what's going on YouTube is bullish news here with my lovely wife and she will be doing the airport's physical fitness test now I am aware that she may not do as well on this one so I will be redoing this test later on I'm going to be training her for a couple week maybe even a month or so to see just how bad I can get her to run about a half how many pushups as soon as I can get her to do in a minute she's super skinny so I don't really have a concern we're selling the tape measure for a waist I am a u.s. airman I am a prior pleasing track field athlete but what you may not know is that my wife is also a product related track and field athlete her events was mainly sprints and jumped I do not expect her to terrific and dismount anyway why to start this thing up she's about to warm up and then we're going to get it in all right you have a minute to do as many pushups as you can are you ready you're down push up position please ready begin ah six seven eight hey come on 11 don't stop 12 don't pause at the bottom that one ain't count oh that's not counting come on don't fall let me go better alright they come on keep on boy come on ah you got you had 30 seconds left alright take a minute and we will begin next thing we will be doing is the sit-up 10 you will have one minute to accomplish as many triggers and possible Tom will be holding your leg touch your elbows any part of your thigh can't get up and hold like this touch the ground too long about Sholay's my sister elbows Molly up not hold on him Sir tell me shuffle back ready there you go okay oh eight then eight people set up eight k XO sauce we've got a quick thirty ah that's right off the great start Jude able to accomplish 15 push-ups in a minute as y'all know just did thirty sit up in a minute so now we're about to started Monaghan here [Applause] chi Chi Chi Omega sure she gets off a minute that she's a lot is to friend got anything to say before you start jog on send me some flowers to my tombstone you will be fine you will not die from on that run I promise it's hot out there any water streets okay y'all better get this videos to 3,000 like before I test again if anything constructive you like the thing I could do it you can do it sis that's true you heard it got subscribe actually brick alright so by that time the go ahead start up go ahead to the finish line flash start line yes and begin [Applause] wrong [Applause] [Applause] man she is hurt and she's halfway there hot thing I'm so – stop because I want to pass out out of here man she did good job though she push this next time she's gonna finish it and she's going to do well she already stopped serving about I feel well go get a shake grassman walk hey you did a good job though got halfway there what a long face my body turn me up see this I'm hurt you are not subscribed you better subscribe now right right now called it co-op I had a deal out


  1. WILL MRS JUICE SURVIVE THE PT TEST? Did the results surprise you?!

  2. Nice video but that thumbnail tho

  3. Bro u scared me πŸ˜‚ ✊🏿

  4. What college did you guys run for and what events

  5. 2k likes you do it again! Lol

  6. Wasted πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. She looked at him like, "Boy Bye" when he said do more push ups! LOL Cute couple πŸ˜‰

  8. She so pretty.

  9. Dude. This don't give an old man like me a whole lotta confidence. She's a former collegiate athlete… I'm 39, never ran more than i had to up until about 3 months ago, and I'm going in very soon. My best 1 mile time so far has been 9.22 and 1.5 time was 15.10, but that's in my hilly ass neighborhood. I've never run on a track, only baseball and football fields as a high school student.
    Got me kinda shook bro… lol

  10. Why put a white blonde woman in the thumbnail?

  11. When you were in the military, and notice your wife gaining a little weight. "Hey, honey…. I have the FUN idea". XD

  12. About time I find a useful video on the pt test for women. Every chick just sits there and talks. Thank You!

  13. Awww y'all look so cute together 😊

  14. Why is his wife white with blond hair in the thumbnail? Why would he show a photo of a stranger on a video about his wife?
    Not hating. Great family, beautiful wife, kid, family. Just why?

  15. I'm going to need Britt to pass this test. Lol

  16. It's tough because it's so stressful! Probably one of the most stressful things in a non deploysble job is the PT test because your career rides on it so much.

  17. I love her hair!

  18. Super couple

  19. I was born on my birthdate

  20. Hey . You have two eyebrows on your face.

  21. I could have used this video today in Sunday School. Our lesson was about love and encouragement.

  22. Y'all make a beautiful couple and she is so adorable.

  23. #BlackLove

  24. The min is 18? The fuck?

  25. Definitely added to the 3,000 likes!! πŸ˜‚πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

  26. Your wife is gorgeous. I wish you guys a lifetime of happy marriage.

  27. At the sit ups she looks so mad at you πŸ˜‚

  28. I'm stressing lol I'm leaving in about 20 days for basic ! I'm super excited but been trying to get my run time down! I feel like I'm gonna be the most out of shape person there lol

  29. What does min and max mean Is that what you shoot for??

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