hey Lolita here so today is a beautiful day to try something new I've been pretty bored with eating the same stuff all the time so I thought I would change it up a little bit yesterday I was I went grocery shopping and I've got some new ingredients so today I'm going to make a video walking you through a whole day of eating of things I've never personally cooked at home so hopefully you're gonna like this video if you want to see more healthy videos of hopefully delicious recipes please give me a thumbs up and let me know in the comments what you thought about this one so let's get into the video already so since we're gonna go through a full day of eating I wanted to make sure to make breakfast as simple as possible so what I'm going to be making is a fab 4 smoothie if you haven't heard of it yet it's basically a smoothie that was created by celebrity nutritionist Kelly Levesque I just got a book body luv so basically I've heard about these before it's a smoothie has protein it has a little bit of fat it has fiber and super greens and the reason you have those 4 ingredients in specific is because it's designed to give you all the nutrients that you need for the day and keep you fuller longer and promote weight loss as well if that's what you're looking for if you use it as a meal supplement basically so I always make smoothies that's nothing new but today I'm making a little bit of a different recipe I'm actually gonna include coconut milk which I've never done and I'm also going to include a virgin coconut oil and chia seeds so let me start making the smoothie and let's see how it turns out so you put a quarter cup of fruit this is actually half a cup as far as measuring cups go next I'm gonna add one cup of coconut milk so you want to make sure you get the unsweetened type because you're actually already adding fruit and you shouldn't really go over a quarter cup of fruit technically okay now it says to add about 1 TSP of fat you can do like a nut butter or MCT oil but what I have is coconut oil so let's see about trying to get this in there because it's actually gonna be a little bit chunky let's see just let it hang out in there now you're gonna do one handful of greens this is a great way obviously to get that in and actually I should have probably put this in first after the milk but some vanilla protein all righty so now it is finished it literally took a few minutes the only thing is that I messed up and only won't put one cup of milk first you can actually do two to three so I put two and a half it's all here ready to go with some ice let's see how it tastes it's delicious I love it actually it takes tests it's not complete if I don't have Allen taste it you didn't take that thing oh my goodness okay so what do you think of this movie it has a lot of awesome flavors and what I like is there's not overpowering so the flavors it's good he gets shy but he loves it the things that made it with love so basically you've got two entire smoothies supposed to be for one person but I shared it with him cuz I'm about to begin on the next new meal of the day so I'm going back to the kitchen wish me luck okay so I'm back in the kitchen moving on to the next meal I'm actually making salmon carpaccio on toast hopefully I make it right but basically it's smoked salmon and you top it off with olive oil you put a little bit of mozzarella cheese and capers so I've never ever ever bought these things before I've only recently tried them for the first time when I went to a restaurant and I loved it so much that I've been wanting to make my own at home so let's see how it goes already so this is what I have I have some sourdough bread on top I'm going to put a little bit of this smoked salmon put a little bit of olive oil carpaccio lime cheese and then some purple onion so you get the salmon you put it on bread then I'm gonna get a little bit of olive oil get on there I'm gonna put a little bit of caper these are the ones that I got don't ask me how to explain what they are because I have no idea maybe I would probably explain them to be like mini olives or something so he's gonna put them over top of the bread now I'm going to get some lemon a little bit and a little bit of onion I actually want Alan to try it with me and he doesn't like onion so I'm just gonna put that on mine I think is put a little bit of mozzarella cheese okay so this is what it looks like let me call Alan are you ready you're trying this yeah this untreated it's ready to eat smoked oh okay I'm scared I'm nervous too but I wanted to try something new so okay well David one teeny delicious all righty so would you say it's approved for future meals yeah it is okay so I'm just gonna keep trying this it's like I like it I don't love it I'm just getting used to it I think I want to try the non smoked salmon luck next time but it is really easy to make so if you like salmon you should definitely give it a try all right so I'm back now I'm going to make the last meal for the day the dinner I'm actually going to make lentils I have happened many times but I've never made my own and I really want to make some because it's basically a meal prep you can make a whole bunch for the week and they longer they sit there the more younger they get and I also wanted to make something with a lot of veggies and flavor because last week I didn't eat a lot of them so I got to make up for it so I'm putting together all my ingredients and I'll show you in a bit what they are the ingredients I have I have kale I have some jalapeno serrano peppers I have a tomato tomato sauce I'm gonna use a few cloves of the garlic some lemon purple onion carrots I have to chop these up and I have some celery I have to chop up and the lentils I think I need to wash some broth some cilantro olive oil and then lastly my favorite seasoning you ever which is this one I love it so that's what we have here all righty so I did the most and I cut every single thing and the first thing that I did was add in the celery the onion the garlic and the jalapeno pepper with the serrano pepper so I'm gonna let that themes in anywhere from three to five minutes on medium high and then after that I'll add in the rest of the ingredients the other thing that I also did was make sure to wash the until I'm actually washing oh I washed one cup of of them so that's what I'm going to use for the recipe okay so I just added in the rest of the vegetables which were NATO's the carrots so I'm just letting that something a little bit I'm actually also going to add in the tomato sauce and broth now okay I'm gonna add some of the broth so now I'm gonna add in the second one and some of the seasoning lime juice seasoning I'm going to add in two tablespoons of the blue yon and then I'm going to add in a little bit of crushed red pepper and from there I'm just gonna let it simmer for about 40 minutes with the lentils in there of course stir it up a little bit all right let's see how it turns out all righty so I've been anxiously staring at the timer for the food to be ready there's seven more minutes so I'm going to add the greens in you don't like you don't should put them the entire time because then they'll cook way too long for the type of I guess source that they are so I'm just gonna throw them in for the last five ish minutes and then we'll let it cool off and finally do a taste test of today's new meals I think I'm gonna love it because it smells really really good so let's see ready so I put in the cilantro and I put in the kale like I said I cook it for five minutes so let's see it's looking so good great news the soup is finally ready come over here Ellen I have my taste tester with me look he's having a grand old time he's getting to try everything the camera the low low I'm gonna get it come down okay so let me show you out with the soup look like looks like it's a little bit hot look I'll insert a clip of it let's see yeah mm-hmm no it's positive it's not really spicy or something's hot it's hot but it's not spicy like it's just like it just has a really good flavor to it it's amazing yeah this is a great way to get your veggies in it's really tasty this is what I love but it one of the most things that I mean when you evening your life yeah amazing you mean in your life so yeah I would definitely recommend making lentil soup it is fantastic my recipes all point I'll make the rest of the recipe ingredients and all that below all right so this is the dessert that we're working with I'm actually so excited I know I had strawberries earlier so it's a very strawberry fill to that day but I have been eating little strawberries and banana cut up into little pieces putting in a bowl and then adding this cook away so let me tell you a little bit about this cocoa whip it's made with coconut ice cream instead of regular dairy and it's a really low in calories or two tablespoons you only are eating 30 calories and then 3 grams of sugar so even if you were to eat about six tablespoons you're only eating 90 calories so under 200 calories and under 10 grams of sugar which i think is an awesome way to have a dessert and indulge but not feel like you know you're you need to feel guilty about it so let me assemble this and I'll show you in a little bit what it looks like usually do like one scoop and it looks like that so that's basically what it is it's just scream with fruit if you wanted to add some coconut flakes or add in like coconut flakes with pineapple or even like melon whatever fruit that you have with that little cream it's gonna be so good you could also add a chia seeds what other things would you add here you could add like cook like sugar free cook chocolate chips yes with bananas oh yeah this that's when you we're trying to keep it holistic well what that means is that you could get this and make dessert for you and your man depending on or your whoever depending on what they like so I'm gonna do a little taste test even though technically I've already eaten this several times and I know that I love it mmm and it's so good it's so creamy but it doesn't make you feel sick after when I eat too much sugar I get a headache after the fact and I feel grumpy I don't feel like that when I eat this dessert so my camera is about to die so I'm gonna go ahead and end the video I got to show you everything I wanted to show you for today if you want to see more videos like this where I try different foods leave me a comment down below letting me know what type of recipes you'd like to see and again please give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it also I have a thing that I write a Monday motivation it was letter it's an email that I send out every single Monday in the morning to give you a little bit of a boost to get your weekend started so that's something that you'd like to receive in your inbox if you go ahead and look at the link down below in the description box it's gonna guide you to my website where you can go ahead and sign up for it so anyway hopefully you'd enjoy this thank you so much for watching I hope you have a great week stay by


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