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we're here in Saigon and one of the things that I've found out by an unfortunate occurrences the benefit of actually having a gastro kick that most of the time when you travel through age it's really important for you to consider the fact that it slightly not always but it's likely that you may pick up gastro so one of the things that you need to do is grab the cash broke it now you can generally get these from your from your doctor I've gone for the travel doctor which is a company out of Australia and they essentially put together travel keeping you usually also get it when you get your immunization particularly for traveling to Southeast Asia so I show you through what I've got and what I used and what sort of got me through what was a pretty ordinary bout of gastro so essentially what the kit comes with and what I got were my malaria tablets which are very useful then when the gastro kicked in I ended up using some antibiotics to help me through it now you doctor will generally tell you what you need so don't go of what I'm showing you this is what the travel doctor gave me when it first kicked off this is a bit of a godsend called gastro stop there's all sorts of these different ones out on the market and essentially all it does is basically close everything up so if you're finding you've got a little bit of diarrhea you're going to the toilet solve it Pierce in ugly this is what you need now particularly if that's going to happen not only should you be drinking water you should also be looking at getting electrolytes now generally the pack will come with some electrolytes but you can buy things like this from your local pharmacy of the pharmacies where you are in anywhere in Vietnam Cambodia they're pretty much off the shelf and if whenever you've had a pretty nasty bout of that you take one of these so they're very useful you just mix it up with a with a bit of water it's easy to drink just replaces some of those lost minerals and salts then you've got your standard cleansing light so if you are going to be in a situation we've got gastro and you're going to the tool and in my case it was care about here in a fairly sort of remote area it pays to have either that or some disinfectant hand wash pretty much Piper little bottles under 100 mil now so easy to take on the train so all in all these are a pretty essential thing to have if you're going to travel through Southeast Asia so that's my recommendation to you

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