Training My Skinny legs | Leg Workout | ANISH FITNESS |


  1. Hadd….chutiya

  2. Bruuhh bro im so cringy your to small to flew whshaha

  3. Se está muriendo de ambre

  4. Sentadillas mal ejecutadas, peso muerto igual, bloqueas la rodilla en pasó alto, empieza a estudiar la biomecánica del movimiento si quieres progresar

  5. Well done bro . Im new subscribe for you bro i hope the best for you ♡

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😆😆

  7. Awesome legs. You are strong.

  8. 🍞🍞 ai te va un pan

  9. Nice bro

  10. Abonne m’y Chane and thanks

  11. Bhai tum khene me Kya Kya lete ho

  12. I have sort of skinny legs too. Decent but not as good as Id like. I always enjoy watching your videos and i pick up tips and ideas from you my friend. Give your little puppy a hug for me – and give Met a nice knee lift to his abs . ha ha. — Michael

  13. Respect bruh

  14. How tall are u Anish?

  15. Bhai thai gap khatam ho gai ga na panga kar. Simple squats hi theelh hai

  16. Buen video saludos desde México as un video de tu rutina de ejercicios 👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

  17. Amazing video bro do u shave ur legs too to show more definition?

  18. What is ur height

  19. Nice legs and body.  Thanks for all the inspiration you provide.

  20. By the way, the videos are nice and this boy has a very sexy and hot body. But beginners shouldn't really take example on other beginners, bcos they will surely make mistakes and injure themselves !

  21. Squat is a movement that to be executed with flat shoes (no Nike air max, for example !)) in order to assure a good stability on the floor. So, i'm not sure being barefeet is the best way to do them…

    Besides, on the descent, the knees should NEVER overpass the toes in order not to injure them, which he seems to do a little bit here.

  22. I think your legs are proportional to your body type. Your slim, but very defined. Continue increasing your calories and you'll continue to make good gains. Keep up the good work bro!

  23. bro mera channel promote koro naaaaa

  24. Do you know full nelson challenge you should do with someone who s a bigger than you and he locks and you try to escape

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