Trump discusses health care options for small business workers


  1. Gee, thanks for just showing up Mike.

  2. Healthcare is a FRAUD, you will die slowly, no cures.

  3. TRUMP 2020 !!!

  4. donald trump is keeping obama care,just changing the name to hra and swithching subsidys from the government to businesses,which the subsidys will be much lower from the businesses,,then after the election,donald trump and mitch mcconnel will be cutting social security,medicare and medicaid,,we must stop them from screwing the people and vote them out in 2020

  5. Who told you to be an anti-abortion-puta? Satan? Some con-man who
    saw how stupid you pig-farmers are? And thunk up an idea to pick your
    pockets? Start a child-sexual-abusing mega-church? And buy a private
    jet? Yes!!! You are being played for the fools you are. KKKonserative
    KKKhristians are the minions-of-Satan.

  6. The word "abortion" does not appear in any translation of The Nag
    Hammadi Codices. The word "abortion" does not appear in any translation
    of the Bible. The word "abortion" does not appear in any translation of
    any text. Anywhere in the world! Trumpanzees are easily deceived,
    Trumphole lemmings.

  7. "WASP-skin" is a disease. Which is why Trumpanzees pretend Sandy Hook victims are actors. And even though total environmental collapse will occur by the year 2060. Because Trumpenstein and all of his monster's IQ match their sperm count which are both 66. Because Trumpsexuals have self-inflicted, corrupted their garbage, white-convict-DNA for 500 years with inbreeding. And 260 years of self-inflicted poisoning with lead, radiation, pesticides, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, nickel, mercury, PCBs, DDT, and infection with toxoplasma gondii. This is why WASP RATpubliKKKlans are NOT human and have a breed. Not a race. Trumpenstein and all of his monsters are a threat to all life on the planet. Trumpadildos have been conditioned with a Pavlovian response. To attach the GND to words that begin with C and S. Trumpiñatas have been trained to a conditioned response like the rabid-white-dogs that they are. To attach nonsensical associations which bear no relationship to the scientific solutions we must ALL implement by the end of the next decade. Or we are all going to be eating Soylent Green AOC Trump by 2060.

  8. Type in Trump on YouTube search and you only find impeachment and tax return attacks/character attacks. I had to due detailed search for this monumental health care reform for small business. I’m a small business owner. What a great accomplishment to give my employees the choice of health care they desire. We need competition in this world. Competition is what drives us to succeed and become better people. Democrats want to play a game where nobody keeps score.

  9. Who actually believes one word?

  10. Get rid of monsanto and stop 5g that will go a long way to fixing all health problems, watching from afar.

  11. Is Trumpzilla a pathological liar? Yes or No?
    Do you accept the irrefutable evidence of CRAGW all around you? And the fact that we all face tipping point extinction AGW in 12 years? If greenhouse g*ses are not dramatically curb? Yes or No? Are you an anti-abortion-puta? Yes or No?

  12. Replace representative government we real-Greek-democracy where every citizen, not a representative, votes on all issues. Through their patient care portal. Once all Americans are receiving 100% FREE dental, vision, hearing, and healthcare through My program [YouTube search for:] “CardozaCare” The Future of Healthcare. Artificial Intelligence & Clinical Support Systems. Which prevents mass-murders by making chelation-therapy mandatory. And prevents the suicide of 20 veterans a day.

  13. Happy birthday President Trump wish you all the best & stay blessed you and you whole family from South Africa 🇿🇦🌿🌹🌿

  14. Happy Birthday, Wishing you all the best Sir Mr President Donald J Trump, MAGA 2020 !

  15. Happy Birthday President Trump! God bless you and we love you!

  16. God bless America and President Trump!!!

  17. Thank you for sharing Fov news God bless

  18. Love it!

  19. The DEMS will fight tooth and nail to keep prescription and medical cost high…its called the lobbyists kickback.MAGA2020


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