Treating Dry Eye Disease with Diet: Just Add Water?


  1. I wonder if dehydration could also be a cause for floaters.

  2. g just eat and drink healthy, who would have thought.


  4. so they were right about the carrots

  5. I will always confess that the simple fact of drinking water is often more of a challenge than it need be and I seem to always be lacking. I have been using a product with Ginkgo biloba extract 120 mg, Eyebright extract (Herb – Euphrasia officinalis) 100 mg, Bilberry extract 40 mg, Lutein extract 10 mg, and Zeaxanthin 500 mcg. It is Vitacost Eyebright Vision Complex and it does help.

  6. would you do research on creatine for a video

  7. Now I predict Futurevideo10 will show up anytime and tell us how countries with the lowest about of water consumption and highest meat intake is somehow related to better life expectancy.

  8. I've been following a plant-based diet and drinking at least 8 cups of water and my dry eyes are still dry 🙁 oh woe

  9. im a stupid american, i dont care about ANY of these diseases!! im just gonna start caring until i have them cuz im a typical lazy stupid uneducated ignorant american ololollololol!!

  10. Great video with good information. Thank you for sharing. Prevention is the key.

  11. Wow for a minute there I thought I was looking at a reptilian? Looks like I'll definitely need to top-up my daily water consumption more frequent from now on.

  12. Is the hype about the Maqui berry really helpful for treating the dry eye syndrome?

  13. I have great difficulty drinking more than about 1-1.5 litres a day (4-6 cups). I feel terribly bloated. I'm guessing this is total water content including from food.

  14. Dr. Greger when are you making a video about Helicobacter Pyloris or GERD? thanks!! Im a post VSG and new vegan low fat patient and im suffering with this two issues. Will love to get your findings on these.

  15. Yup, this is a no-brainer for me. Whenever my eyes start to get dry, it's nearly always because I haven't been drinking much water. I mentioned this to an optometrist and she had no response. I wonder why it's never listed as a factor. It's in fact been my main incentive for drinking water. I used to hate it.

  16. I'm vegan and I drink at least 4 liters of water a day and still have dry eyes.

  17. Use honey on eyelids/lashes twice a day. Worked miraculously for me at a cost of £2. Improvement was within an hour or 2 and overall after 6 weeks, I'm 95% better.

  18. Thanks for reading to us.

  19. I'm 9 I have dry eye it hepped today the time is 5:28

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  21. idk maybe

  22. damn I drink RedBull every day !! had no idea

  23. Tnx…

  24. Excellent video, I have DE also I believe and I'm experimenting with castor oil on the eye lids and below the eye lids.Apply in the evening and wash my eyes in the morning with baby shampoo with a wet clean baby cloth-apply new amount if needed durng the day.(you only need a few drops per eye area.) I tried coconut oil but eyes did not agree with it.

  25. Thank you so much for this. I have just been diagnosed with sjogrens, suffering with chronic dry eyes, which has been distressing for me.

  26. Dry eye is EXTREMELY common. Drinking enough water, decreasing your exposure to
    artificial air and talking with your eye doctor about medications that could be drying your eyes are good places to start. Also, over the counter artificial tears can help keep your eyes lubricated!

  27. I have dry eye problem since 12 year I put drop every day but get relief but if stopped drop again problem start what should I do?

  28. gracias

  29. thank you for video I get some benefits here .

  30. Is it the smart phone screens

  31. MSM & Urine 🙂

  32. Increasing my water intake has def helped. My eye doctor even commented on my eyes…I’m a believer.

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  34. You also have a lipid layer on your eyes. Hydrating doesn't really improve this lipid layer disfunction. They are finding it is this layer and not the lack of tears that is the major cause of dry eyes. It is known as the disease of post menopausal women .

  35. Urine eye washes help floaters.  Castor oil on the eye lid before going to sleep at night will help as well.

  36. Eyes are dry drink water. Wait no 'drink' vitamin A. I knew water sucks. What else in the body is solved with vitamins? Dry mouth? I knew water sucks and doesn't hydrate me after I drink it.

    Not sure if its true but a book I have on iodine was mentioning iodine helps with tears. Please look it up for yourself not sure if it is correct or not.. hopefully NutrtionFacts covers this because I don't believe this whole water for hydration bit. It doesn't work for me.

  37. Wow, this comment section needs a doctor's care. Never read so many loony comments!

  38. I am a moving water tank with chronic dry eyes

  39. Any treatment for aye floaters?

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