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(bright music)>>Hi, I’m Dr Devin O’Brien Coon, I’m a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and the medical director
of the Johns Hopkins Center for transgender health. With me today I have one of my patients, Johnny Boucher, who’s going to talk with
me about his experiences here at the center as a patient and generally his experience
going through the process. It’s an interesting story for
how you made that decision to even get the surgery.>>I remember, the moment that stands out to my heart, that sounds sentimental, but the moment that
really stands out to me in the first consult was when you said let’s
rank these priorities, because you had thought about what the possible priorities were. What were you thinking on your end about as you said, rank sensation, sexual use, aesthetics
and standing to pee. Were those the four?>>Yeah I think there are two levels. The first one is, especially
for bottom surgery, it’s a process, it’s a journey, it’s not you show up,
you get it, you go home. That’s what top surgery is,
but that’s not what this is. So you have to know like,
does the patient know that? Are they prepared for this? Are they going to be
mentally and financially and everything able to
endure this journey?>>I really appreciated the education that is taking place here
for the nursing staff because a lot of people when they say, how was your outcome? What was your experience like? They’re not really asking
how healed you are. How are your scars? How aesthetic is your outcome? They’re asking were you mistreated when you were in the hospital? How much did you have to suffer through? Not just physically, but psychologically? Did people objectify you
or sensationalize you? And I could tell that
education is going on here. I had someone in the ICU say, pardon? Um, would you happen to be a gender? Or, or a gender queer? And she said the words like maybe it was the first time
she’d ever said them out loud, but she had been studying because she wanted to affirm
a wide variety of genders here and make me feel safe.>>You know, before we
started doing surgery we had almost a year of education. We were trying to open up
the general hospitals more, you know, part of the
goal of the center is to be system-wide and even go out into the other Hopkins Hospitals and they’re not all
gonna do Phalloplasties, but they’re all going to
have people come into the ER with a heart attack who might be trans.>>I’m so curious, how
did you get into this? Because this is a sensational subject. And unless you have background
with transgender folks, you’re going to be knee deep in all of our multifaceted
community issues.>>I think the reason
I got interested in it initially it was because I liked the patients that we were…>>Oh you like us, okay, that’s it, if I
could really boil down to why I like this place, you like us.>>Yeah, I think people,
human beings can tell if you like them and
it’s not, it’s not like you can’t fake it, you know,
there’s a natural tendency to root for the underdog
and want to help the people that you think aren’t
getting sort of a fair shake by the medical system. So I think that the education
thing is really important because I would imagine that that’s the only way it’s
going to change in the future. (bright music)


  1. Help me sir ….live in india

  2. God that trans guy acts like a sissy

  3. This is wonderful! 💜 Thank you John Hopkins.

  4. I don’t know how I feel about this but it’s negative.

  5. Does taking testosterone not always include a change to your voice? Not that there is anything wrong with his voice, I'm just curious.

  6. i dont agree with this at all. the suicide rate for the trans community is really high and the suicide rate for those who have went thru the medical process is high.there needs to be a line drawn in the sand in the medical community. this needs to be treated as a mental condition. im not hating i just care about people.

  7. Dear god are they really wasting funds on this shit? I guess america is as fu** as they say.

  8. Watch The Terrible Fraud of transgender medicine. It explains what it's based on and why it has exploded over the past few years. The medical community itself is being bamboozled by this.

  9. We are all born with our physical gender. There are two. Male and Female and none other.

  10. So happy to see Johns Hopkins doing good work and making lives better for everyone


  12. Sick FUCK….

  13. this a man or woman or gay man?

  14. Do you see that scar on his/her left arm? That's the skin they took off so that they could mold a makeshift penis from it! Isn't this healthy behavior?!

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