Trekker Multi Travel insurance – 6 of 6

the trekker multi trip travel insurance frequently asked questions and answers International Insurance in 120 seconds production by good neighbor Insurance here are a few FAQ and answers on the Trekker frequently travel medical insurance are acts of terrorism covered yes but a member must not be engaged in hostile or combative activities to receive this medical benefit how do I access participating medical providers outside of the US you may use any western-style medical facility throughout the world once you purchase your trekker frequent trip medical insurance you may view contracted elite medical providers in over 180 countries or head over to the link that is on the email we send you once you have purchased your travel medical policy please head over to our web page to view more information on the geoblue trekker policy the Trekker travel medical insurance will only cover you outside the US you may purchase the trekker multi trip medical insurance anytime before you and up to the day before you depart the u.s. sadly you may not purchased a trekker multi trip medical insurance once you are traveling outside the US however good neighbor Insurance has other travel medical insurance options for you if you have already departed on your trip please email us or call us or go to our web page at GN insurance comm and we can help change is always in the air so please check our webpage for the most up-to-date information on your trekker multi trip travel insurance have questions we are just a phone call or email or online chat away here in Arizona we wish you and your loved ones an amazing safe and happy travels

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