you stupid FAST law yo welcome back to another CVL video if you've been on this channel before you all know right now instantly without a bit of a switch-up yeah no more green background the room has been redone CVS up all the warning lights it was only a matter of time before I made it mama made it it's forgotten ladies and gentlemen we're taking over we're taking over the Apple TV streamed off my laptop obviously but our title in this video I'm going to be talking about different types of guys that you find in the gym the Jimmy shake al you can feel right at home big boy you're not saying it cow editing just cut that out say pardon don't you dare tell me what to do but sustaining no you bitch right to the Jimmy it's a magical place where you can gain muscle lose weight make friends or just go there take pictures of weights you haven't even lifted up and for your friends and family that your life isn't falling apart if you've never stepped inside a gym before take my word for it in this video every single person that I talk about will be an air you will cut across them if you have been to the gym before but and you can relate to any of these people I'm talking about and you think you know what can't make yeah you make a lot of sense you make a lot of sense make I definitely have to not the guy before the gym yeah smash this like bug make sure you subscribe to join the CVL army no oh no no we're not gonna call ourself that so without further ado let's get into this video [Applause] right so number one the first type of guy that you will find in every single gym the protein shake guy what's that you bet your protein shake at home on your own and then actually Jimmy drinking in your car weirdo why do that when you can do it in front of absolutely everyone just to prove you know your stuff bro you walk into the changing room it looks like Pablo Escobar's risen from the dead and bought all of his stash within trails and trails of Colombian dad's and powders spread all over the change room left right center but oh wait no it's just Jimmy the Jew said wicked of a protein shake make it an absolute atomic mass so do you and you know that he has got a protein shake on him oh sorry Jimmy we're poor you put powder and milk together in your fingers boy why Jimmy why why could you not just do this at home before or after the gym why must you do this in front of everyone and why must you make a right big song and dance about it they don't just go in the corner you know put it and just shake it up bit weird enough you know they've all just go all out oh that's a big session boys you know time is don't mind me I'm just uh making a protein shake you know it's bulking season so we only use this you know I'm saying get it in there for my shake for my shake one scoop for the boys and two scoops for the band if you know I mean I'm drinking a shake if anyone I've heard ha hey what right then so now it's time to shake decent rights to the next type of guy that you will find it in gym are the waffles aka won't stop talking aka may I've really gotten on with what I'm doing now aka make come on please let me just get on with what I'm doing so I'm talking okay shut up but make the vital mistake of asking them to use a piece of equipment and you've got to stand there for about fifteen minutes listening to a load of utter shite about a metal bar if you just want to get your gun show started with if you know I'm saying what's going on with me today why would I be in such a weirdo but so I will describe what they tend to look like so you can avoid these situations and get on with your work out yeah they tend to be middle aged receding hairline they drive a shitty man on the gun and they only listen to do it leave person when they see you they can make do leapin lyric references to start conversation that's a bargain oh excuse me mate am i cool just scrub that bar I are they owe this bar here do you know what it takes just either ohm ask for the bar one kiss is all it takes bow what I list you just want the bomb not kissing you man funny you say that because studies show the perfect couple should kiss five times a day what does perfect olive pee what else starts with P protein protein protein protein any protein you need protein we all need protein eggs and protein chicken has protein we all need protein especially me and you just two young lads trying to make some serious goons I mean why else would we be here just watch people lift weights and boys and vests little skimpy vests fine just stop listen yeah I can't genuinely can't listen to any of this anymore you keep the bar man it's fine honestly oh look at the next type of guy their punches and I just want to say before I start on this type of guy I'm not talking about the guys that do boxing and they're just you know practice in the little left rights because I don't want to get my head caved in simple as that I'm talking about the type of guys that after every single set have to get up stop Bobby the power chucking big left rights to himself all of the flippin time but Cal how can you tell these aren't boxes no you're good looking well the reason why I say that by myself the way I can tell a difference between air punches and boxers a book whose boxers just every now and then in the session get up you know Chuck a little combo carry on with their session but the air punchers will jump up after every set of just realize they've been studying bulk shit for the past 10 minutes give a very uncoordinated left right to the mirror and then Bob and Doc all over the place like it's Rocky Balboa in the building it's not Rocky Balboa in the building it's Steve Thomas in the building what does that make you watch Rocky five times this weekend I don't care I don't actually care bro stop thinking Arad doing all these stupid punches because you're not fooling me you're not fooling anybody else in the facility we know you're not a boxer you're just a little schmuck and yeah that's the air punches bro I've got this wrong they're all boxers now I'm gonna get mad kicked in next we've got the singers and the dancers and I'll hold my hands up I have definitely been this type of guy before you know and you're feeling yourself you just smashed and Noorie PBR deadly now one song comes on there's absolutely gases you and I mean what else you supposed to do bro I remember you said sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead yeah if you just give it a little you know there are that's calm because obviously you got a little groovy B on white boy level 10 photo soup but the thing that gets me is these guys that move and sing and dance to themself like they're in a music video just not in a music video you work at the range you've come down to exercise format because your missus is showing signs of concern because every time you pick up a full pint of milk you have to go sort it out bruv Wow right so now this scream buff stuff I'm gonna be sick you know the next type of guy in the gym are the Screamers and these type of guys have got to be one of the most annoying types of guys that you will come across if you need to give a little that's fair enough that you can't lift the weight without sounding like you're giving birth Rob you're gonna have to move from me because if I'm trying to train and it sounds like the South American howler monkey has infiltrated the gym I'm gonna have to get these air punches to box your chops off and the thing that really gets to me is half the time these screamers aren't even doing anything don't warrants a scream bro can you just be quiet just honestly everyone in the gym is looking at you man like you screaming for no reason just just quiet down a bit man Nate can you be quiet Oh as you can see I'm trying to train John say just keep it down a bit please yeah yeah bro you're screaming at yourself in the mirror now what do you mean you brought one Oh Rob you're actually annoy me of all this I need to train in quiet yeah so just I wanna go training really look pussy so the next guy and all the other guys I can kind of deal with but these type of guys genuinely piss me off and it's the deities that take the piss out of the overweight people if you're overweight and you want to ask slamming cakes all day sat on your ass playing with yourself but who am I to tell you that diabetes is coming for your soul but if you're overweight and you're in the gym and you're trying it and you're giving it a go why are there little leaks that think they've got the right to laugh point joke and take the piss out of you may I don't understand how you can laugh and make fun of overweight people trying to lose weight in the gym when I can literally see your virginity you little pagan boy but you won't catch a normal gym goer doing this it's always in little scrawny kids that turn up to the gym once a month with about half a dozen other their fellow mates if you go to the gym with more than four people you haven't gone to the gym to lift weights and have a decent session you've gone to watch everybody else lift some weight then just because you have been inside the gym you feel as if you've got the right to go on ps4 after where your other little Fanny friends and brag about how much of a pump you got when you were smashing bench when real ously the closest you're ever gonna get to bench is those shitty old brand crows that your mother still trashes you in a quickly does anybody actually know I'm talking about on the bench she was like bench we've got a full stop they've all closed bench across it anybody else's mother on the dresser than that yeah if your mom vegetable bench comment down below and you can join the bar because I used to let bench keyword used to not anymore so if you're 14 15 you still wear bench your mum doesn't love you buff got a fatty boom-boom in the coop nap oh tubs shouldn't you be a McDonald you stupid fat slob a bit much come on bit much no who does he think he is being all fat coming in the gym how to lose weight I know isn't it pathetic anyway how did it go last night with Samantha did you you know did I want get to sex endure no we watched Marley & Me for two hours and when she tried to touch my peepee I said no a dog is died today you need to get some respect as you are an utter pussy right so the last type of guy that I'm going to talk about that you will find in a gym are the guys to just go to stare at girls I hate these guys man let me just say if you go to the gym just to stare at girls them do it you little predator eyes there is only one place that you're going to end up and now is the sex offenders list bro do you want to go door-to-door knocking on all your neighbors then another go on a sex offenders this because you go to the gym and you just stare at girls no did I hear enough well do not go to the gym just to stare at girls because that is what happens the homes were Sam I'm Roger mate it's a fact it's a it's not a fact it's not a fact all actually it's just I think it should be yeah so yeah don't start girls please be nice thank you this irritates me so much you just know these girls feel so uncomfortable with these little dirty back down and all the time what's that you stood there with half the trouble watching a girl do a squat follow her ass cheeks up and down up and down a few chairs you're nodding dog Oh yes you're a little creep can I help you be a little pervert you me can you okay I'm 15 what you trying to do catch a case staring at my arse yes my thought run off you know boo soon like this video done thank you all for watching a little bit different to usual if you enjoyed it with the sketches in let me know they take a lot longer to prepare and do but if you like it I will continue to do it now rooms all been redone we go sort of juggle these videos about a bit more get some different content out so like I've just said let me know in the comment section below if you've made it to the end of this video you are a G if you don't already subscribe to this channel leave this video like rain and I'll see you all next week and yeah man safe safe oh my god even listening to me right yo so before I gone I just had to move down a little bit I know my videos all jokes in that but I got something to say real quick I'm not gonna give a long speech about this topic because I don't feel as if I'm the right person to do so the events are taking place in Sudan right now are genuinely devastated man innocent people are being killed and at the time of this recording it has little to no media coverage I hope you're seeing this and you know exactly what I'm talking about because right now as I'm filming it like I've just said the media coverage is so minimal by the time this video comes out man I hope it's globe or hope everyone knows about everyone's from a spread awareness everyone's doing the donations for the pages even as little as just putting it on your Instagram story for someone else to see for someone else to share inform people because like I said right now yeah the media is disgustingly slim on talking about what is going on in Sudan right now I'm just using this platform to spend a little bit of aware I've got so many people on Instagram putting pictures and videos on their stories and just like a large majority of you when I first saw this topic I didn't so much as ignore it I just wasn't taking a straight interest to it but it took me a minute as little as one minute to look into what was going on and I mean as a human you caught you feel as if you need to try and do something and me making a youtube video about some guys in the I know it has absolutely nothing to do what's going on but I'm saying if so many people see this part of the video I feel as if I would have done my bit to soar spread some awareness on the topic if there's one thing I can ask you to do is to go and check this guy's Instagram right here his link will be in the description he gives daily updates of what is going on and soo down right now and that's pretty much it man just go educate yourself go have a look what's going on do not be silent don't skip past this do what every good humor should do and spread awareness on this really dark time and that's it but yeah thank you very much

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