Travis Williams and Paige Semenza take on Retest Week!

it is good to be back what you guys doing up here hang out you know a few friends going to France next Sunday Austin and Caroline so we do some team stuff mixed with some game stuff so big a weekend we are gonna do three rounds 12 bar muscle-ups 16 shouldered overhead and 20 bar facing burpees 155 105 retest right so any predictions for how it's gonna go it's gonna burn the shoulders burn the triceps and burn the lungs so I think my strategy is just to be smart on the bar muscle-ups probably break them up from the start I know these guys will probably go unbroken but they'll save me in the long run and then last round maybe take a risk and hang on shoulder overheads gonna get hard that's where it's gonna get real well since qualifying for the games again do you approach training pieces differently right now I think that's always gonna be my biggest focus last year I really didn't train with too many people too often so that's kind of a change I'm trying to make this year and force myself to really get out of my comfort zone so traveling a little bit more in the summer I think will help so it's good to be up here Caroline's like we don't want you to go too hard this weekend but I'm like I need to train with you guys I need to go hard so I don't have is how long this workout gonna take you good question between six and nine minutes aggressive six six minutes probably really aggressive call it between seven and ten seven is me feeling really good and going I'm broken very unlikely that might be the fastest time humanly possible don't think I'm quite there right now nine-minute mark sounds reasonable a three minute round a three-minute round actually sounds really slow to me right now but I think the first round is gonna be like two two and a half and then after that it's gonna be three and a half ish so it's one of it one of those I I think the whole workout just depends on how long you take – how many breaks you take on the bar muscle-up shoulder overhead I don't think the burpees are fast but you definitely can't be a turtle on them I'll be a superhero around one I think that Romana and the second set of bar muscle-ups after that who knows what it might feel feel really good just most through the whole thing if I'm okay after that or it's gonna be a show the wins round one you were Travis I never win round one never the way I see it whenever I worked out with Travis it's the last movement that's the deciding factor because I tend to creep my way up and then it's a spray at the end so it's 20 burpees for time at the end you know don't plan breaks but take breaks that's the strategy itself with Travis cuz he usually has good advice in training I would just never listen to him if there's anything on the line don't say I am very fit just to show it off as well as he could with a workout like this I mean what what he's what he's smart about is he'll drop down maybe your rep or two before somebody else would whereas planning is kind of the same idea you know yourself really well know myself Network out my plan try to go in broken on these and then I don't know what's gonna happen over there some of the best advice I ever got was be really good at what you're good at and manage what you're not so really good at burpees I think that should play that's good advice but in this workout they all manipulate each other a lot like your second set of bar monologues is gonna feel right yeah so you could be really good at shoulder and overhead shoot and then now be able to push yourself up off the floor pervert be an unknown workout like this I think planned breaks and short rest makes way more sense to feel out around one than like let's go for broke and then be like please help me can I have them back yeah you're gonna you're gonna need brace I think you need a break but I don't I'm not sure where I could be in round two round three but I think if you did you plan a break in round two you might end up being too slow I don't think it's that kind of workout well I think I'm done with the first twenty-eight reps in under we make these videos to confuse the out of you that's the whole point not to give you direction but to see how confused that's how it feels I'm thinking like 110 for the first one do you think that you'd be able to paint a picture of what the first round looked like yeah the first round looked like the first round of every upper-body intensive workout like nice and easy because the upper body is all fast-twitch and not much endurance so everybody looked smooth and all the movements and then to me the workout started when they picked the barbell up the second time because everything's starting to mix everything's really starting to mix like Travis look really good again on the bar muscle-ups but he had that thing where your arms are so messed up that push press is easier because you don't want to stabilize in this bottom position yeah and that actually does happen it's rare like that's where that starts to become a thing because you can almost cheat a push jerk with ninety five even one fifteen doing that thing where you're kind of pressing as you're coming up but you're just a little bit more with the legs but the workouts started there and I was surprised at both of them with how they push the burpees at the end mm-hmm [Applause] okay at Carroll the last time is where you guys let's go pick out the extra step it's work thank you thumbs up that's fun it was like I think all about being confident to just jump up for the bar muscle-ups and pick up the barbell I just trust that like you can do a set that matters instead of waiting and trying to go huge make my last set I knew I wouldn't be able to do 12 so I did as many as I could and came down before family hmm the last 20 burpees was like very very mental it was your final time 802 it hurts right here your heart yeah yeah you were right you came out him burpees for time he just like he transitioned so fast I have to tell myself to play my game it worked out but it was exactly what I thought like I see him the whole time so I just try to like stay there and then it all came down if who wanted to pick up the bar at the last 16 more or less breaks than you thought you would take right you thought you would take that many brace yeah I thought I might get around to I'm broken but once I got there my shoulders were gone so I had a hunch I was gonna have to break but wasn't sure but I did and then round three was just like Oh was I getting a 10-7 drop it oops do as many as you can poor alright take a break we're not doing it for again and they have to afford more so I couldn't jerk jerks were harder than who spreads I just wanna do it to start one style you can't switch well I did a couple so hard way and then I would go to push press and it was easier because I didn't have to hold it overhead I could just throw it up there talk it out and bring it down how's that that's what you do that is a prime example of not sticking to your plan just trying to get you excited in that person I know Carol is really good at those movements so I knew hey I don't hang with her not on that one I got hard my first book 12 more muscle ups for the same Cadence's Carol's I was like I'm way bigger than she is I shouldn't be even close but I'm keeping up you're pretty compact in that movement a lot of people rely more on the swing right yeah my muscles got really hard my breathing was probably the hardest the shoulders overhead it got hard to lock it out you know just trying to stabilize it yeah it's trying to stabilize was hard but they work out for me so it's a good push on house like go faster every fiber beats okay I don't have that with with Travis this workout you can't go backwards with your upper body like so if he had broken up early and still would have had to break up late Travis like your upper body's like now like good plan but no so yeah and then you start the workout and it's like high energy go for it information from the workout though like you see something similar and you're like I know that I like the barbell and I like the burpees so I'm just gonna break up these a little bit more even if it's just to make sure that they take the amount of time that they're supposed to so you can crush the other stuff as a training piece I think you did it right if you see that come up when something's on the line you have to figure out how to make it 30 seconds faster by taking some breaks right yeah find out where the break is supposed to or before yeah yeah where the Britney

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  1. Cool to see how they analyze workouts after too, I always make a plan but don’t really take the time to look back on a workout once finished

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