TRX vs Gymnastic Rings – Which is Better?

Gymnastic rings and TRX Suspension Trainer are both great pieces of equipment that let you train your whole body. Both are compact and lightweight, so having either one of them in your backpack is like having the whole gym with you everywhere you go. However, in spite of being very similar, they also have a lot of crucial differences. In this video I will tell you about pros and cons of each apparatus and also share my opinion to help you determine which one is a better choice for you. Gymnastic rings are as simple as it gets when it comes to its construction. Two straps with a buckle and two wooden rings. Due to their simplicity, they’re practically indestructible and can be considered a lifelong investment. TRX has a little more complicated build, although still pretty straightforward. The two rotatable handles are connected with a strap. Another strap is used to attach it to a bar with a clip hook at the end of it. There are also two buckles that control the length of the connecting strap. The materials used are high quality and it certainly can be used for years without any damage. However, because the handles are moveable there is a lot of friction generated in this joint. In my old gym I’ve seen those straps almost cut through, but that’s an effect of everyday, all day use for months or years probably, so as an individual user, there’s nothing to worry about. To conclude, both TRX and rings are practically a lifetime investment. Both aparatuses are very small and compact, so they’re perfect to travel with. Their weight is similar as well, TRX weighing 850g (1.9 lbs) and rings about 950g (2.1l bs). I’m not reviewing any particular brand of rings, but most of them cost between 30-50 US dollars. TRX Suspension Trainer retails for 100 to 250 US dollars depending on the type of the kit you choose. There is a lot of cheaper knockoffs however, with the prices ranging from 30 to 50 US dollars, although I can’t say anything about the quality as I’ve never used one. Both TRX and rings are very quick and straightforward to set up. It’s also not very difficult to find proper hanging place for them, as it doesn’t even have to be perfectly horizontal. Whether you’re in the city or in the nature, you should be ready to train after a few minutes of searching. This is assuming that you use rings just as the TRX. If you want to be able to hang from them, then it gets a little more difficult. You’re gonna need roughly horizontal element on a proper height. Such place is harder find, but I never had any issue with it. Unless you live in the middle of the desert you should be fine. Let’s now get to the most important aspect of this review – functionality. TRX system is intended for training using only a part of your bodyweight. It means that some part of your body is always sitting on the ground, be it your feet or hands. This is where TRX shines and outclasses the rings. The rotatable handles work great in exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions or rollouts. They are much more comfortable than rings, where you either have to hold a false grip all the time or limit the range of motion. Another great feature of the TRX are feet straps. They allow you to put feet inside them and are much more comfortable and stable then rings. Although there isn’t a huge amount of exercises that requires your feet to be just above the ground, the ones which do are much more convenient performed on the TRX. The last aspect differentiating both apparatuses is the fact, that TRX has connected grips. This implicates a few things. First, you don’t have to adjust the length of the TRX precisely, because after you put weight on it, the grips will level themselves. Rings require a little more fiddling to get them to be equally long. However this also implicates, that you are responsible for keeping the handles evenly throught the movement, that can make exercises a little harder, especially the ones that load the handles unequally. Gymnastic rings let you do most of the same exercises that can be performed on the TRX, they’re just a little less convenient to do. Up until now, the rings seem to get a slight beating from the TRX Suspension Trainer. But that’s about to change as it’s time to talk about indermediate and advanced exercises. TRX’s functionality is basically limited to basic, functional exercises where, as I mentioned earlier, you use only a certain portion of your bodyweight. Gymnastic rings, on the other hand, allow you to train with all your bodyweight supported on them as well. They practically give you the functionality of a bar, allowing you to do hanging exercises like muscle ups, chin ups, levers, ab exercises and more. On top of that, you can get your body above the rings and do all sorts of exercises like dips, L-sits or handstands. These exercises are great for developing strength and learning how to control and stabilize your body. Which is better then? Gymnastic rings or TRX? You cannot really decide without determining who is going to be using it. If you’re a beginner, and your goals are just to get in shape, develop some strength and build some muscles, but you’re not aspiring to become an intermediate or advanced athlete, then TRX is a better choice. It’s easier to set up and more convenient to use for all the basic exercises, but still allowing to get in a great shape. On the other hand, if you are more serious about bodyweight training and you want to take building your strength and skills to the next level, then definitely go for the rings. They allow you to train as a complete beginner, almost as well as TRX does, but don’t limit your ambitions when you get seriously hooked on bodyweight training. Do you have your favourite out of these two? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you in the next video.


  1. TRX good choice for beginner it can crush with foot. Good grip lock a foot. You can good body for TRX (but not serious build a muscle)
    If you need build a muscle you can play machine in gym. i think it save your body too.

    But Ring is good way for who has good strong body that is good choice for another play

  2. $22 will buy you a 5' pvc pipe, 4 eye hook bolts w/ nuts, 100' of 300 lb strength rope & 2 D-rings. All you need is a drill. Make your own equipment. Look on youtube if you need assistance with rope tying skills.

  3. Where can I get these rings?👀

  4. What kind of rings do you have.. all the ones I’m finding weigh around 2 kilos. Hoping to find a lighter pair.

  5. Wow! Thanks for covering all the angles on both of them. Very thorough.

  6. I love rings

  7. The only advantage I see for TRX is that you can make your own for less than ten dollars. There's a low probability I'd ever buy a TRX or recommend it to anyone, given that for 150 you could make a TRX, buy a pull up bar for your door, buy olympic rings, and buy a jumprope and a 35 lbs kettlebell. You might even be able to fit some resistance bands into that budget. However versatile TRX is, it doesn't stand up to the home gym I just outlined which includes TRX.

    tl;dr: TRX is a nice tool but is a waste of money in light of its simplicity.

  8. trx straps only cut through if the user(s) were idiots.

  9. better comparison is between rings and TRX duo. Rings to regular TRX is apples to oranges.

  10. I guess if you are into calisthenics or gymnastic use the rings, if you have not interest in becoming a gymnastic or into calisthenic but want to add a new muscle building with core strenght, mobility and flexibility (which is my case) I'll get the TXR, thank you for the video, made me understand what was the best for ME

  11. Gonna buy both of them.

  12. gymnast ring are the best chel ever 😀

  13. Rings all the way.

  14. Trx is way overpriced

  15. I prefer the trx because its easier to hold and the hands dont bend a little.

  16. good i goo for jimnastic rings

  17. Anybody who can do 1 pullup should get rings. I have rings and am always open to getting new equipment. I have no desire to get TRX. I have done at least 15 different exercises on rings and have not tapped their potential by even 1%.

  18. Great video TrainingPal! I haven't used TRX but I'm amazing by my results with rings and see no reason to try TRX. By the way, I'm male, but rings are for women too. Check out Lindsay Camerik, for example.

  19. I agree completely
    ,,, so I have both 🙂

  20. you can be lord of the rings also – lol

  21. Rings!!!

  22. Use this certain type of TRX that is just like using the rings. The only difference is that is the handle are not rings they are the same as the regular TRX :

  23. The hand stand on the rings was absolutely insane! 🔥💪

  24. Really good video! Thanks

  25. The TRX Duo Trainer version claims to do everything you do with rings but with TRX handles made of wood. Looks like a pretty solid product but expensive at 70 USD

  26. Very interesting and informative. Is that you demonstrating the exercises? I have been doing TRX, but am considering buying a set of rings. Thanx for sharing. Joel

  27. Rings are the clear winner. Trx isn't bad or a scam but they literally made minor changes to rings and charge 10x the price for them. If you have unlimited money and are a beginner get the Trx but rings just make so much more sense overall.

  28. Other benefic of rings is that ur dick grows

  29. i bought my iron rings for $8 + $1 for 16 meter strap…. it's been 2 days…i can barely do anything on it…my fingers hurt when i hang…wish me luck…

  30. Gymnastics rings = Kim Kardashian.

    TRX = Fat and ugly girl.

  31. Great video, thanks. I have a TRX and will build strength with it first, then move to the rings down the road.

  32. Absolutely 💍

  33. TRX and rings both are best

  34. amazing review thank you

  35. i think i'll creat my own 2 in 1 🙂

  36. As a beginner I would start with a homemade trx style straps system. As I progressed to intermediate and then advanced level, I would remove the strap handles and add the rings.

  37. This is an excellent review. I greatly prefer the rings.

  38. Dammit i brought trx first

  39. Good review i bought a TRX years ago nvr had an issue with it bro thx

  40. Not even a comparison rings obviously are vastly vastlyway superior not even same league

  41. I don't get it: why can't you do the same ring exercises on the TRX?
    By the way, I bought the ~35€ version from WOSS (not sure it exists anymore with that name), made in the US , and it still stands strong.

  42. I have both,but i prefer rings , rings are chipper and most useful for me .
    By the way, the chipper trx aren’t good enough,its quality is lame .

  43. I tried both, bought them and I prefer rings. TRX bands caused slight friction burns and pain to my wrist and the angle of the hand position is compromised. As an example, I found that pushups limits the angle of the wrist because of the pressure exerted by weight on the bands. However they are good for other exercises.

  44. use both, ive decided to buy some rings afer watching this

  45. Just bought rings for £20 absolute bargain!!! Gonna change my life as I can now travel around looking for good spots this summer!

  46. I have both and they are both great. For older people or people with limited ability, the TRX is a great tool. Some people here assume only young people exercise and have to aspire to be advanced. Actually the world has millions of people with different abilities so there’s always room for the TRX. But at 40, I prefer rings but who knows, I may go back to the TRX in the future. Great video by the way.

    Here is a combination of TRX and Gymnastic Rings, It's much cheaper too

  48. You can always just make your own Trx. Just look up scooby trx on YouTube

  49. I use rings.

  50. I do live in the middle of the desert?

  51. Rings of course. If you're the NEXT LEVEL type of person, rings are definitely the way to go. At that level, you're basically an Olympian.

  52. Rings are far superior! I am over the moon with mine. Cost me £20 it's basically a gym in a box. I quit my local gym and now the world has become my gym. Best decision of my life tbh…

  53. great video

  54. Это самое лучшее видео о различиях гимнастических колец и TRX-петель. Только здесь я узнал, что рукоятки петель свободно вращаются.
    Одно лишь дополнение – TRX-петли достаточно легко можно сделать в домашних условиях, в отличии от колец.

  55. Can you do muscle ups,levers etc on trx. Are the rings better

  56. rings vreh

  57. Rings is the best!!!

  58. Which diameter is better 28 or 32cm for rings?

  59. Great review mate. I'v made a commitment to take Calisthenics as far as I can and bought some good rings about 1 hour ago! They cost £30. I think from what you say I'v made the right choice.
    They come with an anchor too so i can use them against a door for the basic exercises which is great as I'm a beginner.
    Can't wait to get anywhere near what you can do with the rings tho!!! Cheers.

  60. Rings

  61. Ok so what do you do for legs?

  62. Rings of course…your strength with rings is going to the next level in a very little time….and man only 50 euros for a fast strength progression and exercise all your body…. they are obviously the best!

  63. I started with a knockoff TRX, bur I will be buying rings when I can make better use of their advantages. Both can be had cheaply enough that it doesn't have to be either or.

  64. Gymnastic rings exercises is the most hardest one, because they need stability too.

  65. 2 x heavy buckle straps 5m long = £4
    2× stirrup handle = £6
    Trx for £ 10 😉

  66. Very good comparison video man !

  67. the wooden rings rips your skin off (for beginners) but trx is nice and comfortable to grip

  68. Awesome video. I have a trx but looking into rings as I want to progress with bodyweight training. I will still keep using the trx for core exercises though but I feel the rings are less bulky and have less in the way of your arms when doing pushups etc when the straps are by your arms.

  69. Rings for sure

  70. The rings are the most comprehensive piece of equipment you can buy. This TRX I guess is more for some basic exercises.

  71. Does trx hold a less weight ?

  72. trx look like pussy woman leg abs but workout equipment

  73. Why not get both? Keep the rings high for muscle-ups etc and the TRX low for exercises better suited for the TRX. Then you don´t have to change the settings all the time and you can move between exercises faster.
    Edit: You can order really cheap TRX knockoffs from China for example. They are practically the same quality as well. But you only have to pay about $30.

  74. 2:10 I just purchased the PEFXT "knock off" for $40 and they are very high quality. You can also suspend them independently like rings, or use the extension strap which creates a "Y" junction. When using the extension, they don't slide as seen around 1:08 and 4:54

  75. I have both. The price is not an issue, since non-original TRX costs 15 euros, with the same quality (gym trainers' opinion, not only mine). Good, wooden rings cost 25-30 euros. But it is true what you say: TRX are more confortable, but I would NOT bet my ass hanging from them, while rings have this very function. I use the two tools in the sense you mention: TRX for grounded exercises, and rings for total body weight exercises.

  76. Ring: push and pull
    Trx: only pull

  77. I got a free TRX knockoff, should I buy rings?

  78. For a moment at 4:11 I thought he was struggling to get his feet out.

  79. Now that’s a genuinely interesting topic

  80. I think microsoft Sam’s voice was based on this guy.

  81. Gymnastic rings all the way. Cheaper, more durable, greater range of exercises. The only thing TRX has going for it is comfort.

  82. Rings are better hands down

  83. You can do way more with rings. I really don't see the point in TRX.

  84. I live in Brooklyn and go to blinks fitness and have been using the trx is really good

  85. Rings train things (such as awkward grips) that trx cannot.
    being comfortable doing an exercise doesn't train stability.

    Rings are objectively better in every way

  86. Why can't you do full suspension exercises in TXR? I have done dips in TRX without problem

  87. Two sets of rings (4 total) for the win. One set lower. The other set higher. It gets annoying adjusting the rings in the middle of a workout.

  88. Been using gymnastics rings for 7 months. Completely worth it, TRX waste of money.

  89. someone need to make an attachment for rings that have rotating handles that fit inside the ring.

  90. Rings are better

  91. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  92. I use a brand of strap called Domyos it is 10$ where I live and it is even better than TRX for that the strap is sawn in a different way and eliminates the problems. I am super happy with it. I bought it from a local store Decathlon.

  93. Rings will rotate and will require more muscle recruitment to maintain stability. Rings are WAY better!!!! No comparison whatsoever

  94. Rings hands down!!

  95. TRX nothing but over priced bullshit.

  96. Anyone worry about the wooden rings breaking while hardcore training? I certainly would but i assume there's metal rings available huh? Just sayin…maybe i just have trust issues lol

  97. one wise man once said..

    "two ring to rule them all."

  98. Rings = $20, TRX = $175 easy decision

  99. TRX is for whom:
    has too weak core muscle like a sheet of paper to train with rings
    has too much money that now wants to waste his money

  100. Rings all day

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