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hi guys and welcome back to a new video I don't know what I'm doing that you know okay so today we are actually outside the gym because they are both cleaning and doing something else that is really loud inside so we're outside doing the intro today we're in in the gym because I am gonna take you through one of my sessions and from my new guide dropping today today it's is it like yeah it is live okay it's already live so you know this this session will be a little sleep each on what's in the guide I promise you today's goal is to not be able to watch are you ready are you ready I don't think I ready yeah of course we're ready let's go we're gonna begin with a warm-up and warmups are as you know really important we don't want to injure ourselves we want to be warming the muscles before we start this workout I'm gonna do a bicycle for about 10 minutes and then we're gonna jump straight into this workout okay so we're ready to start position um and for respect for those who actually bought the guide or is gonna buy the guide I'm not gonna give you the full print on the side in the screen as iOS you but you can follow along the workout I've prepared the first exercise which will be squats so we're gonna do squats for sets in a superset with backward step lunches three seconds down on the squats we're gonna rest for only 20 seconds and then going strictly over to the backward lunge doing 10 on each leg alternate eight step 8 you know doc coming down leave my sanity up here in look what we found oxygen week that the band is solely on dress with the last girl for our heads we can down down deep of instead a girl a girl I like to stay far from the places we like a vile plenty Sun Sun rises baby till your hands give it thingy like a violin Jamie said he can't hide so when you're doing a super set for first it's so much more heavier than focusing on one exercise because it's a little bit heavier to do two exercises in one set and also when doing the squats on three seconds down be careful with the weights in the beginning the important part is that you can do ten but if those ten are too easy you have to raise the weights a little bit we want to become stronger so weights are important and hold go three seconds down you will get stronger also if you have the same if you don't have a small barbell you don't have to have that one you can use this one as well if you switch the weights kind of quickly because you're stronger in the squats then you are in the back lunge just to think about that always have water with you and drink a little bit between really important to have water Oh yeah for those of you who are doing this donate me do not hit me Wow when you just feel your whole body just one time barbell plus they say pad barbell plus this one you know what that means we're gonna hit first we're gonna do four sets I know this like this can be the worst type of hip thrust variation that I've ever done in my life so we're gonna do four sets we're gonna do ten reps we're gonna rest for only 15 seconds before we do ten more you you hear how that sounds right we would say what yeah we're gonna do ten reps resting 15 SEC yes I'm gonna say it again because I know I know it sounds a little crazy but that's what we do here so so this is gonna be like ripping off a bandage it's gonna hurt like Rick canal but it's gonna hurt for a short amount of time because this is gonna go Bam Bam Bam real quick and our ass is gonna be on the floor let's go before we go be ready with the talk so you are on time and you have your fifty seconds of rest when you do this exercise you can be strong as frickin hell in the hip thrust but when you are resting for only 15 seconds you have to pick the weights wisely because this will burn like imagine doing 40 reps with the weights you think is easy with 50 seconds rest shoots my friend this father my head got me on edge I'm going out today hey day on the stress don't know what's next I wanna feel bad I kiss a stranger in a white dress she put a crown on top of my every King needs a queen it is bad girl I like to stay beautiful watches you and I fall from the places we can't get away from she said hey I like your style I'll let you play me for me to play me like a violin man it hurts and your I think I could have raced the weights like a little bit more but I really want to do my ten as well with the temple that I'm having and I own like you are also gonna stop for about 1/2 second at the top so you really squeeze the glutes and then going down through forcing them to work best exercise Wow Wow give me two seconds I will be right with you we're ready for the next exercise which is one more superset we're gonna do walking lunges with dumbbells and when we have done 12 step on each leg we are stopping and resting for 20 seconds and then we're doing dumbbell stiff-legged deadlift both legs 10 reps and three seconds lowering face it's a sunrise it baby tell your hands give it play me like a violin sunrise it Jamie city can't hide [Applause] depending on how your human looks like and how much space you have you can walk the rounds as you like as long as you do your 12 on each leg so 24 steps total we're almost at the finals and now we're gonna do a single leg anyway the glute bridge yes we're gonna use a box or something to have one leg on we're gonna do 12 reps on each leg and really focus now on finding the contact in your youth' resting for only 45 seconds one leg one leg rest 45 seconds long a long leg and three sets you got it we do with it okay playin it cool but I've been pulling the spell myself Oh when you have exercises like this you can of course add weights on if you like and just hold the dumbbell on the leg that you're racing but personally I don't think that thanks Justin that is necessary if you can make your own bodyweight heavy you have control over the exercise and you can really work with the group so try that at first before loading on weight and really squeeze the glutes in the top five seconds I feels really good that we're at the final because like I'm burning up and my legs are out and my glutes even more so we have one last exercise which is which is the adduction machine for those of you who don't have this specific machine I'm going to show you a exercise you can do that will work exactly the same yeah what you want is some kind of mini bands placing it in the same area as if you would sit in the machine keeping the leg especially like you have them to the machine but speed it up so if I'm speeding why don't want you to do now is go from here straight up and get the same exercise and then the minivan will not give you the same as the weights you can take to mean events if you want it's a little bit too if you want it heavier but you can also do one two three and slowly back one two three slowly back then you get a little bit extra heavy mist in the exercise and it's a really good finisher so the abduction machine we have three sets we have fifteen reps and we have 45 seconds of rest it can vary a lot with the adduction machines they can be quite stiff they can be not good I've tried so many this is actually a good one but I'm gonna be too short so I actually have a tip for you I'm using this one um we share so I get I'm gonna hire up and get a little bit better angle on the exercise which is a really good easy Jim trick TD and now I'm ready so I'm gonna go and we're doing 15 SEC's what there's sweaty sweaty stuff oh oh I'm gonna do the outro seated okay as I said earlier this session is a sneak peek from my new booty Ida the glute guys 2.0 live as we speak it's live and you can go and describe it I will put the link in the description below and this session was from one of the lower body days in this guide and this is how I'm currently training when trying to build muscle mass and when trying to build glutes because this guide is more focused for glute building it's also inspired by my amazing coach – coach Mark Carroll and he's amazing and I he has taught me so much so it's a lot of inspiration from him in this one as well working with a lot of superset a lot of time and attention and a little bit less resting between the exercises because we want it effective and we want to really challenge ourselves also so I really hope did you like the session and I hope you want to try it out and I'll go if I hope you will get to to my website and you know guide I hope you're gonna love it guys I actually think this one is so freakin good it's I hope you're gonna be sore I will definitely be sore to this bitch I love that I love that I'm sore after my own finished so please give me a thumbs up for the video don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel turn on the non pitch bells video with me I see you in my next video I got something from you George like it's a hard hard package they never send me ha track is executive so then do a little unboxing things like okay this is this isn't socks I'm sure of that and it isn't playing something else right do you see that one 500,000 subscribers YouTube YouTube family you did this this is just I don't even know like this is amazing thank you so much for the 500,000 subscribers on YouTube I mean I mean how cool is that and also big big big thank you to you short for this amazing cute thing that I'm gonna be really careful with because otherwise I'm gonna drop it and it's gonna be in a lot of other pieces than one so just to put this back thank you so much


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