UConn Health Minute: Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer far and away kills more
Americans than any other cancer combined. The earlier we can detect lung cancer,
the better the chance for survival for the patient. Unfortunately a lot of these
lung cancers are in areas of the lung which make it difficult to biopsy, or
they’re very small where traditional means are unable to biopsy. UConn Health recently acquired a platform that allows us to get visualization into the
airway, allowing us to biopsy things that we weren’t able to biopsy before. So the
Monarch platform’s bronchoscope — that telescopes and gets smaller — combined
with a navigation system that it has it allows us to essentially drive through
the lung and get to our destination as safe as possible, with the least amount
of time as possible. What we do here — what the Monarch platform has allowed me to —
is give patients a diagnosis sooner. And so this way they can move forward with
whatever decisions we have to make together.

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