Ugandan Health Workers Warn HIV and Refugees Poorly Tracked

forty-five-year-old south sudanese refugee rose armani knows how damaging HIV can be she's lived with it for 20 yards her husband infected her and then died of AIDS leaving her to care for herself and an hiv-positive daughter and Ottilia anilina I have other children because of the difficulty of the cost of school most of them got married when they were still young there was nobody to pay for their school fees poverty is the biggest challenge for hiv-positive refugees in Uganda like emoni who acknowledge their status and get treatment but Ugandan health workers in a domani district say fewer than 1,000 refugees are on record as being hiv-positive while at least double that number are believed to be infected they blame ignorant for many refusing to be tested or dismissing test results diseased organs and it may not affect them a South Sudanese in 2015 health workers in a domani district recorded fewer than 200 cases of HIV but that number has more than tripled after the influx of some 200,000 South Sudanese refugees líneas of war and conflict refugee flows to and from uganda make checking the spread of HIV a challenge when you start some treatment they first go to Sudan the other side so they come back after some time when they are very ill so it becomes very difficult in terms of control also again that has contributed to resistance 2/3 of hiv-positive refugees are women whose families rely on them for a down payment from a prospective husband when they marry so once you recognize a female as having HIV it's like you're depriving them of having wealth from this affected woman we have had scenarios where she became very difficult for the counselors to de cría results to some of this community especially the females Ugandan health workers say the challenge is in educating the uninformed and those in denial on the need for treatment to prevent HIV from spreading to more vulnerable refugees Halima's money for VA news add money Uganda

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  1. When they get to TX…oh wait they have…go hug them and then find your closest politician who took an oath to protect this nation. Malfeasance is putting it mildly. They must go off earth first even if Mars isn't ready. I saw it in a moovie by pedo Disney.

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