Type 2 Diabetes: You CAN Reverse It!


  1. Don't let your doctor tell you that a HbA1c above 5.6 is "ok" or "close enough". At those levels you are doing permanent damage to every small artery in your body, from the arteries in your eyes to the ones in you kidneys. You must fix your diet to fix your diabetes!

  2. thank you for this  video DR.

  3. Thank you for giving me hope

  4. Thank you Dr for a great video.Its real encouraging.
    I'm type 2.with high a1c of9.6.
    I weight about 440.Would you recommend the keto diet or the palo diet to start my weight loss?

  5. Thank you for your videos Dr.B..im learning so much.

  6. You and I are on the same page, Dr. Berry, I'm not here to talk about the cure (which, I have it on good authority, cures both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, but have not yet personally verified it yet, is a grain called "Syrian Rue") but let's call it a hack. I have found that Type 2 diabetes is easily addressed nutritionally by adding 2 trace element nutrients, those being Chromium & Selenium. Cheap fix. 5 bucks a bottle or less each at anyplace that sells supplements. One tablet a day of each for 6 weeks, so supports pancreatic function as to step off your Type 2 diabetes indefinitely. But there are other things A whole food plant based diet is enough without anything else. Exercise is good to get your juices flowing, BUT go until you begin to sweat and then STOP. Preserving your body's minerals are crucial. Want to know how nutritional replacement for FREE? EAT wood fire ashes as the Amish do. Sprinkle some on your food. If you want to go a little spendy use Himalayan Pink Salt. Most of what I'm saying here comes from Joel Wallach, Michael Gregor, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn. You clearly took the Oath of Hippocrates seriously. I'm just a dot connector but the stuff I'm telling you is verified. "To Do No Harm."

  7. Thank you Dr Berry for this video. My dad has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and this is the best information he needs to hear.

  8. It makes sense. What do we tell an alcoholic that wants to clean up their act and their health? Quit drinking! If our bodies don't process carbohydrates well because of insulin resistance, then eating a lot of them is a bad idea for our health.

  9. I've been T2D for only 5 years. Every doctor, specialist and Diabetes educator has told me it's not reversible. My pancreas does NOT produce ANY of its normal insulin. So how does something that doesn't work or is broken, automatically heals it's self and starts to work ? How can a broken part be all of a sudden 'fixed' ??

  10. You are so right! I'm a dialysis technician and 99.9% of our patients are diabetic. Diabetes causes kidney failure, heart disease, blindness, loss of limbs. It is a slow killer. Also kidney failure has a whole host of other health issues to go along with the diabetes.

  11. what do you think about the whole 30 diet?

  12. I can't be the only one that likes my conment

  13. Type 2 Diabetes is genetic in the case of my family. My maternal grandfather was a thin man, very slight in build and stature actually, and yet by his 60's had Type 2. His wife, my Grandma, was a nurse, so she had him on a strict diet after his diagnosis. He still went downhill. My mother, also of slight build, has been diagnosed as prediabetic as her A1C is slightly elevated beyond normal range. She has been on a very healthy diet (a vegetarian diet actually) for years. She consumed very little, if any sugar. Yet she still has elevated A1C. She's been on a stricter diet ever since.

    My older brother also had a wonky A1C, and isnt overweight in the slightest either, for a while but thanks to diet changes, got it under control.

    Type 2 diabetes is genetic in my family. It's never been diet related as far as we are concerned.

  14. Hi.Doc Ive been recently diagnosed. And on 2000 mg of metformin i started keto from a week. My concern is do i still need to take metformin?

  15. 13:18 book recommendations

  16. My husband is on carnivore diet day 6. His A1C was 6.5 on last lab 3 weeks ago. Doc said to double Metformin & lose weight. How will he know if he’s taking to much medication while on carnivore diet?

  17. Thank you !

  18. What if I have the proper recommended weight and yet have a long history of Type 2 diabetes?
    What logic should I reason myself with?
    Can someone with a history of a heart attack follow the ketogenic diet coupled with intermittent fasting?
    Are there any specific points I should keep in mind when doing this?
    THANK YOU !!!

  19. Dr, Berry, I'm treated by VA. Which I have a Dr. who listens to me and enjoys my printed out copies pf possible cures. I was 50 when I moved from Austin to Houston. My sugar went to 550 and I was peeing blood and had passed out at Walmart and taken to hospital. I didn't have insurance so I had to go to VA. The Dr there was from Africa and she didn't care about patients and started me at 100 units of fast acting n long acting. I ended up getting real sick. 3 months later I had a enlarged heart,etc.. MY nurse transferred me to a clinic and new Drs. With help of the new Dr. I dropped my ac1 from 9 to 7. Im do 50 unit of fast and long acting insulin. Yes I'm insulin resistant. I talked to them about CBD;s as a cure for Diabetes. The more I studied cures I found that the only way to cure myself is dong what you have explained in video. Thanks so much for info. Going to find your books and read them. Thanks again.

  20. I have type two diabetes so do I have to take all the medications that are prescribed for me can I still save myself two-stroke too hard to stance

  21. My new doctor just prescribed Jardiance for A1c 0f 6.9. I reacted to metformin. I'm seeing the horrible side effects and afraid to take med. What's your opinion? I'm trying a low carb diet but wonder how successful I'll be. Thanks

  22. Never has a Doctor spoken to me like this – they are too busy….thank you – I can only pay you by subscribing and I did – lifesaver

  23. hi im early so like this comment

  24. I'm 40 years old my A1c was a 6.9 and I lost a lots of weight just by watching this video and learning how to control my diet now my A1c is 4.3 I cut out the carbs and sugar I use to weigh 197 I drop down to 148 pounds right now to this day my doctor took me off my Diabetes medication. people, please!!!!! listen to what Dr.Ken D Berry is saying it worked for me. I thanks Doctor Berry for the information. Dr. Berry keep posting the truth even if it hurt them they will thank you later.

  25. Respected Sir…..I have a question….I am recently diagnosed with type 2…..So as u told that keeping Hba1c stable dont low ur risk of complications…If i can follow Keto diet and keep my hb1ac stable by that can i avoid further complocations of diabetes….


  26. Please discuss things such as chromium ECT.


  28. Diet diet diet diet diet diet :/

  29. I am trying to help my cousin. He is diabetic and has diabetic nueropathy. I cannot find any information on keto and nueropathy. Can you help me find information?

  30. Diabetes can be easily cured by staying away from eating animals and their products. Stop smoking; stop drinking coffee, alcohol; stop drinking sodas. Stop consuming white sugar and brown sugar; And now start eating natural foods: legumes, greens, grains, nuts, fruits etc…

  31. Does organic vegetable juicing count as a bad thing drinking calories? I do carrots, apples, greens, beets and so on.

  32. Some doctors are shit with no experiences

  33. Low carb advocate! Reverse t2d with whole foods plant based diet. No portion control eat to satiation and enjoy your life. No fear of side effects of keto and related diet fads.

  34. I got type2 diabetes after taking steroids for an ear infection is it permanent???

  35. Is there a diabetic medication that should be taken while doing a keto or fasting intermittent fasting diet? Is Metformin ok to keep blood sugar down while doing Keto or does it Delay the healing process?

  36. Does the high blood sugar it's self causes damage? Or is it the high insulin levels that are causing the damage?

  37. Thanks Doc

  38. Help….
    That's all I'm saying…

  39. Rock on!

  40. I'm happy that you're pro self responsible. I'm sick of doctors being arrogant about what I find out. Just because they went to medical school. I'm a citizen scientist. When they said to me that I should be eating 60 grams of carbs per meal with 20 grams per snack both at 3x per day. That's 240 grams per day. If a person is carb sensitive because of insulin resistance then why would you tell someone to eat any carbs. Not logical. I've restricted my diet to almost no carbs. May upwards of 15 carbs per day. I'm off insulin. I'm off metformin and I'll get rid of glipozide soon. I feel so much better. And I did this from my studies. Not a single bit of help from my doctor. The standard of care will lead to having a very bad time on Earth. 100% of the time.

  41. 7.8 mmol/L is Type 2 Diabetic?

  42. Keto is easy. “Piece of cake.”, so to speak.

    Here’s the deal.

    The bad news and the good news.

    The bad news:
    My HgA1C is 12.4.
    Triglycerides are >800
    Fasting Glucose is 354.

    I’ve made myself into a Type 2 Diabetic.

    What that means is I’m going to die. Probably not soon, but maybe. Before I die, I’ll wish I was dead many times over. Parts of my body will shut down. I will likely go blind, or nearly so. As it progresses I may surgically lose some appendages. I won’t be having sex but that’s ok because I won’t want to anyway…….

    The good news:
    My liver and renal function tests are all in normal range.

    If I eliminate sugar (all of it in any form), grains (all of them), limit carbs to <20 gr/day, eliminate ‘vegetable’ oils, my blood sugar will come down to normal levels, triglycerides will come down, I’ll think more clearly, lose belly fat I’ve never been able to lose, my fatty liver will go away, my energy level will increase and I’ll feel better overall while I become more healthy as this process reverses.

    Bearing this in mind, I’ve had NO insurmountable cravings for sweets, milk, breads (even the fancy French ones, whole grain ones and homemade healthy ones), fruit juices (that I thought were good and healthy and ‘natural’). Avocados, asparagus, salmon, bacon, beef, bone broth, and eggs look, taste and feel really good.

    After 3 weeks my non-fasting blood sugar was down to 119 last night (with the temporary help of 1,000 mg/day metformin). Today was 127 but that may be normal fluctuation. I’ll know more as I build more test history.

    I’ve had no sugar, no bread, no food from any grains, no packaged food of any kind, drank only water, coffee or tea since I got the news. Haven’t really wanted any of the other stuff either.

    Yep, I bought a glucose meter and test before and after meals to see what affects my blood sugar and how much and I’ve watched most of Dr. Berry’s and a couple other’s videos.

    I looked back over some prior blood work I had on file. Nowhere was my A1C ever tested. Fasting blood glucose was running between 96-104 every year through last year. I was told I had a “mild fatty liver”, “most people have that. Nothing really to do about it. Never known anyone to get rid of it and nothing to really worry about because there aren’t any other related issues or complications.” Triglycerides were running 250-325 and the recommendation was to “increase whole grains and cut back on (not eliminate) rice and potatoes”.

    I started having numbness in the toes of both feet a couple years ago, my feet felt cold as ice all the time, I developed a progressive polyaxonal neuropathy in my right leg, have a lot of dark “age spots” on my feet and an MRI of my brain show’s white spots indicative of multiple sclerosis. No one knows how I could have developed that at 58 years old since it normally appears in much younger people. This is during and after examinations by several GP’s, 3 neurologists, 4 orthopedic specialists and a rheumatologist.

    The recent rheumatologist ran an A1C after I suddenly lost 48 pounds without really trying to. (I told him I was happy to lose the weight and wanted to see how my blood work now compared to a test run a year ago, wondering how much better it might look. He added an A1C to the routine but I have nothing earlier to compare it to.

    We didn’t check insulin levels or C-peptide but I will shortly anyway based on comment by Dr. Berry.

    I haven’t written any of this down before and it turned out to be really long. Not sorry. It feels really good to get this off my mind.

    Anyway, thanks Dr. Berry. I look forward to being on a right track now with diet and hope to make real progress rapidly. I’ll be following your channel while I search for a doctor in my area that I can work with and monitor my case.

    I hope you all to be well, be happy, and smile too much.

  43. What about milk? 1%/2%?

  44. Thank you, I'm 52 and my a1c is 6.5. Dr gave me metformin and gabapentin for neuropathy. I have changed my diet. The neuropathy is horrible, hate it.

    Thank you for the video.

  45. How do you know you are cured if your blood sugar reading isn't the means to know?

  46. Thank you so much for making this video. It has made me feel so much better. I use found out that I am prediabetic and I want to change that. This gives me hope that I can. Looking forward to starting Leto, then paleo..

  47. “Reversing” does not mean “Cured!”

  48. Dr. Berry. Thank you for your channel. I want to get off insulin. I'm type 2

  49. I am overweight by twenty five pounds. I have lost ten pounds in the last two months by not eating sugar, some exercising and staying away from wheat. But I do like eating a huge plate of Quaker oats in the morning. I would like to stop that but don't know what to replace it with, I am also on a budget. I am going to be tested for diabetes next week and for Celiac decease. I have slight foot pain (eat lots of bananas to see if it helps but not really) and have problems with constant gas when in public specially when seated (I am specially concerned about this one). Can you help? Thank you very much for your time.

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