Trump Has Secret Plan To Dismantle Healthcare After The 2020 Election

I know it’s hard to forget because of all
of the crimes the president seems to be committing. Most of them just right out in the open now. But we also have to remember that his administration
is actually still making rules and still trying to do really horrible things to this country
that are not illegal and therefore unfortunately not getting the uh, air time that they deserve. And one of those things folks happens to be
the fact that Donald Trump and his department of justice, along with 18 Republican attorneys
general from across the United States are arguing in court that the entirety of the
affordable care act should be struck down. The entire affordable care act should be gone. That is what the Trump administration is arguing
in court right now for the fifth circuit. But here’s the thing, Republicans, including
the Trump administration itself, according to interviews that the Washington post did
with current administration officials say that they’re very worried about this court
decision and that if they get the decision they want, which is that the affordable care
act gets struck down, they’re going to ask the judge, the court, the circuit to a stay
the ruling until you know, after the 2020 election and should they lose the court case? Obviously they’re going to appeal it, but
they’re going to ask that the appeal be delayed before it goes to the Supreme court till after
the 2020 election. Now, why on earth if they’d been fighting
so hard for nearly 10 years to dismantle the affordable care act, would they not want to
do this right before the presidential election? The answer is because they know that the public
actually likes the affordable care act, as crappy as it is. Here’s the thing, folks, for a very long time,
support for the affordable care act was about 50 50 on a good day, you could find plenty
of polls that showed majority didn’t like it. Plenty of the show to majority did like it,
but it all evened out to about 50 50 until again, year and a half, two years ago. Remember when Republicans had all their majorities,
they had the Supreme court, they had the presidency, house and Senate, and they said, we’re going
to repeal the affordable care act. We’re going to do this. Suddenly the public realized, especially by
having all those town halls where they called out those Republicans, they realize they like
it and ever since then the affordable care act has had a net positive approval rating. People like it now, but the administration,
the Republicans all over the country don’t want to give up that fight because it’s a
thing that Obama did. They hate Obama with a blind passion that
makes no sense. So they want to get rid of it, but they don’t
want to feel the repercussions of their own policies. So they want the courts to not give them a
positive ruling until after they all get reelected. Then at that point to hell with everybody,
we don’t care. You lose your health care. We don’t care if you can’t get covered for
preexisting conditions. We’ve already admitted that we don’t have
a backup plan. So yeah, oops, you’re all screwed. But we got reelected so nothing else matters. This is the plan that they’re doing right
now, folks, right now. This little disgusting, deceitful plan is
in motion by the Trump administration and scores of Republicans all the way from the
state level to the Senate. This is what they’re trying to do. You know how we defeat this, not just at the
ballot box first, we do have to defeat it at the ballot box and then we can defeat it
once and for all. Enact Medicare for all. Get every single person in this country covered
for their entire health spectrum. Whatever it is you need, you’re covered. Go to a doctor, whichever doctor you want,
we don’t care. You’re covered prescription drugs. Here you go. You already paid for it with your a premium
that’s actually lower than the premium you pay now. So everybody’s fine. So then, then watch Republicans try to challenge
that in court, right? What’s going to happen if Democrats like Bernie
Sanders succeed? And giving everybody in this country, healthcare,
every single person and corporate, uh, premiums that your boss pays for, you disappear. They don’t have to pay that money anymore. That’s more money in their pockets. You John Q taxpayer, have more money in your
pockets. Cause yeah, your taxes went up a little bit,
but your insurance premiums disappeared and the taxes aren’t as high as your premiums
were. So you’re saving money too. And again, best of all, you go to any doctor
you want. Anytime you have a problem, you get your medicine,
you move on with your life, fewer people die. Productivity goes up because there’s fewer
sick days from people too scared to go to the doctor. Everybody wins. And if Republicans try to take that away from
us, it doesn’t matter if you’re left, right or center, there will be a revolt in this
country because people are going to like it. How do we know that? Oh, because Medicare as it stands right now
for the elderly has an overwhelming approval rating of more than three quarters of people
on it. Say that they like it, they love it. But that’s the only way to end this Obamacare
drama once and for all. And I can tell you one person who’s never
going in that drama, Joe Biden, Joe Biden, is staking his entire presidential campaign
on the fact that he worked with that Obama guy, and this is their baby, and he’ll never
let anyone touch it. And if we leave it as it is, or if we enact
any kind of half-assed Medicare, for some people who may think they want it, plan Republicans
will dismantle it in the future. The only way to prevent that full coverage
for everyone then nothing they can do about it.


  1. His idiot supporters who depend on the ACA for insurance would finally learn it is synonymous with “Obama Care”.
    They still would not learn the definition of “synonym”.
    But it’s very important for Kremlin Don and his crony GOP REPS that the idiot Dumpie base not know that Obama Care = ACA.
    Take it away from them and theirs, and suddenly a few cult members might actually figure it out.

  2. Real brave of them to wait until they can ignore their voters before they bend them over and fuck them up the ass.
    Real brave…

  3. Trump hates the American people now he wants kill them

  4. I know several people that ACA helped or saved, fuck chump.

  5. Why isn't this getting more attention in the MSM?

  6. This is the very reason why Democrats need to vote!!!

  7. This fool rrally needs an attention getter of something
    Straight jacket ……..

  8. This is what happens when 30% of your population is mentally retarded morons that are easily maniplated by the filthy rich 1%. It would be funny if it wasnt so sad and have repercussions that reverberate across the world. Thanks America you are leading the world in teaching the rich and idiotic how to fuck us all over.

  9. So the Republicans are so spineless, they won't risk an election for their so called values? About what I expected. Still deplorable, though.

  10. OMG that is so disingenuous, so venal and so cynical! Any judge who let them do that is a sham. What about "personal responsibility?"

  11. We already knew they where going to do that.

  12. Farron you right about that yesterday I on The Daily News, 5 State the governor on those state approve Trump healthcare plan? I'm going to get my state of representative voice my concern I am perfectly fine with my affordable Care Act I have pre-existing health, I don't need trumpy Healthcare Act or My Children or their children to denies Healthcare or those who needs them? Like senior citizen, handicap, and people that live they by day or fixed income?

  13. The rich wants to kill off all the poor people in the world not just in America.

    Its the oldest Healthcare System in the World (over 130 years) and works pretty well for the Citizens. Feel free to read it for yourself and compare it with your own System.
    And yes….thats the kind of Healthcare, Republicans would insult as "socialism" and "bad for the people".

  15. Just one of the many, many, many, reasons a republitard should never be elected again in the history of the world.

  16. Don the con pervert in chief wants everyone poor to die
    That include his cult members
    A judge that would do that needs to be disbarred and have charges put on him/her for murder

  17. This BS. Another fake news outlet

  18. Ring of Fire help me Trump just stole my name one of those survey suddenly popped up it had my name and everything about me and it said that I support Donald Trump I do not support that piece of crap how do I get my name off that lifts that says I support it I can't bring it back up I am so mad right now if you can help me or let me know how to get my name off that damn list and watch it they're stealing your name's now !!

  19. You bankrupt either way and have to carry shitty health care unless really super poor. Medicare for all is only way.

  20. I'm on Medicare, my issue is the 80 percent. I can't afford to pay for the extra 20 percent. What are the plans for the rest of the medicare prices?

  21. As if he will get elected again…
    Granted Obama care is useless, after the Republicans butchered it and changed it from universal health care to forced health coverage…it still helps some people…not as much or as many as it could….but still…

  22. I don't see how the republicans can claim that healthcare isnt a right, there is a thing called "the hillburton act" that pretty much declares healthcare a right by guaranteeing that you can get treatment in an emergency room at a hospital, even if you cannot afford it…


  24. In Australia we have Medicare. Conservatives have tried to have it taken down. But every time it comes up in an election voters vote for the parties supporting Medicare. I had cancer treatment in 2003 and 2012 (same cancer). It cost me about AUD200 – in taxi fares!!!

  25. Add this to the pile of reasons to IMPEACH TRUMPENSTEIN AND CRONIES!!!

  26. Well guess what — he's not coming back after 2020. In fact, he's going before the election.

  27. I agree with everything you said, except for the words "secret plan". That sociopathic moron never hid his intentions.

  28. Traitor Trump isn't gonna be there in 2020!
    He's got an unavoidable appointment at GITMO!

  29. So the "something terrific" trump is going to replace Obamacare with is …..wait for it….. NOTHING!

  30. We all know why they hate Obama. He's black. Remember the republican party is racist to its core.

  31. Republicans are like the PRI en Mexico the plans are only to corrupt the country and make money out of it.

  32. Check EU countries such as the Netherlands or Germany. Medical Care is MANDATORY.
    It is ILLEGAL to live in those countries, working or not, without a (National) Health insurance.
    Sure, you pay for it up front, on a monthly basis. And when you're working, then the contribution, like all other mandatory taxes, are withdrawn upfront. The higher your income, the more you pay.
    You get a net-payment each month.

    And it covers everything necessary.
    Sure, if you want a face-lift, happy-looking breasts, a tighter neck or more hair – sure. That will be for your own account for the simple reason that they are not necessary.

    Now why is this so difficult in the US of T?

  33. They've always spouted about repeal and replace, never mind not having a replace.

  34. I wonder what it would be like if there where not a single republiCUNT in the congress, senate or the White House, kill the ACA before 2020 & let us see…

  35. The prevailing Trump and Republican idea is to commit crimes in the open and admit to them, then, they are not crimes any more. It's variation on a Trump theme to troll law enforcement and Americans generally. Trump can get away with things that no one else can. And, up til now, it seems as though he's right. It's Teflon Don at this point in time.

  36. Rick Scott said Trump told himto work on a healthcare plan back in Jan or Feb. Trump knows he needs a plan bc he promised, and they lost all those seats in midterms. No one is talking about this, I hope Dem lawmakers know. Otherwise, they’re goin to get blind-sided.

  37. The weak should die only the STRONG should live . Klingon in Star Trek original .

  38. A vote for a republican is a vote to destroy your healthcare!
    Do you really wish to endanger your family's health just because of your political standpoint?


  40. DEMOCRAT CANDIDATES WILL SELL OUT THE ENTIRE COUNTRY TO GET ELECTED. JUST LISTEN to how they said YES to any and everything this one group requested. Not one protection of the Constitution. THEY ARE CROOKS IN THE MAKING. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT ANYONE.

  41. He is an ignorant buffoon plain and simple.

  42. It's not a secret. Most of us realize that Trump is going to dismantle a lot of benefits we have after the election. Healthcare is just the start. Pensions, Social Securiry, Medicare, Medicaid, he and the GOP are going to attack it all. And that wall? Trump will drop it, unless it benefits his companies.

  43. Well people going to discover that the Medicare program is partially private and not working the way you still

  44. Farron, what part of "US" in "POTUS" don't you understand? Did you really think his national priority is to get some foreigners killed, like the Kurds, when there are so many poor people right here in the USA to work on? You should at least acknowledge Trump is a political genius: In order to raise everybody's wealth, it is much more efficient to let the poorest die from a lack of health care than to redistribute all the taxes on the super rich to the poorest. Less poor people means better GDP per capita stats.
    [/end of irony and despair]

  45. I don't disagree with you often but you did make a wrong statement….there are a lot of people who still hate the ACA, they hate the 'fine' they have to pay at tax time if they don't have coverage, and they really hate scrambling around for someone to cover them when they do get sick and they realize the thousands of dollars they will have to pay without it…don't worry people, if I have read things right the requirement of coverage and the 'fine' will go away after April 2020…so, wishing good health to you all!

  46. He has a plan, didn't know he could think.

  47. So if health insurance being mandatory is deemed unconstitutional, in my state car insurance is mandatory, is that unconstitutional too?

  48. If you can’t guarantee health care for all of your citizens…’re third world….

  49. What's it like to live in a developed western country without a civilized health care system, that requires mega bucks to visit a doctor ?… Thank fuck I live in Australia !…

  50. unbalanced! Hates americans, but not as much as he is hated with good reasons.

  51. Geez, guys. That sounds like a really good fucking idea, now doesn't it? 🤨

  52. Yeah, we definitely have to get the word out on this.

  53. According to Trump, only the rich can have health care, only the rich can come to America.

  54. The. Constitution is a pact between we the people.

  55. Trump did cut about 325 million from his budget for Medicare. Still waiting for phase 2 of the great Medicare plan of his 3 phases Medicare plan. It a great plan. etc.. B.S…..B.S.. Its have been 3 years. So yeah Not surprising. The question we should ask is if it going into his pocket or going to pay for the tax cut for the rich?

  56. I really love medicare. I have seen how those of us who need health care are covered and am glad that I have it but when my son became disabled the coverage that he received was awesome.

  57. There are NO limits to the depths they will go


  59. My jaw dropped when I heard a woman (in her 30s) being interviewed, and stating she never realized that politics and healthcare had anything to do with one another. Another reason why Republicans and tRump love the uneducated.

  60. Remember all of Paul Ryan's evil wet dreams? Well, under tRump, his administration, and his hold over the Republican party, they ALL can easily come true. VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  61. Trump is M.A.D Make America Dead. Stay true vote blue.

  62. Oh, that initial reaction of scoffing at an obvious propaganda conspiracy theory then you realize that this is Trump, think about the last couple of years and … damn.

  63. The same people who hate Medicare for all love Medicare when they turn 65! Why don’t they want everyone else to have the same benefit?

  64. How many people will this add to his kill list? Most of the people who voted for him are on ACA. That's our Alleged president.

  65. Most Republicans suffer from a disease called TBS, Trump Bullshit Syndrome!! Caused by Drinking too much Kool Aid!! ONLY known cure is: 🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸

  66. But wouldn't this wipeout his core base?

  67. cant you see trump is a dictator

  68. trump hates Obama simply because he is black

  69. I hope he is gone!

  70. After the 2020 electing? They are in the courts trying to cut out pre-existing conditions in the ACA!! They want the ACA gone but have ZERO REPLACEMENT!! So he's trying to get the courts to go along with a political matter? A judge cannot do that!! A judge is partisan, the law should be partisan… How can people vote Republican?? With this they are PROVING to the entire American people and their constituents that they care about POWER not YOU!! Hell, Democrats passed over 250 bills and Republicans are doing nothing at all..
    Even OBAMA,YES OBAMA is on video saying, " ACA was a stepping stone that still didn't go far enough. I believe Medicare for All is the next obvious step for America."

  71. Yes #Medicare4All

  72. It's not a secret plan. He ran on getting rid of Obamacare and people voted for him anyway.

  73. Republicans and some democrats have been trying to loot all of us from healthcare, social security, bail-in and bailout, huge national debt and the like. They loot us because they cannot other countries anymore. Many wars are costly.

  74. So on the off chance that the US gets a healthcare system that does what it's supposed to, would it not be fair to ask any republican voters who try to sign up for a program that they were voting against why they should be entitled to it. The answer is pretty clear and shouldn't take much to figure out.

  75. Without having to worry about winning another election, the tangerine tyrant and Moscow Mitch will go on rampage and dismantle everything their evil fascist party has always targeted for deep cuts and/or elimination. They'll justify it all for MORE needless tax cuts for the 1% elites. Remember what happened to the working poor and middle class in W Bushes second term? How'd that work out for ya?! VOTE BLUE 2020!

  76. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  77. Don’t even dream it trump , you won’t be there

  78. Republican "legislators" and Republican voters don't care. They don't care about the country being taken back to the 18th. century. They just don't care. They have the rw propaganda machine doing their bidding.

  79. Republican "legislators" know that if M4A is ever passed, they'll lose really, really big time.

  80. The GOP terrorists aiming for more civilian casualties, I see.

  81. At this point in the leadup to the 2020 election, the campaign against Trump and the Republican Party has to be notched up to a much higher level or else these mostly brainless, despicable politicians are going to destroy the well-being of all Americans except for the very rich, for they are hell-bent on their senseless and heartless anti-democratic, anti-science, anti-environment, anti-education, anti-health, anti-social security, anti-immigrant agenda while their greed and corruption become evermore brazen.

  82. TRUTH: This old news, Ryan, Mitch and even Boehner want you to have nothing. Mo SOC. NO MEDICAID AND NO MEDICARE. And the Republicans have no replacement

  83. That to bad trump supporters won’t believe this story

  84. My policy has gone up every year since Trump took office, My monthly payment has gone from 1100 to 1500 a month this year $3000 a month for my wife and I. Trump is already destroying the system by allowing the insurance companies to raise the rates each year. I'm convinced those people yelling they don't want Healthcare for all are either on mom and dad's policy, don't have insurance, or work for a company that pays for their medical care otherwise they would be experiencing the nightmare healthcare insurance has become.

  85. In reference to Medicare as well as social security why do you only a always mention the elderly? Disabled people depend on these services too. I am one of them.

  86. This is outrageous. They’ve failed all this time to come up with an alternative. Disgusting is the word

  87. It should be struck down

  88. Why is it so difficult for amerikkkans to select the obvious perfect choice when it comes to healthcare or the future of their country? Instead orangetard is the leader…

  89. Trump is the worst self inflicted wound the cons have done to their own country

  90. His only plans should be picking top or bottom bunk! He's a fucking criminal for fuck sake! I cant take this impeachment shit. Lock this man the hell up! Lock up the entire administration! Shit!

  91. Well Trump and his supporters hate anything that is sociallist. Mind you they are the biggest hogs at the trough. I live in Canada and ave been sneered at by Americans saying oh yeah a socialist country. I save $500 a month out of my pensions. I live well, have free medicine and free health care. Oh darn, I live in a socialist country….(Thank God)

  92. Have you yanks forgotten tRump's immortal words? "Repeal and replace". I haven't. Yep, that went a long way didn't it? And I wouldn't be too concerned about healthcare being dismantled in 2020. I sincerely hope you lot have wised up enough to vote and make sure the moron doesn't get in again. The other and far more possible scenario is that he will be in prison by then. We can only hope!

  93. This is how assassinations happen.
    Why don't Repubs want us to have basic insurance ?
    This cruelty means that they should be removed. Why should those in Congress who do this to our detriment be permitted representation in Congress?
    This isn't simple debate; this is destroying Americ.
    Deport all Russian green cards for starters. If Trump wants ethnic cleansing , then let's help him.

  94. This is the Republicans working hard for the people and upholding their new oath to trump and friends

  95. We have a broken government and the most corrupt is in the Senate flip the Senate

  96. I hate him.

  97. I remember a segment Jimmy Kimmel did where he asked people if they supported the ACA or Obamacare. Many ranting and raving how great ACA was but how deplorable Obamacare is.

    There was also a list of states that issued the ACA as another name to
    make it more appealing to republicans. Many of these people that want it gone have no idea that it’s their current insurance.

  98. Thumbs up and an additional comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the video! 👍

  99. By railing against The ACA ('Obamacare'), the Republicans have made Universal Healthcare Coverage (Medicare For All) inevitable.

  100. For [email protected][email protected] sake. How many freaking times do we need to have this drawn back in to the courts? Better yet:
    – How many actual bills that could have been worked and voted on got ignored because the Publicans kept going after this one?
    – How much tax payers' money gets wasted by Congress every day?

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