TRX Backstage for Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness

yeah hi everybody my name is Shana Martin I am a master instructor with TRX training and I am here in beautiful st. Pete's Beach Florida and we just wrapped up the Tri Fitness Challenge fitness competition you can see I still have some of my proton stuff on and one thing I noticed when I'm backstage are people trying to pump up and get ready to get on stage whether it be your figure competitors your bikini competitors and even your bodybuilders and it gets a little bit awkward with dumbbells and fans and body weight exercises when really all you need is the TRX Suspension Trainer we have two exercises you're going to do to close to failure to build the perfect pump so you look awesome when you're on stage the first exercise we're going to do Terrax atomic push up and combine that with the TRX oblique crunches to failure that'll get the entire anterior chain of the body building the abdominals the quads and bringing out the chest after that we're going to turn it around working the posterior chain of the body with your TRX tea flies combo'd with your TRX rows so let's start with the atomic push-ups two oblique crunches you're going to add your Suspension Trainer mid-calf length Brown facing away from the anchor point set that perfect plank atomic push-up nice Center and then side and then side and you're going to run through these until close to failure making sure you have enough energy left to strut your stuff on stage the next exercise is the T fly combo'd with your row working all of those muscles in your back you'll have your suspension trainer fully lengthened standing facing the anchor point start at the end range of motion of your teeth lock keeping your body nice and planked we'll drop it down pull it back up walking on top keeping tension and then we bring it down and follow throughout the row really holding on top to bring blood into those muscles if you do both of those exercises pretty close to failure you're going to look absolutely amazing on stage best of luck

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