamax for his migraines but hope ur headache goes away rob n love u guys n stay safe when doing videos

  5. Love you guys. Love to watch any channel your on lol

  6. I missed the live stream somehow even tho I was on You Tube until very late at night. Take two Ibuprofen for that headache. Did your ex leave the country? Just wondering. I hope you find her soon. You guys are looking hot. Love ya both from Georgia.

  7. Rob is very shy! And it shows. 😁

  8. I missed this livestream but im glad i saw your other livestream today im really enjoying watching you two workout its great to see how you unwind after work, joe great nipples showing through your vest, robb love your beautiful blue eyes and you two are such comedians keep up the great work πŸ’ͺ❀

  9. Your human Rob, and I hope they find your Son.

  10. Excedrin put me in the hospital

  11. Awesome!!! Joe's a full time you tuber now! Financially you guys will be okay, your both smart enough to keep putting your heads together, stay positive, youlle be alright.

  12. They are the size of telephone poles πŸ˜πŸ˜€

  13. Hang upside down Joe! Lolol!

  14. wit woooo

  15. Migraines are the worst. I’m hoping you are feeling better.

  16. I always miss you guys. And was wondering if you still worked out much. So I missed the live and chatting while you all you worked it baby. But I’m πŸ‘€ now. 😘

  17. Hi guys😊,nice to see you.Joe,i'm sorry for loosing your jobπŸ˜’,Rob,i think you should check your headaches.I used to have and i still have horrible headaches.When my headaches became stronger i felt dizzy and nauseous.I went to the doctor (first he told me to check my eyes and ears)and diagnosed with cervical,neck syndrome(forgive me if i don't say it right,i don't know how to translate it in English).He gave me heavy analgesic painkillers pills and a collar to wear it around my neck to keep it steady when i'm in pain..
    Stay strong guys and have positive thoughtsπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜!

  18. Praying for my boys, time to turn the page, love you guys

  19. Joe.. you got some Nipples doing there own thang.. Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ˜Žβ€οΈπŸ˜˜

  20. Robb if that headache is across the forehead/back of neck have an eye test…..if its in your temples/back of neck then that is stress/emotions and quite understandable……dont think the gym is the place to chill !!!!! Bad timing that Joe lost his job…..was he sacked because of the court stuff ?….. Chin up guys ifs gonna be okay…..Take care of yourselves xxxxxx

  21. Check your Blood Pressure Rob!

  22. Joe is a yummy honey 🍯 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  23. Darn I missed you live! I love your gym. Videos

  24. the two hunks of you tube dont know why you both are still single . if i was younger id give you all a run for your money. ladies what are you waiting for these are the sweetest men on you tube

  25. Get some Advil migraine rapid release gel capsules. Two of them and in 15-20 mins and you’re good to go, but they do make you a little tired.

  26. God has plans for both of you. Hang in there, we are all praying for you guys.
    BTW thanks for letting watch you guys work out, very nice!! Love you guys ❀️

  27. Hi Joe & Rob! Sorry to hear about your job, everything happens for a reason, better things will come your way!😘 Sorry to you have a bad headache Rob! 😞I know how it feels i get it alot too! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ˆπŸ™‹πŸ‘

  28. I wish the best for you guys. Just remember no matter how great or how shitty.. everything happens for a reason. (Ik..Not something you wanna hear when enduring the shitty) We don't always understand why things happen the way they do. But eventually the picture becomes clear. Without the bad, we wouldn't know how to embrace the good. In my prayers.

  29. God will provide πŸ™πŸ» happy to see you again Rob. Will include you guys in my prayers. β™₯️

  30. You probably had a migraine. I had my first in high school. Made me throw up. Like that was a first from a headache. Since then I never have to throw up from a migraine.

  31. Hey guys workout time.

  32. Oh yes! Loving it! Nothing like watching good looking guys work out! Hoe as always you look amazing! Rob handsome as always! Love ya guys πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ Mellisa

  33. Ugue Brothers Vlogs Rob what happened did Joe lost his job or he just decided to quit his job and be 100% doing YOUTUBE ? Rob poor baby hope you feel better try not to stress out much. Please be careful going out to those abandoned houses before same thing happens to you…think about your son first. Your son looks so much like you..I know you love your little clone !!!

  34. Hey, Rob & Joe, missed your livestream, just watching now, awesome Joe, fulltime Youtuber πŸ’–, today in Hamilton reached humidity +33Β°, not even summer yet, thank god for A/C & 5 fan's on in the apartment, keep it nice'n cool, I suffer from fibromyalgia, heat get's to me badly, for the past 6 year's, before I never felt heat, always cold all year round, people used to mock me, cause I always worn heavy clothes all summer, I was cold, people never understood that, now I feel heat, not a good feeling, sweat all the time, in winter I barely worn a winter jacket, just hoodies, hopefully Rob, they find your ex & your son soon 😊, Irene from Hamilton Ontario Canada, love you guy's πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’—

  35. I remember my last migraine! It was so bad that I was throwing up and the pressure from throwing up made my headache even worse!! I had to lay in a completely dark room with my eyes closed it was hell!! I know what ur feeling buddy…
    Take care Rob

    Oh btw quick question? Are patreons supposed to get something? I've been one since Jan.. I know I'm nobody, just a lil pea in a huge pot..hahahaha just wondering?

  36. I’m praying still, that it won’t be long and you will have your son, Rob. Joe, I believe as hard as you work, and as dedicated as you are you will succeed in this new journey. I’m still praying strong for you both. Love you both.

  37. Please rest RobπŸ™πŸ’™

  38. Hi Rob & Joe, Sorry I missed the live stream! Rob I hope you get your son back real soon.. I know it has been very hard on you. And Joe you lost your job because of jail & court?? Sorry about all the BS you have to go through because of a crooked messed up person. Can't wait for the 23 & me and what you thought about it. Love Ya & Be Safe

  39. Hope you feel better,Rob! Sorry about Joe losing his job! Hopefully it’s a blessing in disguise!! Prayers that you find your son soon! Take care and God bless!❀️

  40. Hello guys hope your doing well

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