UCLA Offers HIFU Treatment for Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Dwight Baird is about to undergo a new non-invasive treatment for recurrent prostate cancer at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center I was very happy when they said ha you're a perfect candidate this is good let's let's do it Dwight had radiation a treatment 22 years ago but now his prostate cancer has come back and he is not a candidate for additional radiation or surgery that left very few options and I was afraid that it would start metastasizing and it will throughout my body and I wasn't willing to take that chance Dwight is undergoing a procedure called high foo high intensity focused ultrasound the treatment has been available in other parts of the world but this is the first time high fruit is undergoing rigorous study at US academic centers for approval by the FDA these are the same ultrasound waves that that are used for taking pictures of babies when women are pregnant except they're focused in a very precise way that the point where the waves are focused actually generates heat and killing the cancer cells ultrasound provides an image of the prostate and a computerized roadmap for treatment a high intensity focused ultrasound beam then delivers bursts of intense heat about 200 degrees Fahrenheit three seconds at a time each application heats up aura blades about three millimeters of tissue an area about the size of a grain of rice even more than minimally invasive it's essentially non-invasive nothing goes through the skin we begin at the top and work our way down to the prostate treating spec by spec by spec if you like – in this situation because of its precision in less than two hours Dwight's high intensity focused ultrasound or high food treatment is complete three months later the early results are in he's doing fantastic he went home the same day he really had almost no pain no side effects when we checked his PSA the PSA is a test that we used to monitor prostate cancer his PSA was essentially undetectable the PSA had gone from six point eight to zero point one which is lower than it's been in the last 30 years doctors know results like mr. Barrett's may not be typical and side effects may also vary clinical trials now underway for – will determine FDA approval UCLA is the only center offer in the trial on the west coast Dwight says he's happy he met the criteria he and wife Judy will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year oh it's wonderful I mean he's a healthy guy and I want him to be around for a lot more a lot more years

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  1. Recurred after 22 years? That proves it's not truely curable. Treatment only makes it go into remission. Cancer is not a curable disease.

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