TSP’s Rabish Ki Report | Rabish Chala Gym Part 2

While reporting I saw a Dictator
who was terrorizing the gym. But I'm also a journalist who has spread his
terror among such Dictators So with no fear,
I asked him I remembered my teacher in Motihari
looking at you. He also use to teach with terror He taught me English. He was Mr. Jha from Gaya He taught me grammar with terror. So I forgot all the grammar in fear. So I'm afraid, that this training you're
giving them with terror people should not forget this training. Rajaji!
I didn't just beat lame tokens in LUDO only beaten the ones who were about to win. These guys can forget to reply to their
girlfriends but not my training. Very good, man. Tell me something…
Where do you get the motivation for already tired guy to do one more set? That is something I learnt
at my previous job. – Which job was that?
– I was a bus conductor. I used to stuff 150 people
into a 50 seater bus. So I know how to use something
to it's fullest capacity. And that's what I'm doing. Very nice, but see he stopped again. Hey, why'd you stop?
Remember your ex and do one more set. The way he's shouting at him looks like he's taking out his own ex's frustration
along with this guy's ex. When I moved from there, I felt pitty
for a little kid that was hanging. I was worried he could break his Bum
if he looses his grip So I got him down.
But he shouted at me instead. – No, no, no…
– Get down. Rajaji, I still had 5 more pull-ups
to go. You ruined all my hardwork. Don't you think you should work hard
in eating and not the gym? How would you know the pain
of love, Rajaji? I used to be like John Abraham
5 years back. but one day a girl walked into the gym. I taught her to lift a dumbbell, to walk on a treadmill, to shake
a protein shake. Then she said she'll come on Monday. But since then Monday is coming alone I think she also left for Kashmir via Sri Lanka You come to the gym everyday though,
then why are you so skinny? Rajaji, I come to the gym everyday
but I couldn't swallow anything I couldn't even gulp a Protein shake She went away but left me hanging here. It must be hurting
to hang like that, right? Yes, a lot. But I must tell you
There's always a victory ahead of pain. There's Jasmeet, Manmeet
and there's always a way to get a girl to meet. got it? So don't be 'Devdas',
be 'bindass'. – Okay, I'll leave? Shall I hang you up?
– Yes. Come. Use the girl's name for motivation. Do it. -Thank you, Rajaji
-I am going I dealt with one lover
and ended seeing more. While a lover was looking
for their 6 packs… There were some protein lovers
who were eating eggs like they were the brand ambassador
of some poultry farm. On the other hand, there were some
lovers that were staring at the girl exercising like student looks at the next person's answer sheet
during an exam. And some get caught in the act. So I asked the lady What can I do, Rajaji? It's human nature to run
after something they enjoy. I'm sure you've heard that
"A thing of beauty is joy forever. No, I haven't. But tell me how people
stay inspired in the gym? Rabishji, before I came here,
the attendance was 30%, but it's 90% after I've come. Do you see the guy doing his squats there? It's his last set. But if I show him a thumbs up,
he'll do another set. Is that so?
Show us, please. Wow, this is an instant motivation. Yes…
Do you see that guy working out? He'll increase 20 kgs if I smile at him. Do it. That's okay. No problem.
Don't be sad. He's probably Zakir Khan's fan. He might have become tough
cause of gym See, since the attendance is 90%
the motivation is also 90%. 10% of the crowd won't melt. By the way,
what are you doing today? – Back and biceps.
– Go ahead. Good luck. While our reporting was in its last set,
we met up with a pure Bihari. When we looked closely, we saw that he did
all his exercises with a fixed weight. Before we could question him, – he only asked us..
– Hey Rabish bro, how are you? Okay, that's all right.
Don't … All us guys watch your show.
It's so much fun, you do a great job! I've been watching you lift 100 kgs
constantly, isn't that too much? Rabish bro, I am Bihari, right. and one Bihari is over 100 others First of all, I think all you Biharis should
stop using this proverb. It's over done now. It looks aggressive. There are feelings attached to it So tell me, how long do you think it'll take
you to develop a good body? I can do that in 2 days,
but I want to say something to your audience. – Get the camera here.
– Get it, man. I'll get the body in 2 days, but don't blame
me for all the girls who would slash their wrists for me. Listen, work on your body as much as you
want to, but don't make such face Understood? My camera may crack.
I have only one. So what about diet? Don't ask, Rabishji. Even the Mumbai local's
schedule is not as bad the schedule they've given. You start with 6 in the morning then 8,
then 10, 12, 1, 3 and then 6 in the evening, then 8 at night, then 10, 11
and finally at 1 in the night. I eat so much that I wonder if I'm eating the food
or food is eating me. But I see no result of it. – Why do you eat so much then?
– I'm not gyming for body building There's another reason. I'm coming
to the gym to go to Mumbai. – To be Indian Idol?
– No, for job, Rabishji. Haven't you heard?
They beat up Biharis. If someone tries to beat me up,
I must need the strength to stand. I feel very bad about this Why does they treat us like that?
Aren't we also from the same country? I don't like it, Rabishji… my tears drop when I think about it Aren't you from Bihar?
why don't you raise your voice. Yes, yes. I will. – You just party with the boys.
– No, man. Do something, Rabishji. I won't get beat up.
You say something. Listen, don't cry. I have a motto. Memorize it
and use it in life. – Everything will be okay.
– What is the motto. That's the one,
'Everything will be okay'. Rabishji,
you're doing comedy in an emotional scene Listen, do one thing Take this weight off and put it here,
you're right handed, right? Yes. Then build more power in it
and thrash them with it. – Move it, come on.
– Okay… So, Kabira speaking
There are various kind of people in the world Come everyday to the gym,
you'll find them. The gym is the mantra
for anyone who wants to be fit. gym is a passion for those
who have a challenge to start from Monday Gym is Bitter but beneficial. So I have one request to you, Mr. Modi. Just like you've made toilets
for a cleaner India, make a public gym as well so that
even the poor can use it. Before the ghost of the gym
takes over me, let me put my sword of words in scabbard
I'm Raja Rabish Kumar. Listen, reporting is over. Go there now. Leave, go from here
it's over now. these people just seek a chance to show their body.


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