Trump on obstruction, new health care plan, Kim Jong Un relationship l Nightline


  1. Such a dick move for the lil wise guy Georgie to not edit out the cough scene, which would typically be standard practice for any news agency that isn't completely hostile towards the POTUS.

  2. Good god imagine fcking that ugly fck with gigantic white pale ass skin around those beady eyes which u know matches his tiny gross mushroom peni! Ahhhh ughhhh 🖕😱😂

  3. Anything this bar maide Ocasio has to say has proven to be ignorant and with Amazon a desaster…try not use her she is not helping anything…burying the Dems. In fact keep it up…#walk away.

  4. Frightening.

  5. 9:05 Literally a visit from another President but the narrator mentions a concert

  6. 3:40 That's the kind of honesty the Democrats are not capable of. Newsflash, they all do that, it's just that Democrats are more careful to lie about it.

  7. trump is HIGHLY stressed! Look at the red splotches on his face…they weren't there before…

  8. May as well just paint a bulls eye on the pres. plane…… Every day new concerns arise that I hadn't been aware of. The scariest thing is…the future of the country. Elect trump again and the ECONOMY WILL TANK!!!!


  10. But actually, the report concluded that there was No Collusion. It only said trump might not be exonerated due to possible acts of obstruction. Why do the democrats want to push this thing further into 2020 and delay america's progress? beats me

  11. Label Trump as failed president because he is trying to save manufacturing jobs. Robots already taking over and leftover manufacturing has been moving to other countries. We need people like Trump to save America or more American companies will be filing for chapter 11.

  12. Trump is just a massive bullshitter! 🤣

  13. Will Trump name Kim Jong Un as his running mate for VP to show goodwill amongst the two countries?

  14. Don’t support him however, I agree with the notion of looking at the information given from foreign intelligence. If the information shed light onto a political opponent being involved in any wrongdoing then the information is relevant. Doesn’t matter what the ulterior motive of the foreign information is predicated upon. Intelligence is intelligence, however the FBI should be informed upon immediate notice

  15. Trump is a jack ass

  16. MAGA2020

  17. have u all watched the complete George Stephanopoulos interview with President Trump ?? George is asking the President about Releasing his taxes and Trump said I hope they get it because is a Incredible Financial statement George: so are u going to release them Trump: well I might but I really hope they can get it because is just great 😂he hope Congress can get his Financial / Texas but he won’t release them 😂then some poor camera man or Somebody Coughs in the back ( ONLY 1 Time ) President stops the interview and goes crazy Trump told the poor guy if u want to cough leave the office oh my god he is a big jerk. God help us it didn’t take much for President Trump to looses his Temper And react irrationally

  18. what a bullshit hit piece, lying, leaving in gaffs in the final edit, trying to make Trump look as bad as possible. They media still doesn't get it. When you do these things, you don't turn his base against him. You motivate them to rally around him in support! And polls……you mean the same lying polls that said Hilary was winning by a landslide and were used intentionally to try and dissuade Republican voters from bothering to vote????? You are nothing but lies. Your ratings continue to tank. By all means, keep shooting yourselves in the foot.

  19. Obamacare in Trump country, oh yeah baby.

  20. I love George. He’s a great man. Trump is a liar! This presidency is a joke.

  21. Please look at the seated interview outside—

    dozens of flies on trump, none on george


  22. Where can I see the full interview? I'm only finding clips.

  23. Phony president

  24. 2020 Trump win !! ,. congratulation !! ,. ^ㅡ^ ,.

  25. George Stephanopoulos was of those sweater wearing Bichon Frise lap dogs in a past life. What a sad cucked douche. Everyone with half a brain knows those polls are fake and manufactured. They were the same polls that had Hillary winning by a landslide. LMAO! To the sad libtards still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, lemme explain to you how these "polls" the fake media keeps howling about work. When they are taking these polls, they either 1.) Heavily skew them by oversampling them with Democrats and Independents who lean left. Or 2.) They flat out rig the polls and leave out a large portion of the polls by Republicans and Conservatives. But I guess the bogeyman Ruskies did it, right? I'm mean it couldn't have been Hillary and the DNC goblins who tried to steal the election by having millions of illegal aliens vote for her or dead people who magically resurrected from the grave like Jesus Christ. Or rigging and hacking into the voting machines. Or ballot box stuffing. Face it liberals. The bitch lost big league, despited all her cheating, and she certainly did not win the popular vote. But by all means feel free to live in libtard la-la land . I'm going to continue supporting the greatest president in American history since George Washington. TRUMP 2020!!!

  26. Clickbait they didn’t talk about healthcare

  27. No coughing allowed in the Oval Office!

  28. Why would he do a interview with that RAT!

  29. I wonder if they (lib news) realize that they NEVER do positive news stories on the President of our country. Think of it. They couldn't do enough positive pieces on Obama who didn't do half of what Trump has achieved. They treated Obama like an emperor. The guy who actually stands up for America and Americans…they hate. He fixed the VA. He defeated ISIS. (Anybody remember how under Obama ISIS was cutting off the heads of Americans like every other week…not under Trump). He has cut regulations and injected American businesses with financial redbull. He renegotiated NAFTA so that it benefits our country. He has stood up to the Chinese so that they stop stealing our IP. He has overseen the lowest unemployment in half a century. He has forced Mexico to guard its borders to curb illegal immigration. He got prison reform done. I could go on but u get the point. He's done all of this in less than 3 years and after NEVER having been a politician b4. By any measure his first term has been a huge success. Obama didnt get that much done in 8 years! All of that and yet all the media ever has to say is I wish he wouldn't tweet so much and he's a racist!

  30. Oh dear Lord, please rid the Earth of this mistake!

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