Treatment of Peyronie's Disease Storz Medical Shockwave Therapy

my name is larsa loan Tyrone is disease or in the ratio penis plastic is a very common disease and affects up to five to ten percent of all men in different ages it's that it sees in the connective tissue the patient are very disturbed because there is a curvature of the penis who can make some problems during intercourse we always ask the patients to bring along photos of an anus in an erect condition in order to measure the angle so it's very important to have a proper history is that plaque is there natl does it hurt and then measure the ankle and then perform the ultrasound in the present video we want to show how shockwave therapy can help in this condition now we want to show you in this anatomical model how to apply this shockwave therapy for the plaque you lift up the handpiece remember few drops of silicon oil on the stand off place it and attach it to the hand kick like this and you can see the anatomical part here remember to put on some gel on the plaque like this and then lift up the penis hold it and then start treatment like this after each treatment we use this infective wipes to clean the handpiece like this and you can use the same disinfected wipes for cleaning all the accessories and standoffs you can also use the clean solder you should remember carefully to lift off the pins and then place it again on this penis owner may be adjusted a little bit so that the patient's like comfortable you when you have made the history I find it very important that you are performing an ultrasound in order to see the size and placement of the plaque so please ask the patient to move forward to towards you so that the patient's life comfortable then you put on some gel and then you are performing the ultrasound here you can see the calcification very clearly on the screen and I'm pretty sure that the shock wave therapy will help in this case after you have performed the ultrasound you know exactly where the plaque is so now you are making the equipment ready now you press on the screen and you are choosing the right protocol within is in this case IPP now the equipment is ready for treatment then remember to put on some gel you know for sure where the plaque is now due to the ultrasound lift off the handpiece and then you start the treatment just above the plaque during the treatment you can it's very important to look at the patient's face to see whether he's tolerating the energy level if it's tolerated then you can increase the level slowly up to 0.25 in energy level the treatment usually takes around 15 minutes when you have performed the treatment the patient can easily leave the hospital because it an outpatient clinic procedure yet we have not experienced any problems complication whatsoever so it's a very straightforward procedure


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