TRUE – Day 3 – STRETCH | Yoga With Adriene

– Hello, my darling friends
and welcome to True, your 30-day yoga journey. Today is day three. Get ready to stretch. (upbeat music) All righty, partners, let’s
begin lying flat on the back. Yay. Take your time getting there. Come on down to yoga town. And, you’re gonna extend the legs out long and then when you’re ready
take a deep breath in and reach the fingertips all
the way up and over your head. So, you’re taking a nice
big, full body stretch. Now, we’re coming off
yesterday’s practice. We’re gonna close the eyes. So, trust me, trust
yourself, trust the video. And, you’re gonna hook the
thumbs here, little Wu Tang and then you’re just gonna
flex through the feet. So, press into your heels, let the weight of your hands draw down. A big stretch through the shoulders. Take one more big inhale. Then slowly release. (exhaling deeply) Relax the hands down gently at your sides. You can soften through
the toes and the feet. Now, make sure that you’re
not holding on in your legs. Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re actually holding, gripping, so relax from the waist down. And, then press into your
head physically, literally press into your head
and lift your chest up and then snuggle your
shoulder blades underneath you and that might allow
you to open the palms. And, just feel a broader
opening through the chest. All righty, nice and easy, here we go. Dropping the left ear over
to the Earth, pause here. Reach your right fingertips
out a little bit further. Feel that stretch to the
right side of your neck. And, then slowly bring you back to center. And, rock your right ear to the Earth and reach out through
your left fingertips, just a little more, maybe
just a little adjustment. Then breathe deep as you feel that stretch through the left side
of your neck, the trap. And, then slowly come back to center. Take a deep breath in. (inhaling deeply) And, a long breath out. Arrive here now. (exhaling strongly) Awesome. Now, you’re gonna press
the palms into the Earth, hug your navel down so you’re connecting to your center, kind of engaging
that transverse abdominis. Not kind of, you’re engaging
the transverse abdominis by scooping the tailbone
up, zipping upper abdominals and lower belly in towards the middle. Inhale (inhaling deeply). Exhale, slowly begin
to lift your right knee up towards your chest. You’re gonna give your
right shin a big hug. And, try to keep this engaging
quality in your center. So, try to keep your transverse
abdominis turned on here. As you scoop the tailbone
up, hug the lower ribs down and then squeeze that
right knee into the chest. Now, if it feels better in your body, if your body’s kind of telling
you to lift the left knee and place it on the Earth, go for it. Otherwise, we might begin to activate through the left toes and firm down through the left thighbone. So, the reason today
is stretch, day three, is so many people think that
they have to be flexible to do yoga. That is the number one thing
I hear everywhere I go. I talk about what I do or if people ask me about my life, their first response, their initial response is,
“Well, I’m not flexible. “I can’t do yoga.” And, sometimes people know that, you know, they say, “I should do yoga “because I’m not flexible.” But you don’t have to
be flexible to do yoga. Today, we’ll introduce some movements and some synchronization with breath that invite more flexibility. But, see if you can
also stretch your mind. We don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. We’re creating flexibility
in the mind, the body, and the spirit. Okay, release that. Nice compression in the lower
abdomen and in the stomach, really great for digestion. Now, let’s squeeze that left
knee all the way up and in. Again you can bend the
right knee if you like. Lower back is nice and supported here. Squeeze and lift (exhaling strongly). Nice and active in your right leg. (inhaling deeply) (exhaling strongly) Breathing into your lower belly. And, just chewing on those ideas. It’s not just flexibility in your body, but what are some things
that you could maybe open your mind to, or your perception? Stretching in more ways than one here on the yoga mat. Take one more breath
here (inhaling deeply). And, then exhale to release
it all the way down. Once again, we’ll hug the
right knee all the way back up. Inhale (inhaling deeply). And, then exhale, take it
over towards the left side of your mat and open your
right fingertips out. Feel that nice opening
through the right pec. We come into a supine twist. Turn onto your right
ear, feel that stretch in the left side of your neck. Then close your eyes or soften your gaze and pay attention to the
sound of your breath. (inhaling deeply) (exhaling strongly) Beautiful. From your navel, draw it down. Come back through center. You’re gonna squeeze the
right knee into the chest. You guessed it, inhale
in, exhale, peel the nose up towards the knee. If you want a little more,
you can let the left heel hover here, again, turning
on those abdominals. (inhaling deeply) Inhale and exhale to
release everything down. Awesome work. With control, gently
release the right leg down. Inhale (inhaling deeply). Exhale, connect to your
center, your abdominals turn on and from there
we pull the left knee in. So, we’re working on functional movement for our flexibility practice. This is gonna help us throughout
the whole journey here. We’ll squeeze (exhaling strongly). Inhale (inhaling deeply). Exhale, find your twist,
guiding the left knee over towards the right, opening up through your left arm. Feeling that nice stretch
through the pec, the shoulder. And, then turning onto the left ear. Inhale in. And, exhale to release
(exhaling strongly). Slowly bring it back to center. Hug the left knee into the chest, firm through the right leg. Inhale, then exhale, navel draws down as you peel the nose up towards your knee. Squeeze and lift (exhaling strongly). (inhaling deeply) (exhaling strongly) Then if you want, you can let
your right heel hover here, just to turn on your
core (exhaling strongly). (chuckles) Big inhale (inhaling deeply). Then exhale, just slowly
lower everything down. Awesome. Extend the left leg out long. Inhale, reach the
fingertips all the way up towards the sky. Nice full body stretch once again. (inhaling deeply) And, then exhale to float the hands down. (exhaling strongly) From your center, from your navel, drawing down to the Earth. Activate, you’re gonna
bring knees up to the chest. And, now hug both shins. Feel that length in the lower back body. And, you can just take a
couple cycles of breath here to find what feels good. So maybe you draw circles
with the knees one way and then the other. Or perhaps, rocking gently side to side. Relax any tension or stress
that you might be carrying in the neck, the shoulders,
the upper back here. And then after you take a couple moments, just get a nice little
massage on the lower back. We’re gonna slide the hands
to the backs of the thighs. And, we’re gonna begin to
rock and roll up and down the length of the spine. So, you can rock as many times. Excuse me, bud. I’m gonna come here for a second. Oh, sorry. And, you rock as many
times as it feels awesome in your back. If this is new for you, it’s fun, it’s a little wake up call for
your core and for your back. I remember when I first
started doing this. Nice one. It was impossible. I felt like such a goof
and now it’s just part of my daily routine, feels really good. So, rock and roll once or twice more. And, then we’re gonna
come all the way through to tabletop position. So, maybe cross the ankles,
plant the palms mindfully. And, when you get there,
bring the big toes to touch and the knees as wide as
wide as your yoga mat. And, then the right hand’s
gonna come to the center of the mat and the left
hand’s gonna slowly peel across the arm, across
the chest, and reach up towards the sky. Big stretch. Press into the tops of the feet here. For the right arm, the upper arm bone kinda rotates back here. It’ll give you a little space. And, then just make sure
that you’re not collapsed in the neck. So, lengthen through the crown. One more breath here, you got it, inhale. Then exhale, come back
to center nice and easy. Left hand replaces the right. Feet and legs stay the same. (inhaling deeply) And, we’re gonna begin to
open up through the chest. Once again, right
fingertips cross the heart, we press away from the
mat with our left hand and right fingertips
reach up towards the sky. (chuckles) Now again, careful not
to collapse in the neck. Keep it nice and long. Big inhale, breathe into
all four sides of the torso. (inhaling deeply) And, exhale to release it down. Fabulous. Walk the knees now back
underneath the hip points. Press firmly into the tops of the feet. Drop your elbows exactly
where your hands are. And, then just pay
attention to this stacking of the bones of elbow right
underneath the shoulder. Then wrist comes in line with the elbows so, we have two parallel lines here. What’s up, dog? And then, I’m gonna keep
that, maintain that. So, we have this strong foundation here. As I slowly claw through the fingertips and begin to peel my tail
up and walk my knees back. For heart to Earth pose or puppy posture. You can think of this kind
of as a half downward dog. So, it’s the same action, it’s
just a little more cooling. Big heart opener here. Slowly begin to release heart to Earth, forehead to mat. If it doesn’t come all the
way to the mat it’s okay. And, then just take a
moment to look up and notice have your wrists come in
or your elbows go out? If they have, it’s pretty
standard, it’s all good. We’ll just come back up,
reset, two parallel lines with the forearms. Inhale to look forward and
exhale, find that stretch. So, sometimes we come to yoga and we stretch the same
muscles over and over, both in mind and body. So, with True, we’re really
challenging ourselves lovingly (exhaling strongly) to see if we can stretch new muscles, find new connections. Now, if the toes are not curled under, go ahead and curl them under here. Draw the navel in and up
and begin to shift forward. Shift all the way
forward, gaze goes forward and we begin to lift
the knees one by one up and come into a strong forearm plank. (exhaling strongly) Now, my bones are stacked here. So, my shoulders are supported. I’m gonna imagine my sitz
bones really reaching towards my heels here. I’m gonna scoop my tailbone
in just a hair here, turn on those transverse
abdominis once again. Inhale to look forward
just with your gaze. Keep the neck nice and long. (inhaling deeply) And, then exhale, tug the
shoulders away from the ears. Now, feel that shake,
that tremble, that prana, notice what it feels
like to be alive today. Inhale. And, then exhale, slowly lower
the hips down to the Earth. Beautiful. Flip to the tops of the feet now. And, we’re gonna tuck
the chin into the chest. Now, we’re coming into a sphinx pose. But, notice again if
your wrists have come in or elbows go out. Tuck the chin, press into your pubic bone and slowly roll it up. So, activate the upper body here. (exhaling strongly) Reconnect with your breath. And, then I’ve in time been able to unlock a good amount of space in my shoulders. Still have a long ways to go (chuckles). But, if you like, maybe come out of it just a hair. You don’t have to be pushing so hard. And, then everyone, for
the last cycle of breath tuck your chin so that you feel that length
through the back of your neck. (wind chimes tinkling) Cue wind chimes outside my house. Pay attention to all the things. (inhaling deeply) I started leaving Benji in the videos because I just love this idea of embracing at-home yoga practice as is. Okay, your biceps are
working a little bit here. Draw your navel in. (exhaling strongly) Take one more big breath. (inhaling deeply) And, then exhale, slowly
release and enjoy this release. You’re gonna come onto the
belly, release the arms. You’re already on the belly,
but come onto your ribcage. You’re gonna send the
fingertips out left to right. Now, listen carefully. Inhale, lift the right
toes up towards the sky, bend your right knee. Exhale, press into your
palms, continuing to open up through the chest and that left pec. You’re gonna slowly come
to rest on your left ear. Maybe the right foot comes around. Place it on the ground. Maybe right fingertips to the Earth, right elbow to the sky. So, breathe here, keep
the fingertips active. Big stretch through the chest. Left pec, inhale (inhaling deeply). Exhale, slowly melt it back through center (exhaling strongly) with control. Then we’ll take it to the other side by pressing through the right hand. And, slowly peeling the left toes up, bend the left knee. And, here we go, coming
onto the right ear. Continue the journey (exhaling strongly). So, it’s nice in time. So, if this is brand new for you, be kind. But, it’s nice in time
to press into the Earth with the left palm to give
it a little resistance. And, we’ll get there but eventually maybe we’ll even grab that
top foot, kick it back. Just take it nice and slow,
establishing connection to your breath over and over again. (exhaling strongly) Great. Slowly unravel, bring it back to center. (exhaling strongly) (inhaling deeply) Now, this time we’ll bring the hands down, slide them in line with the ribcage. Then snuggle your shoulder
blades in towards your body. So, really suck ’em in. Press into your pubic bone. And, here we go. Inhale, cobra, roll it up,
just a little hair toss, okay? Big breath. Exhale to release. Curl the toes under. Press up to all fours. (exhaling strongly) And, then take a deep breath in. (inhaling deeply) And, from your tail, begin to
peel up, downward facing dog. Claw through your fingertips
and begin to take your dog for a little walk. So, peddle through the feet. (inhaling deeply) (exhaling strongly) Start to listen to the
sound of your breath. (exhaling strongly) Maybe connecting to that Ujjayi
breath or that ocean sound. Then on your next inhale,
lift the right leg up high. (inhaling deeply) And then exhale, slowly
bring it all the way up to the top edge of your mat. (exhaling strongly) Inhale, lower the back
knee, open the chest. And, then exhale, plant the palms, step it back, downward facing dog. Second side, inhale, lift
the left leg up high. Exhale, step it all the
way up and in, squeeze. Then lower the back knee,
inhale, open the chest. Then exhale, plant the
palms, step it back, downward facing dog. (exhaling strongly) Awesome. Deep breath in through
the nose (inhaling deeply) and exhale out through your mouth (exhaling strongly) nice cleansing breath. Now, bend your knees, lift the heels, come onto your toes. Melt your belly towards
the tops of your thighs. Claw through the fingertips. Inhale to look forward and
exhale to make your way to the top, stepping one foot
and then the other, rag doll. Now, relax everything here. Let the weight of your head go. Soften through the fingertips. Breathe deep (exhaling strongly). (inhaling deeply) Find your footing. And, then when you’re
ready, slowly roll it up. Rooting down through the feet. Lift and lengthen all the way up from the crown of your head. Stand up nice and tall
here, mountain pose. Inhale. And exhale to relax your shoulders down. (exhaling strongly) Now, inhale, you’re
gonna shift your weight to your left foot, bring
the palms together. Then slowly activate your core, you’re gonna bring the
right knee all the way up. Squeeze, just like we did on our backs. And, then we’re gonna
interlace the fingertips and capture, not the top of the knee, but just below the knee
and squeeze and lift. So, a little balancing here. (inhaling deeply) Big breath in. Long breath out to release
(exhaling strongly). And, switch. Shifting weight to the right foot now, here we go. Inhale, squeeze the left knee up and in. Press into your right heel firmly. Then capture the left
shin just below the knee. Squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift. Inhale, grow taller. (inhaling deeply) And, then exhale to release. Beautiful. Inhale to reach for
the sky, lots of energy in the fingertips here. (inhaling deeply) And, then exhale to grab the left wrist with your right hand. (exhaling strongly) Then lengthen the
tailbone down and inhale. Exhale, side body stretch. You’re gonna tilt to the right and bump the hips to the left. Now, pull your hands back in space. Spiral your heart up towards the sky. Press into your feet evenly. Inhale. Exhale, from your center draw it back. Inhale to reach for the
sky (inhaling deeply). Exhale, lengthen tailbone
(exhaling strongly). Get situated. The we’ll grab the right wrist and here we go, big inhale
to reach up and over. And, exhale to the left,
bump the hips to the right. Pull the hands back in space. Spiral your heart to the sky. (clears throat) Excuse me, sky (chuckles). And, then inhale in here, smile. Exhale, from your center,
your core, come back. Break free, inhale, lift everything. And exhale, should feel really awesome to rain it all the way down to the ground. Forward fold. Clasp the elbows here, bend the knees. Make sure you’re not gripping in the toes, so soften through your toes. And, then you’re gonna rock the elbows to the right. And, through center and to the left. And, then keep it going
and as you do this, keep pressing into your heels firmly. Right and then left. And, then close your eyes
and then try to really focus on the nuance of this. Find that stretch. And, if you hit a point of frustration, can you be flexible in your mind, can you use your breath? (inhaling deeply) To spretch, to stretch, sorry
guys, and out (chuckles). To stretch beyond that moment. (inhaling deeply) And, trust. Just keep going. All right, all right,
bring it back to center. I only did two, all right. So, I was not doing what
you think (laughing). Release your hands. You’re gonna step the
right foot all the way back and then the left foot all the way back. Now, you’re gonna inhale to look forward. Shift forward, hug the
elbows into the side body. Fire it up. And, then you’re gonna
slowly bend the elbows. Lower all the way to the
belly or catch chaturanga. Inhale to upward dog. So, you’re gonna come
to cobra or up dog here. As you breathe in, it’s
a big heart opener. And, as you breathe out, we make our way to downward facing dog. Beautiful (exhaling strongly). Inhale lots of love in. (inhaling deeply) Exhale lots of love out
(exhaling strongly). Inhale to lift the right leg up high. Exhale to shift forward, squeeze. Knee to nose. Now, step it up. Pivot on the back foot. And, inhale, reach for
the sky, warrior one, arms reaching all the way up. Inhale (inhaling deeply). Exhale, warrior two (exhaling strongly). Inhale, reach forward, up and then exhale, take it all the way back,
big bend in that front knee. Now, from here, we’ll
wiggle the right fingertips. Take a deep breath in and then exhale. Slowly shift to bring your right elbow to the top of your right thigh. Then inhale just like we did before. Left fingertips cross
over and along the chest and then reach up towards the sky. (exhaling strongly) Option here to send the
right fingertips down. (inhaling deeply) Inhale to find expansion. You got this, more space, more length. And then exhale to slowly
bring it all the way back down to your lunge, nice and slow. Pivot on the back foot. Inhale, drop that back knee. (inhaling deeply) Open the chest to look forward. And, then release it back down. Plant the palms. Step it back. Look forward, inhale, bend the elbows. Exhale, slowly lower all the way to the belly or chaturanga. Inhale, cobra or upward facing dog. Exhale to release. Curl the toes under, press up to plank. Big breath in (inhaling deeply), then exhale, downward facing dog. Oh, starting to find a little
warmth (exhaling strongly) as you stretch and wake up the body. From your downward dog, here we go. Inhale, lift the left leg up high. Exhale, shift forward. Claw through the fingertips
(exhaling strongly). Then step the left foot up. Pivot on the back foot. Here we go, virabhadrasana one. (exhaling strongly) Inhale to reach for the sky. Strong legs (exhaling strongly). Beautiful. Inhale, lift the sternum,
bend that front knee. Exhale, warrior two, open it up. Strong focus, strong breath. If you’re restricting your breath or holding your breath, assess. Find a big inhale (inhaling deeply). And, then inhale to reach forward and up. And, then exhale, just sink back. (exhaling strongly) Beautiful. Keep that front knee bent, inhale. Exhale, from your center
your core, navel draws in, abdominals fire up and
we bring the left elbow to the top of the left thigh. Bones are stacked here. Here we go, inhale, right
fingertips trace a line across the heart all the
way up towards the sky. Right toes are turned in. Inhale to find expansion
and maybe left fingertips come down here. Exhale to release everything
back to your lunge. Awesome. Soft landing, right
knee comes to the Earth. Inhale, open the chest, open your heart, big stretch, big opening. And then exhale to release. Plant the palms. You’re gonna step the left
knee back to meet the right. And, we’re gonna slowly
send the hips back. Child’s pose. Keep the fingertips reaching forward. (exhaling strongly) Close your eyes and listen
to the rhythm of your breath. Claw through the fingertips and gently tug the shoulders back. Inhale (inhaling deeply). Exhale, press into the tops of the feet. Slowly begin to rise back up. Awesome. From here, just walk the
knees hip-width apart for a little stability. So, you’re back in your neutral
spine tabletop position. And, we’re gonna slowly inhale, curl the right toes under,
send the right leg out. Exhale, bring the right
knee all the way up. Step the right foot up. And, from here, we’re
gonna loop the shoulders and slowly straighten the
right leg (exhaling strongly). It’s a bit of a runners’ stretch here. Keep a nice micro-bend in that front knee, maybe even a generous bend. And then really actively
draw your right toes towards your face or your third eye. (exhaling strongly) Breathing deep here,
inhale (inhaling deeply). And, exhale (exhaling strongly). Beautiful. From here, dig into your right heel. You’re gonna slowly roll
forward onto your right foot. Inhale, open the chest. Lift your heart, big stretch. And, then exhale to release. Come back to tabletop position. Reset. Then inhale, curl the left toes under. Extend that left leg out, stretching through the back of the leg. And, then here we go, fire up your core. Lift that left knee all the way up. Step the left foot all the way. And, then when you’re
ready, we’ll slowly begin to straighten through the left leg. Flex the left toes towards the face. Now, find a little lift
here (exhaling strongly), find your breath. (inhaling deeply) So, when I say find a
little lift, I just mean if you’re kind of
collapsing your energy down into the Earth, you’re
getting a good stretch, but it’s just not the same. So, pay attention to the nuance of maybe lifting your heart
space up (inhaling deeply), being in control of your movement. (inhaling deeply) Your energetic
body kind of supporting your physical body, and vice versa. It’s that feeling of like, working for yourself, with yourself, rather than against, right? Dig into your left heel. Slowly roll through the left foot. Last time, here we go, inhale. Slowly open the chest (exhaling strongly). Lift your heart. Exhale to release (exhaling strongly). Plant the palms, come back to both knees. From here you’re gonna
swing the toes around, all the way around and
we’re gonna come through to a seat. Now, bring the soles of
the feet together here. Knees nice and wide. Grab the ankles. Allow the tops of the thighs
to be really heavy here. Then sit up nice and tall. Inhale (inhaling deeply). And, exhale to relax the
shoulders down, down, down. (exhaling strongly) Now, I think I mentioned this before, but if the knees are all the way up here, been there, it’s all good. So, you don’t have to be
flexible to show up to yoga. And, some days I feel more
flexible than others, you know, in my mind and in my body. So, show up with what you got. Here we go, big inhale (inhaling deeply). And, as you exhale, bend
your elbows left to right and send your heart forward, gaze forward. And, then use your imagination here. I kinda like imagining
looking down into a pond or something here. And, you can use your elbows
to open the knees wide. And, look into the pond. And, what is it you see? I’m just kidding, but kinda
not kidding (laughing). Listen to the sound of your
breath (inhaling deeply). And, one more big inhale
in here (inhaling deeply). And, then on the exhale,
just relax the weight of your head over a big
stretch to the back. Body, through the hips. And then tuck the chin into the chest. And, then slowly press down
through your sitz bones connect to your root to
roll it all the way back up. Chin is the last thing to lift. This ponytail’s out of control. And, then slowly release the hands. With control, walk the
knees back into center. Then extend one leg and then the other. Inhale to reach for the sky. Exhale to capture your big beach ball. Inhale in again. Exhale, bend the knees as
generously as you need to. Take your big beach ball
all the way forward. And, find paschimottanasana
here, forward fold. Three cycles of breath
here, inhaling deeply. Closing the eyes as you exhale fully. (inhaling deeply) As you breathe in, feel the stretch. As you breathe out, feel
the nuance of the softening in your body. And, at the very least, you’re
stretching your muscles. (inhaling deeply) (exhaling strongly) And, maybe a little deeper. You’re unraveling some of the things that might be good to tend to. Just kind of creating space
in some bound up areas. (exhaling strongly) Now, stretch through the backs of the legs by slowly kicking the heels
out, releasing the hands and rolling up. Inhale in. Exhale, come all the way to your back (exhaling strongly) (chuckles). Benji, you are a funny bunny today. As you come to your back, go ahead and squeeze the knees up into the chest. And, then we’re gonna reach the hands to grab the outer edges of the feet. And, here you go, happy baby. Lengthen the tailbone towards
the frontage of your mat. Kick the soles of the
feet up towards the sky. This is a big one. If you want some extra movement here, you can straighten one
leg and then the other. (exhaling strongly) (inhaling deeply) Really drag your hands down to the Earth, shoulders down to the Earth and activate by sending the soles of the
feet up towards the sky. Again, lengthen your
tailbone towards the frontage of your mat. Take a deep breath in,
neck is nice and long. (inhaling deeply) And, then when you’re
ready, slowly release. Bring the feet to the Earth. Interlace the fingertips,
bring them behind the head. Elbows nice and wide here. Take a deep breath in. (inhaling deeply) And, then as you breathe
out, just allow your knees to fall to the left (exhaling strongly). Inhale in. Exhale, come back to center. Inhale in again. And, exhale, allow your
knees to fall to the right. Inhale (inhaling deeply). And exhale. Come back to center. Begin to find extension through the legs. (exhaling strongly) And, then release the arms,
let them come to rest gently, palms face up at your sides. Allow the body to relax here. Notice how you feel, close your eyes. And, now begin to notice the cool air as you breathe in through your nose. And, the warm air as you breathe out. (gentle upbeat music) And, when you’re ready, slowly
bring the palms together. Then we’ll lift the thumbs
right up to the third eye, to the true self, the highest self. Namaste. (lively music)


  1. DAY 3!
    It’s time to improve your range of motion and build strength.
    Try to enjoy today. Be careful of your regular programmed self talk!

    Get curious. Ask questions.
    Be kinder, cooler.
    Believe in yourself and your beautiful body.
    Stretch your mind too.
    Seek smooth and controlled movement on your mat with today’s Day 3 practice.

    And remember to BREATHE.

    Let me know how it goes!

    "Truth is not afraid of questions." -Paramahansa Yogananda

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