Treatment and Prevention of Diseases

treatment and prevention of diseases a few measures you could follow to prevent diseases kill germs by using disinfectants or antiseptics keep your surroundings clean get yourself vaccinated to prevent certain diseases wash your hands before eating bathe daily and maintain proper sanitary conditions cover food items and water to prevent contamination consume boiled drinking water consume food which has been boiled and stored properly cover bins containing garbage and rubbish stay away from people who have communicable diseases do not use things which have been used by infected individuals bring the disease to the notice of the Health Officer so that he may take necessary precautions after a patient has recovered disinfect all the articles he or she used and put the furniture out in the Sun to kill the germs toilets should be kept clean if there is an epidemic it is wise to get yourself inoculated however some diseases are not contagious which means they do not spread from one person to another nor are they caused by external factors diseases such as scurvy kwashiorkor beriberi night blindness etc fall under this category then what causes these diseases these diseases are caused due to nutritional deficiencies hence it is necessary to consume a balanced diet besides consuming a balanced diet it is also required that you exercise to ensure a fit and healthy body an often ignored component of a healthy lifestyle is rest ensure that you get your daily quota of sleep let's do a quick recap of what we learned methods of prevention of diseases are maintaining sanitation resting exercising having a healthy and balanced diet avoiding infected people vaccination boiling food and water covering dust bills and covering food items and water to prevent from contamination scurvy vitamin C deficiency or scurvy produces abnormal bone growth in infants in adults it results in swollen and bleeding gums loosened teeth joint stiffness and anemia kwashiorkor is a protein deficiency that saps a child's strength even though his diet contains enough calories very berry berry berry syndrome is the primary difference related to time and deficit general symptoms of berry berry include loss of appetite and overall latitude digestive irregularities and a feeling of numbness and weakness in the limb is also noticed night blindness lack of vitamin A leads to night blindness disinfectant germicidal substances such as creosote or alcohol applied to inanimate objects in order to kill microorganisms and deceptive a chemical substance that slows down or stops the growth of germs is called an antiseptic

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