Treadmill Workout Tips | Living Healthy Chicago

Okay, up next, it’s time
for today’s health hack. We’re talking about
treadmill time. It can be hard to motivate
yourself sometimes so we’ve got some
tips to help you stay consistent
with your workouts. Number three, prepare
a workout playlist, music can be a great motivator when it comes to
hitting the gym. You’ll be able to look
forward to listening to your favorite tunes and less likely to
avoid your workout. Number two, mix up your
approach to the treadmill. Maybe one day try
a higher incline and the next day
work on sprinting. That way you can
keep it interesting which will help motivate
you to stick with it. And number one, recruit a
friend to work out with you. You can hold each
other accountable or even race
against one another. Sharing your health
journey with others is a great way to stay on track. For more health hacks, just head to our website,

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