Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force Physical Training Instructors Department


  1. Bro i live in trinidad i want to work there

  2. American military is better no offence

  3. smh

  4. Any advice for a potential recruit ?

  5. snu

  6. isn't that right next to the museum

  7. send me a contact number please

  8. what is SP? Joining any of the departments in Defence Force requires you to first become a member through assessment and training. The only exception is as a consultant, civilian contractor.

  9. can i join SP directly? or do i have to be a normal officer in the regiment first? Plz give me some info because they are currently taking on and would reli like to join SP

  10. Ok,thanks

  11. no 18 and up

  12. do you take 13 year old to train

  13. [email protected] dude toolzwork600, check out 1990 coup trinidad and tobago vid clips on youtube, our defence force guys through SF/SNU saved the whole country and restored order with martial law. do your research. Globally SOF teams don`t ever get make airtime on the news. Many black ops could never be posted. Special teams are often unsung heroes that`s why we post clips like that contain public demos.

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