UConn Health Minute: Pinpointing Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common
cancer among men in the US. We’re identifying this because of PSA testing.
Normally you would think that would be a good thing, and it is. However PSA testing
also has the downside of over-diagnosing cancers that are unlikely to impact a
patient during his lifetime. To tackle this problem UConn Health was one of the
early innovators in adopting multi-parametric MRI imaging. This
is a new imaging technique that allows us to look at the prostate carefully to
identify those men who are likely to have high grade disease and low grade
disease. For men with high grade disease they’ll need a prostate biopsy.
We’re the first to adopt a new approach called a transperineal biopsy which
dramatically lowers the incidence of infection and allows us to access the
anterior portion of the prostate much more easily than the traditional
technique. Through our techniques we’re able to make sure that the patient gets
the right treatment for their disease.

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