U.S Marine Attempts Royal Marines Fitness Test (redemption)

time to push it take some time for it what the nomination of the be checking it hopefully you guys are having a great day hopefully you guys are having a great fourth of July because it is actually fourth of July today it is 5 a.m. and yall already know guys perfect way to start the day off is by redeeming ourselves ok because the last Royal Marines PFT your boy didn't do too saucy so today we're gonna come back you know show them what's up show them what a marine can really do now that I'm meaner I'm leaner and I got the green PT shirts on yo yo It's A Wrap so that being said Jordan ah Venetian if you haven't already be sure to subscribe smash that thumbs up if you guys do enjoy these types of videos and amen let's show the Royal Marines what we can do okay so today now the Beast is reattempt thing the Royal Marines PFT so let's kill it I'm gonna leave that in the description let's go alright so first portion of the test is going to be 60 push-ups in 60 seconds so that being said we got the timer right here we're gonna start it's gotta be awkward down all the way up so it's getting 60 seconds six seconds I did 60 push-ups amen we're back bro we're back leaner meaner than ever we're doing it official now guys the next portion is gonna be the pull-ups please test [Applause] 40 50 60 70 80 123 twenty six twenty seven twenty eight twenty No 31 32 33 34 35 36 it may look easy on video but young you try stuff for yourselves my arms yeah I'm gonna give it to you Romans y'all got that one in the bag yeah so we did the press we did the push-ups and now we got to do he sit over so this is probably gonna be one of the harder portions of the test but amen we got it in the bag all right so we got two minutes two minutes and so on three two one you guys want to try that yo man I got 62 minutes so if you guys can be that let me know respond to this video or just leave a video those are a lot harder man we meets again alright guys so the next portion is gonna be the run so from what it says on the official website it says you'll need to complete to two point four kilometres runs on a treadmill that it sets a 2.0 treadmill incline to pass this test you need to do the first one in 12 minutes and 30 seconds yo in the bag but then you get a one-minute break and then you got to finish the second part in less than ten minutes and that was the part that I feel but today man we're bringing it so I've been set two points to zero incline in 12 minutes and 30 seconds let's get in 2.0 incline and then yeah you gotta finish this one in under 12 minutes and 30 seconds there's two points doing clay that's the first push done so we got a minute break and I catch my breath get some water and we're back to fish the other push back see ya this time we I do the same thing they're under ten minutes so see yeah set me free give me death there ain't no other choices when I lay down to go to sleep I'll keep on hearing voices little whispers in my head man this you Vocaloid hey guess what are you and neither should you when you what's up what tells you you can't do it they mock you you don't say anything back you just redo it let's show them what's up so I challenge you guys do the same thing remember stay hungry stay humble let's yell executi go Bochy talk to you go son he's got one I feel like make sure it sounds mobile especially thumbs up and subscribe


  1. ok. he may have done the test a little different to how the Royal marines do them but based on what i just saw he still would have past if he followed them to the letter. the point people are missing is this guy tried and failed….. he took I like a man and come back fitter and stronger. massive respect and a asset to your country. most of the people who have commented on this would probably struggle to drive 3 miles

  2. Try the one for the British parachute regiment, special forces support unit, it's brutal

  3. Was the pull-up section correct? If so… then why do the count how many times you raise yourself and you lower yourself instead of the amount of real pull-ups?

  4. Huge props Nava I have so much respect for you and what you do I don't even know if I would be able to do even a third of the workout you do and I just I wanted to thank you for all the sacrifices you have made as a Marine you have my utmost respect!

  5. I think it's so wrong to say that just because someone is a part of one branch of the military they don't measure up to a different one and comparing an individual to a different person is so wrong on so many levels because you have no idea what they did to get to that point and how hard it was looking at these videos it may seem easy but it is hell absolute hell having so many people that I have known and people that have been close to me that have went off to war and been in the military I've seen it firsthand and to say that someone isn't all that or someone's crap whatever the reason may be I think it's wrong because like I said earlier you have no idea what they did to get to that point and how many sacrifices they made or how hard or how easy it was all you're seeing is the surface level of what you're being showed in that video so think a little bit more before you write a rash comment because you don't really know what's going on or how it's going to affect that person because when people go to war and enlist in the military whatever branch things change and you are sculpted into the best soldier you can possibly be andespecially if you go to war you see things that are traumatizing and you come back messed up with PTSD and not knowing what to do afterwards and I think writing comments on this type of videos can really mean something because you have no idea what's actually happening or what the difference is between the individuals and each different branch of the military as civilians we don't really know so how can we really comment and criticize on them when don't even know the whole story. ( Sorry I got a little worked up it's just a little bit of a touchy subject for me 😅)

  6. Nava your Marine Core crunches are just hurting you, you gotta work on your core for those sit ups man. I do 96 on my Army PT Test in the 2min.

  7. U.S. Marines are better, always had, always will.

  8. A running machine is not the same lol what a donut

  9. Nava can you try to get the perfect 100 points on the singaporean National service IPPT. It’s 60 push ups in 60seconds, 60 sit ups in 60 seconds and a mile and a half under 8.30mins. Would love to see you get this!

  10. You know that bit where you had the phone count it out for you, that was counting out the press ups you should’ve been doing instead of doing pull ups. Next vid try doing push ups to that count. GOOD LUCK!

  11. Your sit ups are a bag of wank

  12. “Former marine” okay bro.

  13. So at the end ….. Was that Japanese he was speaking?

  14. Tag Royal Marines obvs gonna be fitter there’s way less of them than us marines

  15. The push ups you need to do to a beep system aswell!

  16. only on chin up count

  17. Fail

  18. fail

  19. Really nice dude. I'm 15 and I got 60 sit ups in 2 min yesterday. My goal is 80 to 90 though, sooooo…. up! down! up! down!

  20. brits on top tho. always.

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