Transmission and Prevention of Communicable Diseases

there are many ways in which germs of communicable diseases are transmitted from one person to another person these are through air through contaminated food and water and through insects let us discuss how germs of communicable diseases are transmitted through air and the methods to prevent it when a person suffering from common cold sneezes fine droplets of moisture carrying thousands of viruses are spread in the air these viruses may enter in the body of a healthy person while breathing tuberculosis common cold and influenza spread through this way viral diseases like measles and chickenpox also spread through air airborne diseases can be prevented by keeping a handkerchief on the nose and mouth while sneezing by keeping a distance from an infected person many disease-causing organisms are present in the soil from there they enter into our food and water we should wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly after bringing them from the market amoebic dysentery typhoid and cholera spread in this way the germs of these diseases come into the ground when we spit or vomit on the road they may also come out through urine and fecal matter that is why urine or fecal matter should be properly disposed off food and waterborne diseases can be prevented by keeping the surroundings neat and clean disposing the waste materials properly this will prevent the breeding of house flies and mosquitoes using a sanitary latrine washing hands properly with soap after passing stools washing hands before handling any eatables or drinking water keeping the food and drinking water covered not putting hands inside water while taking out water cutting nails regularly insects also carry the microbes from one place to another housefly is one of the most dangerous carriers of diseases house flies breed on the fecal matter and garbage a number of microorganisms get attached to its hairy legs when the housefly sits on exposed food it leaves those microorganisms on the food spray insecticides such as DDT regularly various diseases like cholera typhoid and diarrhea spread by flies like house flies cockroaches also spoil our food they generally live in a sewage pipe lines and bring the germs of diseases from those dirty places and leave them over the uncovered food stuff mosquitoes also spread diseases the female of a mosquito sucks the blood of human beings they transmit the germs of malaria and dengue from a diseased person to a healthy person while biting and sucking the blood the spread of malaria can be prevented by following methods do not allow standing water in or around the house mosquitoes breed in standing water spray insecticides such as DDT regularly spray kerosene oil on standing water this will kill the mosquito larvae present in water people having malaria should get early treatment as the mosquito can transmit malaria if it bites an infected person

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