TRUE – Day 13 – Strength & Harmony | Yoga With Adriene

– ‘Sup everyone,
and welcome to True, your 30 day yoga journey. Adriene here, and Benji
is here to join me as well, and we have a lucky day
13 practice here for you. Today we’re focusing
on strength and harmony. Let’s get started. (light music) Alright, my buddies,
let’s begin standing today. We’re gonna take the feet out just a little bit
wider than your hips, and your gonna turn thy toes out just a hair. Then right away, let’s
connect to the energetic body to support the spine, that which
literally holds you up, by drawing the
navel in, reconnecting to that center practice, and lengthening
the tailbone down. And actually, go ahead and take one hand to the front
and one hand to the back, and just feel that shift. So, we’re not
necessarily tucking the pelvis, but there is an awareness
of a lengthening down and a lifting up. And for most, especially
if this is a new thing, you’ll kinda feel your glutes
turn on here right away. Then make sure you’re
not tightening in the glutes, but they’re just
engaged if that’s the case. And then everyone bring
your hands to your heart. So, playing off the
connect from yesterday, we have a
strengthening practice, but it does not
have to mean harder, and pushing, and faster. I’m here to invite us all to realize and remember and continue to
return to this idea that we don’t always have
to be in pain to gain. In fact, let’s not. (laughing) And say we did. So, lift the
sternum to the thumbs, take a deep breath in,
and on an exhale, relax your shoulders. In fact, I see it
all the time in the message boards and on Twitter, people don’t expect to get
their butts kicked in yoga, in particular
with Yoga With Adriene, but it happens. So, let’s play with
strength and harmony today. (humming) ♪ Tell me what you gonna do ♪ ♪ Do or die ♪ Bend the knees,
let’s start to drop our centers down in space. So really, your knees bend, just playing off
yesterday’s practice, because your center
begins to come down. And then many
people start to panic here. Oh gosh, oh gosh, what do we do? So just be really present with, okay, I’m gonna
support my center of gravity by lengthening tailbone down, knees might wanna fall in here. We’ll hold,
steadfast and strong here to being kind to the knees by pressing into the
outer edges of the feet. And now more
muscles start to turn on. Heyo. But we keep a
soft, relaxed face. We start to use this
challenge to connect to a deeper part of ourselves,
which is the breath, so your breath
will start to change. And you have this line
that we towed on perspective of, like, do I have
to go hard and fast, or can I soften
within the challenge of this, what we call in yoga,
Goddess Pose, or some people
call it Horse Pose. I think God or
Goddess Pose is lovely, no offensive to
the horses out there. I was a horse girl too. I am probably a horse girl. Once a horse girl,
always a horse girl. Okay, shut up, Adriene.
Here we go. Open the palms wide, let’s go
full on goddess here to begin. If you’re starting
to sweat and shake, that’s the idea. Let it affect your breath, let it affect your
spirit, breathe deep. Press into the
outer edges of the feet. If this is too much,
you can keep the hands on the waistline here. Elbows go out wide,
backs of the palms pull back and we inhale, open the chest. We’re here for five,
maybe sink a little deeper. Four, three, two, I love you too, and one. Slowly begin to come up,
hands come back to the heart. Claw through the toes here, draw energy up from the arches, lift from the pelvic floor. You got it, inhale. Exhale, soften, and release. No stress or tension in
the neck, the shoulders. Keep a little sense of humor. You know, the idea is that
we are coming into harmony, this harmonization
with your true self, so how you
handle things is a great reflection, for me, anyway. It’s a great little
mirror of my true self, and how do I want to be? What type of
person do I wanna be, this reactionary person, or
this kinda person that sees only the challenge, or can I connect to a different
way of being within that. So, that said, you know
we’re going back into it. Here we go, inhale. Exhale, bend the knees. Find your foundation. And then we’ll open up. Sink a little deeper, and allow
this to affect your breath, nice and controlled. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis, press into the
outer edges of the feet, pull the backs
of the palms back, lift your chest,
stretch through the pecs, breathe a little deeper. Building strength,
transformation, definitely toning
the body does so good, but a little bit more, right? As we sink down and go,
“How am I gonna react in this “as my body starts
to tremble and shake?” And if you need a
little more to explore, lift your right heel,
and then put it down, and then lift your left heel,
and then put it down, and now lift
both heels and lift up from your pelvic floor. You got the
training, you got it. Inhale and then exhale,
release everything, slowly come to stand,
hands come together, take the deepest
breath you’ve taken all day, and then exhale, let it all go. I love you too, I know
everyone’s gonna love me today. Strength and harmony. Trying so hard not to do bone
thugs over and over again. Turn the left toes in,
turn the right toes out, inhale, reach
your fingertips out, exhale, bend your front knee. Inhale to lift it up,
straighten the front leg, exhale, bend your front knee. Strong gaze forward
as you inhale and exhale. Strong legs, feel your muscles, honor them by really
noticing what’s going on. Great, then the next time
your front leg is straight, keep it straight, we’re
gonna bump the hips out, reach the right
fingertips forward, and slowly tilt down,
keeping your center engaged, so tap into that connection
from yesterday, Triangle Pose. Big stretch here,
open through the chest. Fingertips can
come down to the earth or to a block, but let’s see, we’re not gonna
be here for long, if you can use your center work, cinching upper
abdominals and lower belly in towards the
middle to breathe here and to be here fully
for five, four, three, breathe, two, and on
the one, navel draws in and we come all the way back up. Bend your front knee,
Warrior II. Inhale, Peaceful Warrior. Keep it soft and easy here. And then exhale,
we’re just gonna come all the way back to center. Straighten both legs,
turn both toes in, pull the pinkies back. Own it here, big energy state, big, proud heart lifting strong. In kids’ yoga, I have
the kids go, “I am strong.” And for me, getting
back to my true self is getting back
to that child in me, so let’s all do it. Inhale, exhale,
strong, I am strong. Arms are dying! Okay, here we go, let’s
take a break with the arms. I’m not that cruel. Take a little break
with your arms, just in case. We have all different types
of people practicing here, so you gotta remember, I’m
trying to take care of everyone. When you’re ready,
send the legs out, arms out. Left toes out, right toes in. Pull it back, inhale,
exhale, bend your front knee, Warrior II. And find a little
flow with your breath, inhaling to straighten,
or you can exhale here too, but just moving
with your breath. When the arms do get tired here, the legs start
to really turn on. Just be really
conscious in your reaction. Maybe surprise yourself. Awesome work, and the next
time your left leg is straight, really pull up
through that left hip crease, bump the hips back. Fingertips continue
to reach out, out, out, and we’ll slowly,
with strong legs, begin to find that tilt. Triangle Pose,
connect to your center, loop the
shoulders back, lean back, spiral your heart
up towards the sky, breathe, and then
find a softness here as you play with that
stability, that strength. Five, four, three,
breathe deep, two, and then slowly,
from the middle, come all the way back up. Warrior II, strong and steady. And then Peaceful Warrior,
flip the script, press into the outer edge of
your back foot, big stretch, and then come back
to your Warrior II. Nice, straighten
through the front leg, turn the left toes in,
hands come to the waistline. Close your eyes or bring your
gaze downward, past your nose, and notice your breath. So we have this
superhero pose here. Press into the
outer edges of the feet, and you’re gonna step
back on your mat a little here as we prepare for a
wide legged forward fold. Inhale, exhale, and again, energy draws up from the arches. When we press
into the outer edges, you can feel your inner
thighs engaged, strong legs, lift up through the front body, ground through the back body. Such a power pose,
feel it, live it, be it, strong. Inhale. Keep the strong
legs as you exhale. Begin to lead with
your heart forward. Take a look down in the pond, broaden through
the back of the neck, and then continue
the journey down. Fingertips might come to
the earth here, or palms. Continue to
breathe here, breathe deep. If the palms are ready to walk a little further back
in towards the arches, you might take it there. Maybe to forearms. This is an
intense stretch, so please marry a beautiful,
strong breath to it. And then, as you’re ready,
slowly begin to walk back up, engage your core,
strong legs remain, hands come to the
waistline, and we just come all the way back up
the way we went down, bringing the shoulder blades
together, elbows together, drawing together to
come all the way up. Beautiful, inhale in, exhale, step or hop to the center. Feet together,
really together, nice work, zip the legs up, so really
squeeze the legs together, this should feel really good, and we’re gonna interlace the
fingertips behind the back, palms together,
knuckles drawn down and away. Again, really squeeze
the legs together here as you lift your chest. And then release
the arms, and slowly we’ll walk to the
front of the mat, nice work. When you get there, feet
together, really together, you can find your yogi
toes, maybe play with that, and then here we go, big
inhale to reach for the sky. Strong legs, strong focus out. Exhale, fold all the way down. Inhale halfway,
lift your vision. Exhale, fold. Now, plant the palms,
step it back, plank pose. Just like yesterday,
dip the right hips down. You’re like, “No!” And then the left,
and then the right again, and then the left,
and then the right again, and then the left, and
then here’s our fifth round, we got it, and
then the right again, and then the left. Yes! Inhale to plank again,
exhale to your dog. Gettin’ strong, my
friends, you got it. In Downward Dog, inhale,
lift the right leg up high, and exhale, bend the right knee. You’re gonna open up. Breathe, long puppy belly here. And then inhale,
straighten the right leg, and exhale, bring it
all the way up and through. Pivot on the back foot,
and from here, you’re gonna bring
your right fingertips in line with your right arch, or you’re gonna
bring the right elbow to the top of the right thigh. And then inhale,
Extended Side Angle, left fingertips reach up
toward the sky, stay there, or hug lower ribs
in and take that arm all the way to the front. And keep up with
your beautiful breath. Inhale, exhale to
bring it back down. Left hand comes to the earth,
keep the legs where they are, inhale, right
fingertips to the sky. Lift up from the
pelvic floor here, connect to your
center, and then exhale, bring it all the way down. Plant the palms,
step the right toes back. Yep, right hip goes down. Come back to center,
left hip goes down. Really getting
into the obliques here. You can come
onto the forearms here if it’s too much on the arms. Here we go,
right, and then left. Forearms would look like this, right, and then left, and
then right, and then left, and then do one
more, here we go, right, and then left, yes, and then Plank Pose to inhale and Downward Facing Dog
to exhale. You’re doing great,
beautiful, strong, connected, beautiful. Left leg lifts high,
big breath in. Exhale, bend your left knee,
and when you’re ready, begin to open it up. Nice, inhale,
straighten the left leg, and then slowly bring
it all the way up and in. Pivot on the back
foot, and then again, Extended Side Angle, you can experiment with
the left fingertips coming to the ground first, front knee over front ankle. Or lift it up
high, give yourself a little more space,
coming onto the elbow. And then connect to
your center, strong back leg. Maybe you take that right arm all the way up and overhead. Beautiful, inhale in,
exhale, bring it all the way back to your lunge,
keep the legs where they are, right hand comes to
the earth and inhale, lift up from your
center, big twist. Inhaling again, and
then exhale to bring it down. Amazing, plant the
palm, step it back. Last round, let’s go! Lowering with the right. Back to center, and to the left. You can count
’em out, five rounds. Two, here we go
with number three, and four. Don’t forget, you can
come onto the forearms here, and five,
let’s do it, you got it! Beautiful, then inhale to plank, and exhale to
Downward Dog, stick with me. Inhale in and exhale,
lion’s breath, tongue out. Okay, take one more
breath in here, you got it. And this time, as you
exhale, bend your knees, and soft landing,
slowly bring them to the earth. Bring the toes in,
take the knees out, inhale to look forward,
stretch your belly, and then exhale to
soften the hips back. From here,
forehead comes to the earth, and we’re gonna
go namaste shark fin. If you’re like,
“What?” you’re gonna bring your palms
together, you’re gonna walk the elbows out so you
get this nice stretch, and then you’re
gonna melt the heart down, your shark fin here is
gonna come all the way up and behind the head or neck, and you should feel a
lovely little stretch here as you continue to breathe
and soften the hips back. Now, close your
eyes and let’s reconnect with why you’re here. Ooh yeah, just drop that bomb. Why are you here,
why are you doing this? Inhale in. And exhale to
release namaste shark fin. Slowly come up all the way back up to all fours. I’m laughing
because I just call it that, like that’s what it
says in the Hatha Yoga books. Come all the way through and
onto your back, by golly. (humming) ♪ Tell me what you gonna do ♪ ♪ Live or do or die ♪ Okay, strength and harmony. This is the last beat. We got this guys. Let’s start by giving
yourself a great big hug. It should feel really good. Oh yeah, feel your back
supported by the yoga mat. You want a good body? Well, if you want that,
you gotta focus on what feels good first,
and then oh my gosh, watch the magic unfold. And wanting to
have a fit, rockin’, slammin’ strong body,
there’s nothing wrong with that. Sign me up. But the how and the why. (humming) Okay, bring the hands now,
ready guys, to the knees. Then send your knees out, and you lengthen
your tailbone out, and just let the
feet go soft here. You can do a little
kick, kick, kick actually. It should feel good
after all the Downward Dogs. And then relax your shoulders and close your eyes. A little love for the spine
here, one more breath. And then from here,
drop the elbows down, lift the shins
parallel to the ceiling, and then bring the knees forward a little bit if you need to, so that you can
feel your lower back really kiss the mat. Then bring your fingertips
to your temples today, palms face up,
elbows really wide, inhale in, and exhale,
lift your head, your neck,
your shoulders, your heart, and instead of
looking in between your legs, look up, keep the chest open. Inhale in, exhale,
right shoulder comes into the center of your body,
and right elbow twists. And then inhale,
come back to center. Oh, I forgot to say
extend your right leg, sorry. Intuitively, I bet you did it. And then cross it over. Inhale to center. So, essentially we’re
kissing elbow to knee, but careful not to move
your knee to your elbow. Keep it going,
inhale to center, exhale to twist. If you want, you can
interlace the fingertips behind your back
to cradle the head. Just giving options. Scoop the tailbone up. Slow and steady, careful
not to bring knee to elbow, but take your
elbow to your knee. Oh yeah, here we
go, last beat after this it’s relaxation
time, because sometimes you need to relax to succeed. Oops, I just brought
my knee to my elbow. Inhale, look up,
exhale to twist. Great, do one more on
each side, you got it. And then do one more
on each side, you got it. What’s your reaction like,
what’s your reaction like? Come back to center,
you got this, inhale. Send the toes up, fingers up. We’re gonna pulse for ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Relax everything. Send the legs out long. Pet your belly. Take a deep breath in
and exhale, sigh it out. Let your arms come
gently at your side, and if there’s
anything you’re craving now, a little supine twist
or anything at all, feel free to take
it here, Happy Baby. And then take a
second to close your eyes and just allow
your breath to return to its natural ebb and flow. Snuggle your shoulder blades
underneath your heart space to soften through
the neck and shoulders, and then we’ll end with this, this consideration
that in order to be fulfilled, to succeed,
whatever it is we’re after, we have to understand
the importance of the balance of both the
strength and the softness. That’s the harmony today, the sthira and the sukha, the light, the dark, the good angel, the bad angel, the sun and the moon. I think I hear a
marching band outside my window, which is really awesome. Tell me what you
heard, if anything, down in the
comments section below. Tell me if you heard
anything in your practice. Share it with the gang. Love you guys, let’s
bring the palms together, take a deep breath in,
start to open your eyes if they’re not already. And we bow to each other,
to the awesome in me, the strong,
beautiful person inside me. Not just my muscles, but the
strong person that is me, and the strong
person that is you, and to everything in between. Nice work today,
drink lots of water. Love you, see you tomorrow. Namaste. (light music)



    The idea is that we are coming into harmony with our true self. Not muscling our way to try to look like someone else!

    Harmonizing with your true self is a practice.

    How you deal with the things that push you, challenge you and throw you off balance – is the yoga.

    How you handle “things” is a great reflection of your true self.

    How do you want to be?

    How do you want to exist in this world?

    **The world needs us strong and in harmony with our true self. **

    This global party is just getting started. Tomorrow is another restful day so do your best today and commit!

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  52. I heard my cat crying outside the door to come in. I had to kick him out because he was trying to take over my mat 🙂

  53. Legs feel great!!! To answer your question: I heard the tv downstairs, my kids, my spouse, and the neighbor changing pasture sprinklers with his atv.

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    On another note, thank you for this practice. Though I feel like a slug, I know it will pass, and that after, I will be stronger for it. Also, in downward dog today, I noticed my feet surprisingly close to the mat! Not there yet, but hopefully soon! Thank you for all you do Adriene, and thank you to everyone in this community.

  62. I heard my dog sniffing my face because he doesn't understand what in the world I'm doing haha! He is a yogi beginner so he's still learning!

  63. Really enjoyed this practice. Feel strong and peaceful!

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  67. I heard my daughter wake up from her nap. I always lay with her and sneak out once she’s sound asleep. She seems to know when I start yoga videos. She wakes up every time 😆

  68. Hi Adriene! I've been following since November 2018, your channel was my first contact with yoga and I couldn't have had a better experience. I've been practicing (almost) daily and it became my morning routine. I feel that it has a huge impact in my mood, productivity, mind and body.
    During the practice I could hear the water boiling in my candle support with eucalyptus essence, it was great!
    'Ops, I just draw my knee to my elbow' ^.^
    Can't wait for next one tomorrow with LISTEN

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  71. I lost my dad in December 2018. He was living with me and I was his caregiver. One month later my son was deployed a month early. I drove to his house to pick him up to take him to the airfield so he could leave and passed the local yoga studio. I told my son I felt a calling to go there. I felt that I needed some healing. I did start going 3 times a week! I loved the practice I loved the yoga, but it was too much for me. I work full and I have a small business making homemade soaps etc. time was the problem.
    I searched for someone to watch at home and found YOU! I finished dedicate three times I have done true three times and I am 14 days into true again my son returns next month and the time has flown by. My daughter is in Texas I am in VA she is pregnant with my first grandchild. A beautiful blessing. I am alive again. I am healing and I feel amazing. I know my dad is happy that I haven’t lost it. Thank you so much for this home practice that means so much more than you will ever know. I love you and Benji!

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  75. OW! Today was hard especially towards the end. But I still love you haha! I had to modify a couple of things because I recently hurt the tendon in my left hand, but it was still a good practice.
    But today I had a little break through. I was hanging out with my family in the kitchen and randomly I thought, "I like my body." And its been years since I thought that. I was in Alaska for 2 years and I did nothing. I was emotionally and physically depressed. Then I moved to Arizona. It took me a year to get out of that mindset. We had to move to a completely different house because the energy was very depressing and now a year later, Im doing your practice. This is only day 13 and you have already helped me so much! Thank you

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  87. I heard my son an my wife in the background watching a movie…it is so cute! Great practice today! See you tomorrow ❤️

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  90. This 30 day sequence has been the best part of my day. Today was one of my favorites so far! Relaxing and challenging at the same time. I am so glad I just found your videos and looking forward to checking out more of your videos after day 30! Thanks Adrienne ❤️

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  97. This was a really hard one to complete- but so far it’s been one of my favorites in this series. Your “stay with me”’s and “I’m proud of you” really keep me going. What you said at the end of the practice truly touched my heart. Thank you, Adriene. Namaste.

  98. I love these coincidental moments I catch in your videos. For example you remember us to drink water and I realize I haven't drunken enough water that day. Or, you say something about ignoring the sounds and the chaos surrounding us while a very very noisy car passing by. I think these are everything between us to which we bow every day. Thanks Adriene.

  99. I was about 10 min in and my boyfriend came and told me I should look at the moon because it's full and huge and beautiful!

  100. Thank you Adriene… Namaste🙏🏾

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