Tutorial: How to pay your Health Connector premium online

Paying for your Massachusetts Health Connector
Health or Dental plan is easy to do online. The first thing you’ll need to do is choose
if you’re making a Health or Dental plan payment. If you’re enrolled in both a health
and a dental plan, you’ll need to make a separate payment for each. Choose either Health
or Dental from the drop-down list. Then choose a type of ID number to provide. You may choose one of three options:
You can choose to fill in your “Enrollment ID,” which is found on the “Enrollments”
screen. Please note that the number in your “Reference ID” field will be the same
as your “Enrollment ID” number. The second option is to enter your Social
Security number. You will need to type this in twice.
Or, you can choose your “Billing Account Number.” You’ll find your Billing Account
Number on the insurance bill that you get from the Health Connector. This number will
always begin with the number seven. If you’re enrolling and paying your premium
for the first time, you’ll need to be sure to pay by the 23rd of the month to complete
your enrollment. If you’re making your first payment close to this deadline, you may need
to pay before you get your bill in the mail. If this applies to you, you should probably
choose to fill in your Enrollment ID or Social Security Number to identify your account. Under “Step 2,” type in your name and
birthday exactly as it appears on your health or dental insurance application. Do not use
an initial or other abbreviation in place of your first or last name, if that is not
how it appears on the application. Click the “Continue” button. The system
will search for your information. If you see an error message, check the information you
entered – your ID must be correct and name and date of birth must match exactly what
you entered on the application. Or, if you completed your plan shopping less than 4 hours
ago, please wait at least 4 hours before you try to make a payment. If you still need help, call the Health Connector
at 1-877-623-6765. After you’ve waited enough time in between
shopping and setting up a payment and all of your information is correct, you will be
able to move on to the next step. Next in “Step 3,” enter your contact information
so that we can get in touch with you as soon as possible if we have any trouble with processing
your payment. Once your payment goes through, we’ll use the email information you give
us to send you a confirmation of that payment. Under “Contact Information,” please enter
your email address. You will need to enter this twice, and the best phone number to reach
you, preferably a cell phone number if you have one. Step 4, “Billing Information,” shows the
total balance you owe and your current month’s premium amount. During Open Enrollment, which starts November
1, if you are enrolled in a plan in 2015 and are renewing coverage for 2016, you will see
both of your plans listed. If you have a balance on both your accounts, please pay both balances
so that your enrollment is not interrupted. You can choose to pay the total you owe or
you can type in the amount you’d like to pay. Choose “One Time Payment” to make
a payment right away. Or choose “Recurring Payments” and type
in the amount you want to pay. This amount will be withdrawn from your bank account within
two to three business days. For all upcoming payments, your payment will be withdrawn on
the 22nd day of every month. The amount withdrawn will be the total you owe for your insurance
each month. You can create a new monthly recurring payment
or cancel your recurring payment at any time. Just return to this page at payment.MAhealthconnector.org Once you have entered the amount you want
to pay and whether you are making a one-time or recurring payment, then you will need to
choose whether you are paying with a checking or savings account. Next, enter the full name of the person on
the account. Enter the bank account number very carefully.
You will need to enter this twice. Then, enter the Bank routing number, you will
need to enter this twice as well. Make sure to scroll up the page and review
all of your information and correct anything that may be wrong. Finally, to keep your information secure,
enter the letters and numbers below as you see them. This prevents harmful programs from
accessing this site. If the numbers in the picture are hard to see, you can get a new
picture by clicking the blue “Refresh” button to the right of the picture. There
is an option to hear the number for you to enter. Once you’ve double-checked that everything
is accurate, it’s time to click “Submit Payment”. You’ve just submitted your payment information
through the Massachusetts Health Connector Portal. You will get a confirmation email
shortly, letting you know that we’ve received your payment information. If there are any
problems with your payment, we will contact you and let you know.

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