Trump's administration announces New Health Care Rule

the Trump administration is rolling out a new form of health care entities Halle Callum brings you the story from the Rose Garden President Trump announced a new rule today that would help employees without employer health insurance pay for their health care we're here to announce the latest historic action that were taken to help millions of Americans receive high-quality and very affordable health care this is something that it's time has come the rule deals with health reimbursement arrangements which allow employers to pay employees separately for medical services without employees having to pay tax on that money this will give those employees similar benefits to those who get their health insurance through their employer almost two years ago Trump signed an executive order putting several secretaries in charge of coming up with the rule other aspects of the executive order like short term limited duration and association health care plans have already been rolled out this is part of the Trump administration's effort to put individuals more in charge of their health care by doing that they're hoping that this will put pressure on big medical companies to bring their prices down the president also hinted that there is a large announcement coming about surprise medical billing Holly Callum and TD news

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  1. Hmm, I didnt see this on CNN or MSNBC. I wonder why?

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