Travel Health Tips: Insect-borne Diseases and Remedies

be aware insects are everywhere and rarely pleasant to deal with infected mosquitoes in both rural and urban areas are the culprits these diseases result in insect-borne parasitic and viral infections delivered by infected daytime and nighttime feeding mosquitoes and are linked to specific regions and seasons understanding the proper protection against these unpleasant mosquito species within your destination can be a lifesaver remember prevention with vaccines medications or supplies can help make your travel a safer and more pleasant experience minimizing your exposure proper use of repellents and proper clothing attire can help take the advice of your travel medicine specialist and your travel itinerary for which type of precautions to take for ultimate protection malaria is a major health problem an easy way to remember your protection is malaria bites from dusk to dawn and other diseases bite all day long the best news about malaria is it is preventable found in one hundred percent of tropical and subtropical countries passport Health recommends medication to help you not become a statistic while some sub-saharan African and tropical South American countries require evidence of yellow fever vaccination other countries may not the best advice to follow to avoid this viral disease is from your travel medicine specialists throughout Asia that Japanese encephalitis virus can be prevented with vaccination but may not be one hundred percent effective understanding this will help you remember to take advantage of the other recommended repellents or protective measures discussed with you today by simply changing your patterns of behavior you can minimize exposure to bites EPA registered repellents are important products containing thirty percent to fifty percent deep and picaridin are effective for several hours should be reapplied often to skin and these levels of deet are recommended by the CDC higher levels may be toxic so avoid them for increased protection remember to apply lotion first then sunscreen then repellent make sure each layer is fully absorbed before applying the next product at your accommodations pretreated bed nets with permethrin can be used properly treated bed nets are effective for several weeks with a full line of protective supplies passport health can adequately protect you during your trip be sure to ask your travel medicine specialist today for more information most importantly if you feel ill during or after your trip contact your family physician be sure to tell them where you've traveled if it was a malaria zone and what precautions you took before and during your travels

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