Tricep Bicep Cable Superset – In the Gym

like I said this one is now table right tricep extension so what I'm going to get sure a to do I chose our masters demonstrate for it first is stepping with the I like feet close together you can't stand faceplate apart but in the training world you sort of like everything to be even so I put feet together and knees slightly bent and you're bumming out and the first thing I look for is a crease in the arm so you notice when I come in here I have a crease clown there and I can look the the right out with my triceps and separate the rope at the bottom what I want her to avoid doing is turning the right hand that's incorrect form and you're just putting pressure on your wrist and you'll end up just pushing down with your bodyweight what you want to do is bring the weight out with your triceps and the benefit of the rope is that that we separate the right and pull it apart and that'll actually target the lateral head of the tricep so I'll get there we go of that she stands in knees slightly bent bomb out a little bit and I look for the crazy and he and she can bring a hands up under the chin and simply use the back of her arm or her tricep to look this white out and separate that rug and I bet you can feel that in a triceps right away and then I going to superset straight from the right on to the bicep curl hitting with a straight bar and with a straight bar with a bicep curl I want to stand in fairly close so that the cable isn't pulling her forwards I want to go to the cable simply pulling down and the constant tension of the cable on her bicep so I'm going to lock out the elbows into a side as she comes up and I don't want her to elbows to move forward with the weight like I see a lot of people do and I want to elbows by side and simply contracting their biceps and move the weight up and that's the point so there's a few rules when it comes to these exercises one would be with the triceps is that your elbows stay still they don't move backwards or forwards and you block out the inspire away because that's when the tricep is most activated with the bicep turkey that elbows by the side and contract all the way up and keep the constant tension just on your I said without moving the elbows forward and that's a tricep bicep superset

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