Trees and Squirrels (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)

okay now we're going to move to my next game which is trees and squirrels now what I'm going to do I'm going to my trees how do we make a tree stand up here hey Zeus if I put you guys as a partner okay you're going to grab hands like this and this is a tree soon as I put a squirrel in there you're going to close it down okay so one of groups of three three off three so I figure if I tell you tree you're going to get what your partner and keep your hands up like this and try put a squirrel there in the middle you'll see in a second okay so let's you two guys make a tree let's get you two guys make a tree get you two make a tree let's get Matty now why don't you go inside that tree whole day why don't you go inside this tree come on guys one or two two guys make a tree let's get you two boys make a tree nice Ellie you come inside this tree instead you go inside their Janita why don't you make a tree with you mighty here he doesn't want to make a tree you come inside here hey Zeus let's get you two girls make a tree you go inside there Giovanni let's get you two girls here make a tree you go inside let's get you two girls make a tree you go inside and let's have you two girls make a tree and you go inside good so now we see guys let's make a tree now we see every pair of trees has a scroll in the middle right the only one that does not have a squirrel is poor Vanessa when I say change homes trees are you going to do is lift your hands up squirrels you're going to walk to a different tree does not matter trees as soon as you get a loose squirrel inside your home you're going to close your your gates down you understand this when I say change homes trees get your hands up but to squirrel get out we got a new roaming squirrel hopefully we find a new home right away so that she doesn't take your home remember we're not running this is walking if you don't have a home just come by me and we'll do it all over again ready change homes a pine tree command there's a chill there – trees – trees still look Janan you got Leslie ready change homes the slide you girls over a little bit so use math space goodness Ellie's left already change homes good old a good good ready change homes ready change homes oh there's a one still good now let's listen to this here if I'm Chris Dodd step out first Elizabeth let me step let me step in here for a second I'm a squeeze what we're going to do I'm tap one of your trees and then you become that true so I'm going to tap Elia she's going to be the squirrel now we're doing this okay so we're switching ready go tap a tree tap a tree and become and switch there you go good now you come in the middle good did we switch here guys yeah good we got a new tree good we got a new tree over there someone's got to be in the middle good and Jose and I Dean you got a grab hands good here we go listen up and change homes find a home final and find home good ready change homes good these girls are quick I like that find one find one find one yes and change homes and change homes and caissons there's one more tree here one more tree guys one more tree good and change homes and listen to this now if you have not been a squirrel raise your hand squirrels and I want you to go tap one of those trees and become that tree tap one of the one squirrels have one of the ones I have not had a turn when you become the scroll in the middle and you the tree yes good good now did you get a turn whole day as a squirrel no you haven't been attending hey Zeus make a tree here with have you had a turn lighting no so you be the square you make a tree with Liliana and you be in the middle daddy that's fine you come in the middle good ready change homes you gotta find one oh they got to find one oh they look look ah bitch the toy guys gonna stay walking and change homes can only be one oh this is a good point here the work what can we do wait wait wait wait what can we do here hang on wants to find the spot what can we do if they both get here at the same spot how can they figure this out without fighting rock paper scissors let's see she paper beats rock she has a tree that's perfect I'll hang on to it ready chase trees ah paper-rock-scissors yeah paper paper beats Rock he gets this tree change homes and change homes that's awesome boy that is awesome there's a tree over there still good and change homes good and everyone go to your seat fast go do you see


  1. What do you do if you have an even number of kids? Have a three person tree?

  2. Private school???

  3. LOVE the uniforms!

  4. I am an educator of 16 years. You can see that Mr. Carlos Rodriguez truly cares for his students and has a confident and easy nature with his class. This was a very nice display of his classroom management. Nice work!

  5. good gaming. squirrel in the tree. love it.

  6. It's really interesting for this game, I love this game

  7. cool! will try it with my 2nd graders next week haha
    thanks for sharing!

  8. going to try this with first grade today. I hope it goes well 🙂

  9. I tried this in an adult class. They all loved it! Thank you so much.

  10. Nice

  11. nice game love it……………..

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