repeal and replace it's a legislative strategy best known in the context of the US health care debate but it also applies to baiting with President Donald Trump now firmly in office moves are underway to repeal the notorious FPA deeming regulation which could wipe out up to ninety seven percent of the multi-billion dollar baking industry once repealed the regulations would then be replaced with new legislation designed to safeguard consumers while at the same time allowing the industry to thrive behind the efforts are high-profile members of Congress and a group of political heavyweights with a direct line to the White House the 2016 u.s. presidential election could prove a watershed moment to the baking industry the looming threat posed by the FDA gaming regulations galvanized papers across the country no more so than in the state of Wisconsin where they preferred a hundred and twenty-five thousand votes for the incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson which proved decisive in his 97,000 both victory over his Democratic rival senator Johnson who is chairman of the powerful Senate Homeland Security Committee explicitly thanks the vaping community for its support in the election and promised to be an advocate in Washington thank you babers made an ipod touch be on your side senator Johnson is not the only Republican ally in the nation's capital congressman Duncan Hunter is as well both of sent letters to the Trump administration requesting repeal of the FDA deeming regulation and each of sponsoring replacement legislation to be introduced concurrently in the Senate and in the house in the coming weeks that a rules to govern the industry would secure tens of thousands of jobs and ensure a less harmful alternative to smoking accessible to millions of American joining us today to discuss the backroom developments behind the repeal and replace movement is marc bloch founder of the electronic vaping coalition of america the EV CA is a relative newcomer but has already made a big impact it organized with costumes they provoke campaign securing senator johnson's reelection and is now spearheading the johnson hunter legislation the edca is less advocacy group and more political operation honed by the founders extensive experience to national politics I came here to declare my candidacy [Applause] viewers may recognize mark flocks he was Herman Cain chief of staff in the 2012 presidential election and gained infamy as the smoking at and one of the most memorable political ads of all time I get the campaign manager smoking have you seen its bids are take a look at this the Herman Cain off under president campaign that we need you to get involved because together we could do this we can take this country back Wow I don't know what it is but something about that guy just means cool mark thanks again for joining us on the show the 22 all bad it's certainly memorable was there a message behind the smoking there was no subliminal messages in doing it one of the reasons that Cain was caught on is we were just average Americans and average American smoke and hopefully in the future they will bake not smoke let's start right into the vaping issue mark you seem to be at the epicenter or a better put maybe Wisconsin is at the epicenter what looks like to be a promising effort to do away with the FDA deeming Rex yes US Senator Ron Johnson is from Wisconsin and chairs the Homeland Security and government affairs committee my congressman is Speaker Paul Ryan president Trump's chief of staff is Reince Priebus also a Wisconsin a and we kind of all grew up together in politics yet it does lead right from Wisconsin into Washington DC you mentioned senator Johnson how solid is his support for the dating industry when the senator would drive through the to the city of Madison and see vapors voting for Ron Johnson signs in the windows of the bait shop he knew that the instructor court he is extremely supportive of the vaping community and is working diligently to get the FDA deeming regulations repealed the mark where does that effort stand right now is there new legislation ready to replace the being wrecked as we speak right now the draft legislation is being done by legislative council on the house side congressman hunters staff is working with Senator John Smith staff to make sure the groups like ebc a electronically and coalition of America emza kisan shibata everybody's had a chance to take a look at it to make sure that it does indeed replace the deeming regulations with type of things that not only the industry can live with but that quite frankly the regulations are needed but not the owners ones that the FDA quetta when can we expect the legislation to draw I'm in expecting in the next on two weeks for that legislation to be introduced and mark what about the coal Bishop amendment how will it be affected while our group is supportive of the coal Bishop amendment which almost everybody knows about we think that's a band-aid and it's not to fix the problem because coal bishop doesn't take vaping out of tobacco and there's a lot of other unintended consequences so we want a complete repeal of the deeming regulation mark president child made a campaign promise repeal onerous regulation but i believe the fear for some is that vaping might be a low priority on his list no i don't think it's low on the list burn i think it's just a process that they're going through right now obviously we have been able to to brief some folks at the White House on on the beaming regulations of why it needs to be repealed and we're hoping that as soon as the individual is appointed for at the Office of Information and regulatory reform within the White House is part of the office of management and budget that individual has told me personally to my face that their number one priority is the repeal of the deeming regulation mark you can honestly tell our viewers that the White House is fully aware of this issue absolutely and the turfing of the deeming reg fits with the president's priority it goes right along with the dialogue that president Trump has had with the American people especially I mean if you think about all the regulations that are out there there is none that is almost criminal the FDA deeming regulation they get it they know the number of jobs that enjoyed it cause I mean it isn't waiting for the two years Brent there are individuals that are making business decisions now they don't know where this is going they're closing their doors it's a good I get very passionate about this because I talk just like you have to dozens and dozens of people they put their life savings into this and now they don't know if they're going to lose it all finally mark realistically how soon could this all happen the repeal another place I'm telling you I think we can get this done in the next 60 days I mean I've been doing this for 42 years I've won more than I've lost and I'm hoping that the people watching this will understand that and will be supportive when we asked them to do something it might be as simple as would you pick up the phone and call your congressman and Senator and tell them that you want them to support John sir under I'm telling you that stuff works when you can burn up the phone lines in the emails they listen well I picked for this edition of reg watch before you head off please like us on Facebook and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for regulator watch com I'm bread staffer


  1. with all of the top level support in government as well as out of it that vaping gets you would think there would be some good signs that the state of play for vaping in the USA is getting more positive. with the ban on flavours in San Francisco and the threat that many other states will follow suit and the bans on vaping in public places in some states together with the fact that there has been no change to the threat from FDA regulations some might be of the opinion that this is not the case.

  2. Can anyone give us a heads up on the differences between this video & the earlier version released on uTube on the 13th of this month?

  3. Thanks, Brent, as always. The signs, both north and south of the 49th parallel, are looking a little more promising these days (a little less dismal, anyway). Whether the news is good or bad, and whether or not our hopes for some degree of sanity are realized, I really appreciate your efforts in keeping us vapers informed.

    For what it's worth, I know two things for sure: (1) I could never have quit my 35-year, 2-pack-a-day habit without the acceptable alternative that vaping provides me; and (2) If that acceptable alternative becomes unavailable for some reason, i.e. thanks to idiotic, paternalistic, bought-and-paid-for…well, no need to go on. If it does, I would eat broken glass before I went back to smoking. After 3 years of freedom from tobacco, I'll never wear those chains again.

  4. Great news we hope 🙂

  5. Excellent news, finally 🙂

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