Trying Ariana Grande's Diet & Workout for TWO WEEKS!

hey guys and welcome back oh my god where no such a okay hey guys and welcome back or welcome if you are new it looks like it might be super dark on camera hopefully not Ohio is just back and forth and today it has been so dark outside and I was like if I don't go him today the videos not going up because it's supposed to go tomorrow so fingers crossed it's not too dark today's video is going to be testing or trying out Ariana Grande's diet in workout routine so ariana is completely vegan meaning for two weeks I made sure to cut out all dairy products all meat and if most of you guys know already I already do cut out most of I like I don't really consume any dairy and I've cut out most of meat so it was pronounced that part I would say was pretty easy for me also ariana is big on certain foods so for breakfast every single day she tends to do either oatmeal on a fruit or she does a specific smoothie she has 3 different different smoothies that she alternates between and I won't put the exact like recipes down below or links to them I found them from her trainer saying that there's 3 smoothies she'll alternate between one is the red smoothie one's called white smoothie and one is called a green smoothie so I tend to do like one smoothie one day alternate them I also alternate between the oatmeal I will say I hate oatmeal I hate the texture of it so I tended to do more of the smoothies and then the oatmeal but I did make sure to do the oatmeal sometimes just not too much so for the lunch it tended to be a pretty large lunch and everything I ate for the most part for lunch was raw so for example I would do a huge kale salad top it with raw peppers cucumbers carrots any veggies I could think of to like make it different each day she would also do a whole sweet potato or a whole potato every day for like her carbs today I was eating my last one I was like I don't know if I can swallow this I love sweet potatoes but have you want every single day for two weeks you're like oh I hope so she also for snacks eats a lot of protein bars as well as blueberries being her two favorite go-to snacks so I did make sure to have tons of blueberries on hand tons of protein bars now for our dinners it says her favorite go-to things to do are typically just a stir-fry of some sort which is basically just for her a mix of a ton of different veggies which is pretty much all I did for every single dinner I just took a ton of veggies and mixed them together and then just through sometimes I threw a seasoning on them sometimes I didn't I was not able to do like any salt or like – anything with too much salt I did this week for the diet so I didn't do anything that was like too flavorful but for the most part it was doable now things I had to cut out for my coffee you guys know I am a big coffee drinker I cannot do any like crazy creamers or sweet creamers I have not gone to Starbucks or anything like that all I did for my coffee actually have one right there it's just coffee with a little bit of almond milk and that is it I will say that I got a lot easier throughout the two weeks a lot easier than like the first day and also I cut out also does I know you guys probably know I love my soda but I kind of all cope I also tried a ton of new foods I've never tried before she tends to eat a lot of daikon which is a root and it actually tastes really really good I loved adding that into meals she has tons of tropical fruits so I tried on new things like passion fruit and it was the other dragon fruit and I definitely opened up my like my palate to different fruits and they were all really delicious so I mean no fruit is ever bad though in my opinion so I definitely got to try a ton of new things Oh but along with sweet potatoes I've also eaten more beans in my life than I can imagine oh my gosh now I'm gonna go into the workout so Arenado works out every single day and what she does is she makes shirts that one she gets in 10,000 steps every single day and – she does she alternates three different workouts she alternates 150 lunges backward lunges so 150 Pike planks and 150 Superman so she does one of those every single day let me tell you that was rough I tend to work out two to three times a week so going to seven days a week was a little a little tough at first I woke up many days and I was like I can't do it my legs are gone but of course just like everything it got easier throughout the week especially since I was alternating from my lunges planks to Superman's because it's like a whole different group of muscles so I gave them still like two days of rest in between 100 and 50 lunges though is killer 150 Pike planks killer I commend her for doing that all the time and along without 10,000 steps sometimes it's a little bit more difficult for me to get my steps in so I didn't make sure that like three or four times a week I would go down to the treadmill and I would like run or walk uphill so that way I added in more steps because I don't actually have anything to track my steps and I didn't feel like I got 10,000 every day so I did make sure to use a treadmill treadmill to add more cardio and get my stuff set now when it comes to my body I wouldn't say was someone who needed to lose weight but I also you could tell them to a for and after that with the way that I did carry it was around my stomach and I think that shows that when they say that your abs are made in the kitchen my ABS completely were made in the kitchen because I've always done tons of ab workouts even before this Arianna thing I did tons of ab workouts but once I cut out all the processed food and literally my stomach looked incredible like almost after like four or five days I noticed so much more definition and by the end of the two weeks I was like oh my gosh so that was definitely the boost I needed to stick to a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet now before and after I definitely would say there is a big difference I have lost like an inch or so around my waist my stomach is very toned very defined I think I'll I only lost like two two or three pounds bite and I didn't want to really lose any weight I just lost some stuff around in my stomach area mainly from my diet mainly bloating from all the junk I was eating before I definitely noticed up with a lift in the booty area I've noticed that you know more toned legs while walking I've done like I said a slimmer face so I will say so overall I would say have a super super impressed with this and happy with the result and I might test Alec and other celebrities workout routine I don't know I'm in the mood to keep going I definitely think this taught me to live a much healthier lifestyle and just but I still want to add in just a little bit of treating myself every now and then cuz that's all about a balanced life but I love you guys very much I hope you enjoyed this I hope you like this let me know if I do another one of these videos who's a fitness or diet routine should I test out let me know a celebrity down below you want to see other than that make sure you are subscribed if you are new write down below so you never miss any of my uploads you can also hit that Bell button so you really like actually never miss any uploads give us any thumbs up if you liked it the thumbs up really helped out my channel and I love you guys hopefully I talk too fast hopefully it's not too dark in here and I'll see you all next time bye


  1. Hope you guys enjoy my trying out Ariana Grande's diet & workout for two weeks!! Sorry to all the Ariana fans for pronouncing her name wrong! Also totally sorry for the 2 seconds of missing file LOL! Totally didnt realize, but now I know! 😛 I have linked her three breakfast smoothies in the description!!

  2. Its not AIRinna its Rrinna like

  3. I didn't know people eat rice with forks cuz I eat rice with spoons

  4. No fruit is bad? Try custard apples

  5. Dairy is really good for you! 😭

  6. Someone called me fat as a joke and that I probably weigh 80 kg 💔🌚

  7. I love this video, do more celebrity diet videos!

  8. You basically did a detox diet with exercise;)

  9. You can get abs like that without being vegan. Just stay away from processed food and processed sugar.

  10. the only reason she lost so much weight is because she went vegan and cut out meat. Once anyone goes vegetarian or vegan they loose weight immediately.

  11. Greetings from Ohio!

  12. Do you have a list of all this ? Like workout routine, meal prep?

  13. I would love to see you do a Jennifer Lopez diet

  14. Thank you for subscribing the show Lindsay

  15. E-rianas

  16. Cutting out dairy products is probably something I could never do

    I need my 🥛

  17. Hmmm i thought she was just on drugs… hardcore she does all this shit for a lifestyle
    .. (Claps)

  18. "I cut out all soda"

    I nearly spit the soda I was drinking out 😂😂

  19. I'm planning to diet after valentines day I love oatmeal so that wont be a issue xD maybe I will look into aris diet 😸

  20. next time do a vlog type thing. The talking ones are really interesting in my opinion. *JUST A OPINION NOT HATING**

  21. Why is everyone getting mad at her for saying Ariana like “air-iana” let’s be real we all use to say it like that.

    when I was 9 I pronounced it like that for 5 years. 🙂
    Everyone pronounces everything differently, if you don’t like it, forget about it, deal with it. Nobody pronounces everything like you 😁

  22. 1 exercise a day? That’s her workout? lol ok… I was expecting more than that. She’s like the only celebrity nowadays that doesn’t weight lift in the gym and just has a petite skinny body, but she looks adorable! I guess as long as she keeps a unique, iconic look.

  23. She is not vegan she is probably on plant based diet because she wears fur so she isn’t vegan at all

  24. The smoothie recipes have yogurt in the recipe, if she's vegan, well, what brand is a good vegan substitute for that?

  25. I wanna try this to shed a few extra pounds, but I might eat a bit more because I workout for an hour and a half every day AND do taekwondo which burns a ton of calories

  26. Damn girl u blew up🤘

  27. I need to give up soda

  28. Ur hairs stunning 🤩🤩🤩💋

  29. ooh… i love you ❤️ definitely subscribed!

  30. Tofu is a good meat alternative but a ton of soy, especially in such a processed form, can be pretty bad for you. Too much soy has even been linked to infertility!

  31. 3:24 Nthkooo xD

  32. Your hair color is gorgeous, I should say. How did you get it?

  33. There's no way Arianna Grande does all that work out. She is emaciated. I've seen her on stage barely able to keep up.

  34. Lmao how can u not eat meat shdisusuaha

  35. I saw back lunges and some plank thing. What is the 3rd?

  36. eriana

  37. ur so pretty !!!

  38. 2-3 lbs in 2 weeks considering it's a healthy non-starvation diet is significant. this is a lifestyle and not a diet, and sounds completely doable! i'm already vegan and when i went vegan 3 years ago i lost about 15-20 lbs without even trying. i think it's easier to stick to a vegan diet when you have ethical and environmental reasons keeping you going (as in, i'm less likely to "treat myself" to a pint of ice cream when i think about baby cows or a steak when I think about deforestation)

  39. Just got recommended this video and mostly clicked because you’re like shockingly beautiful wow

  40. can I just do the workout????not the diet???

  41. can you post a basic shopping list for the diet?

  42. I hate dragon fruit. I can’t.

  43. I can do this. I'm vegetarian.

  44. Finally i find someone hate oatmeal

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