Turmeric – painkiller, cancer fighting agent, disease prevention

hey everyone I'm really sorry that I haven't been able to make any videos lately and I was very busy last week but I'm back and I plan to answer everybody's emails again I'm sorry if I missed anyone but thank you so much for reaching out to me I'm so happy that I can help and today I want to discuss a topic that's using Ayurvedic therapies and it is the topic of turmeric now everyone knows tumeric as a cooking spice and basically it is used in Ayurvedic therapy for the substance and it called curcumin curcumin is very very important it's an anti-inflammatory agent and it's also a cancer fighting agent especially for breast cancer patients now if you eat some Eric you'll know that has a very pungent and earthy flavor and it basically makes the body more yang instead of being more Yin now the benefits of the body being yang is that it's not susceptible to diseases or illnesses now when the body is very toxic and it's a very Yin and it has a very large chemical waste the body begins to harvest diseases and illnesses and cancers and a lot of deaths occur and a lot of bills go up medical bills of course for people going to hospitals about all these different situations so if you ingest America daily and it's a great way to reduce inflammation in the body which is very very important inflammation is a sign of the body that something is out of balance and there's an energy blockage if you have inflammation it shows on your skin you get acne you get eczema you get psoriasis you can dry skin problems you also get joint pains like osteoporosis and different issues like bloating and gas and basically the issue with inflammation is that people do not take a stand and recognize it you know that there's something wrong in the body something doesn't feel right but you don't do anything about it you have to take care of it because then you begin to get ill and you don't really know it until you're older and then you're like wow why did I get so sick so turmeric is a great way to be very proactive about your health instead of being reactive to diseases and I use two different kinds well two different forms actually the first one is a tincture tumeric tincture that I get from Whole Foods I put it into my smoothies and my shakes and I put it into my water and I drink it all the time and it has a very raw earth flavor so if you're not okay with that you might want to use this over here this is an organic turmeric powder you can get this from like Walmart Publix your usual supermarkets make sure it's organic of course and you can make a paste out of it by adding I would say about three tablespoons to half a cup of boiling hot water you add the powder and there anything is to form a very thick paste and you can use that pace throughout your your week or however much you want to take I recommend about two tablespoons a day of the paste and you can put it into almond milk or coconut milk and it makes a golden milk which is what people call it and it's very tasty and takes away that earthiness kind of if you're not okay with those pungent type of roots flavors which I have learned to love and appreciate because they're very very good for you and the and the the best part about curcumin is that it kills off cancer so it sells like I mentioned before patients who have breast cancer it has been very very effective at warding off the cancer cells and killing them and in reversing and ascending the cancer into remission and big pharmaceutical companies of course a big pharma wants to take over everything they wanted to pan turmeric because that's how effective it is and they wanted to sell it as a drug and you cannot do that because obviously belongs to nature so you can't patent anything that's natural so that's how you know it's a very very effective in reverses Alzheimer's disease it's amazing for skin health and it's just a great great way to be proactive about your health and not reactive to diseases as I mentioned before the reason that cancer risks are so much lower at Eastern civilization countries is because they use things like this they used to American their everyday cooking they eat it – they use a bunch of other root vegetables which are great for your health and they cleanse the body so it's just a way to reach homeostasis and balance in the body making it more yang instead of Yin so I hope this post helps somebody out and I really hope you guys consider putting this into your daily diet it's so so simple and who wouldn't want to you know take away all the risks of diseases that they might encounter along the line through poor habits of eating and nutrition so it's a great way to start a healthy new lifestyle I hope this helps and if you guys have any questions please feel free to email me I'm always here to help thank you


  1. Can you please tell me how much turmeric can I take daily for severe inflammatory pain? I'm having a problem with my neck. And is the orangic powder from whole foods strong enough thank you so much ! πŸ™‚

  2. I have found that fresh turmeric works the best for me.

  3. Thanks! I've ready up a bit about tumeric and its health benefits and your video just reinforced everything I've learned. I'll take it regularly. Thanks again.

  4. wow ! u r extra gorgeous ….and so smart n kind …thanks for the video ..

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