okay so like we said we're just gonna trim all the nails okay trim down as much of the dead stuff as we can then file them down so nothing should hurt so if anything's a little sensitive you let me know I brought out the big guns today okay so I trim as much as I can and then I file that's the magic know the stroke is on the left side so I don't know how much sensitivity she has on that how much feel like you have on this foot not much but sometimes the interesting thing is sometimes the nerves know he's all retired now okay he's leaving all the fun for me oh yeah someone else has got to have the fun yeah some kids would be interested in that but that is amazing all the way if she your daughter's Texas don't worry you're not only your daughter oh my god oh my that's and I had one daughter Wow Wow so she's here looking at grandma's feet yeah and then she's like I found a man for you so you just relax we're gonna go to this one like I said this is all dead near like you said the nail isn't growing out it's growing up and that's why trimming is symptoms doesn't work it has to be filed down so these are always tricky so what we do is we just go little by little yeah if you feel like I said any sensitivity let me know but this is just dead nail that's why it looks yellow yeah people might think there's fungus but it's mostly just like you said a dead dead nail yeah I was afraid of handing it what's happening it's completely lifted but it's going straight up so once we get them down because I know I'm a little far away from you can definitely find a chiropodist or podiatrist in your area to do the maintenance or you're pretty able you're a smart girl you could probably take care of these ones yourself the smaller ones and then every four or five months we come in to have these filed down okay now that I mentioned I want to get you to leave so fast did she just call me now mom and what she says she's not stop she's not telling thing but she's she loves doing research and stuff like that so look at all this yeah no pain no idea that's right are you okay so the more take after less I have to file and this nails so dry yeah you okay all right that's good and sometimes you know people don't know what to do with these nails and so now you know two things one we file down the nails regularly so they never grow thick again or you remove them permanently and that all depends on the person's health so for this young lady here the best thing and the safest thing is just for us to file it down but you'll notice that after I do this job mm-hmm we might not have to see each other for six months to a year because this nail is gonna be going so slow that by the time it really gets thick or cause you problems it'll take some it'll take some time yeah so that's why these nails you can trim yourself which I know need you okay yeah but I'm I'm very careful because I don't want infection yeah you know I'm trying to avoid that because she's already compromised with her stroke already so I don't want to add anything more to it so this is all dead skin yeah no cream is gonna fix this nail no oral medicine is gonna fix this nail it's permanently damaged so you can see even without filing how much I'm able to get down yeah yeah not sore still not yet cross your fingers it's pretty amazing how far you can go yeah so all that skin there yeah I'm digging for gold rich look at all this here yeah so this is pretty much down to the flat nail bed so what will happen now just have to file it down to smooth it out so it looks a little prettier yeah and that's it look how that wasn't that bad huh that went by so fast yeah okay one more oh well you're getting up and looking at it up close up Wow well your daughter's good and I'm sure she's gonna look out for this videos gonna be happy that we're getting this filmed yeah that's my grandma okay she is good yes she's a sweet girl I think she loves her girl my that she loves her mother it's a different love is a different love you can you know that parent daughter love is tough yeah so all these nails have the same kind of thickness yeah the same kind of growth of dead skin underneath so will never change that's why routine care is pretty important okay and finding someone who's going to file these nails down No well you know there's coffee in the fridge you can have you a few snacks yeah you okay young lady you okay do you need anything okay and how they look well so far it's good oh we're gonna make him look better this is just the beginning this is just the beginning this was not even close the other one I did the hard one first okay all the fun stuff underneath business myself practicing this is going to be the end of this year will be the start of my sixth year so I've been practicing for five and a half years but you know I've been watching pops through this my whole life yeah in the office oh my gosh she knows my life story yeah she fills me and everything so did you watch any of my videos no you're busy I know you're busy yeah because I still work oh yes so when I get home I take over yep it's just that constantly going between making supper caring for her which just would wash room and stuff like that and then by time I'm finished I'm exhausted time you had an amazing daughter I you must be a good mom URIs um good you okay so he's a tricky part to find out where's the bottom and you have the concept ask her because she feel the pain and she won't say anything so she has a very high tolerance for pain so this is a new location yeah we just moved okay oops sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry about that at the very end okay it looks like the skins a little bit attached yeah so we just moved in three to four weeks ago okay so we're finally getting settled in yeah looks like you have like a little nail split or something a little bit of pinpoint bleeding but just on the cuticle so we'll clean everything up afterwards very small yeah so I was at that other place my whole life okay so was a big move for us two weeks ago my daughter she came up and surprised us oh she did yeah when I was in church I mom didn't go and I was in church I didn't know they're in office and I saw you know yep yep look around and that's not Marshall my grandson oh well she got you good yeah she got you good that's awesome so what we're doing now is we're filing the nails down so there should be no heat there's a little bit of water to keep the toes nice and cool if you feel anything that's a little sensitive you have to tell me okay this is the magic this is what's gonna take you to become the next thing you know the next famous foot model now down the runway showing off the toes okay here we go you okay that's good I'm gonna try to get this beat so good you don't need anyone for a good while there okay thank you that's so sweet of you to ask they just walked in so it's alright my reception says off today she has to come in and do some extra time on the weekend so I told her take some Monday off and now it's starting to fill up a lot of people called this morning and I'm alone I'll be okay that's how I started for the first two three months a years I was all on my own answering the calls booking the appointment you okay over here yeah so a lot of people want to know how people get enamels like this like I said the main reasons drama banding you're told too much pressure on the top or shoes the second thing is circulation yeah yeah it does change the way that nails grow because the nails are living things they need nutrients they need blood flow and so the blood flows and goes to the nails they they starve and their response starvation is to get thick so you see how the whole nail itself is this color it's one one discoloration this is just the nail having different thickness okay being almost like a dead nail sorry so are you okay being a dead nail not really a true fungus fungus looks like mold so it's patchy circles white yellow green this is a darkened nail but it's more just because the nails become thick the blood flows to the nail bed isn't good and there's a lot of hard skin underneath the nail the nail bed has become thicker fungus is not regular it does not have a regularity to it's very irregular so that's why when I see the nail that looks all one color I'm not really concerned that it's a true fungal nail look at that point and not too many tears huh you didn't cry too much that's good no you're a tough girl you're not gonna grow now you're looking at it huh how's it looking you see the difference yeah so do you have a tip of the nail completely dry that's nail bit dead and that's why the nails growing up not straight out so we might be able to get away with like I said three to four months so the safest thing that we can do there's two ways we can do but we can go try right away for the four months and see how the nails are or we can go for the three months and then make sure everything's in shape and go from there if you're able to cut the smaller nails which I think you should the big tools you can come in every four to five months okay so you can see this foot how it reacts to that the nerves know something's going on right even though you might not be feeling too much the nerves know the nerves know you okay any pain though doping took oh yeah a little sorry sorry I know that touch the skin a little bit the nails gonna grow back but again it's gonna roll back the exact same way but yeah you'll always stay like this sorry sir I'm just trying to get rid of some of the dead skin on on the nail bed so again you can see once I set to file this thickness it's starting to look all one more color and that's because it's not a true fungal nail this is just a damage the cantonal as you can see in that corner it's just a pocket we're all this dead skins growing and it'll keep growing out like that nothing's gonna stop the from the nail from growing out and building out and then you can see the nails more one color like a greyish white okay well that's basis consoles clean up the toes and that's pretty much all you really need to do ten tolas still huh not too bad you


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