Training For Another Arizona Trip/ Physical Fitness

this is my ball alright guys house here now to doing spiking wouldn't be hot and sweaty and nasty by the end of this kana in my neighborhood and I'm leaving I thought I'd mention one thing because it makes me think about coming through here somebody sent me a message saying they they know where I live and you know I don't it's kind of weird send me a message telling me you know where I live but um I don't really care per se that people know where I live but I would say that you know I've also had the fan just randomly show up at my house without like calling me or telling me or anything about it and it's a little bit weird um I mean I turned out fine this great guy you know good fam good guy but if you're going to you know come to my town or something or if you really really really want to meet me then you know please send me a message it's just a little awkward to just show up in my place anyway I'm out here get a little training done cuz I'm fat nasty and need to lose some weight so I'm on my bike going to a small hill numb right house pick up the hill high kick down right home paddy look good cheap way to work out you know burn some calories work your leg muscles is important going Arizona soon so that's important you know you gotta get used to the heat and working your muscles if you're interested in my bike it's a piece of crap crap kind of iguana giant it's got to camano shifter and this dicom die compact cm brakes I got this bike for like 150 bucks and at a bike shop here that they built out extra parts I got a LED thing I strapped on the front there and then just a cheap water bottle and a nice pump alright so I like to ride part of the way walk part of the way and run part of the way as a school track back over there I'm going to go up that hill and then ride my bike back down run around the track couple times and then ride my bike back to the right to the house but this is um just a key to working out is keeping a good heart rate up it is when you're talking about cardio at least it's um getting a good cardio right up but not so fast that you're going to damage your heart and you'll actually get a less efficient work out if your heart is beating too fast and if you're out of shape like me you got to make sure that you're not pushing your heart too hard and therefore damaging it so just keep that in mind if you're going to start working out and you're out of shape you know don't overdo it but then again you need to push yourself to a point of uncomfortableness so that your legs are burning hearts beating a little bit faster and they're actually burning calories so I'm wearing these Damascus clothes because I wanted to get them wet you know the sweat and test them out a little bit I'm also worried my testicle Taylor modular operators pack fight light line and it's fully loaded mags and everything water I know that this may be hard to believe but I used to be in really good shape when I was in the Marine Corps I was a really good shape so I do know something about being in shape I just haven't exercised in some time which you know honestly there's no reason why we shouldn't be out here you know all of us doing our daily training or weekly training or whatever and you know just ensuring that we can actually go somewhere because you know if you can't hike up the nearest hill to you and crap it's a fan situation you know what do you think that's I mean if you can do it now what do you think's going to happen to crap its fans situation so you know that's something that you need to consider is just being a shape losing weight losing fat is important you know the less weight you got to carry around the better now I know I just was talking about cardio and cardio is important to do but if you really want to burn calories it's important that you do strength training because you'll burn more calories longer if you do like weight lifting strength training things like that so I really need to purchase some free weights or get some I don't know what I'm going to do but free weights are awesome free weights will really help get you to burn those calories and build some muscle tone so since I am so lazy and fat lately just getting to the top of this hill is made me realize that I'm going to be overworking myself I do too much more so I'm going to hike up this helmet exhale which is a little bit shorter and that'll drop me then I can ride my bike downhill straight to my house so it's just going to be up for today I'll do the same thing again tomorrow and the next day and the next thing the next day they all this week I gotta hike this weekend I might I might take a rest day before I gotta hike this weekend of a pretty big mountain not a heel it well not amount it's beaut but I got that and then i'll be doing some more training next week and just trying to get in shape for this trip to Arizona so you know if you're not in shape you could die out there in the Arizona desert and we're talking about just on a regular ol hike full gear so next week I guess I I'll probably start training with my plate carrier onto so that I can get used to wearing that in the hot summer weather up here in Oregon by the time i get down in Arizona this fall or winter then the temperatures there should have cooled down to about what they are here and shouldn't be too much of a transition so thanks for watching guys and I just want to really encourage you to get out there and get fit or at the very least do some level of physical fitness and you know the number one thing is is to lose fat and build muscle and that will you know if you try to do both of those at the same time you will do well and the two biggest things to losing fat is one building muscle and to eating right and by eating right I don't mean necessarily eating like ridiculously healthy foods but eating smaller portions and also choosing things that are less sugary sugar white sugar is almost as bad as crack cocaine for you so you want to avoid that if possible and avoid fatty foods overall but you know don't skip on your carbohydrates or your protein people that say that you should do that don't understand physical fitness and how body works and how the body makes an energy you need carbohydrates to have energy to be able to work out and if you do these low carb diets you're not going to have enough energy to work out your body and you will suffer from it thanks for watching


  1. My brother and I had Giant Iguanas, 1998 models, put a lot a miles on em out here in AZ too.

  2. For training AZ in the winter would be great.Can't wait for the winter here ,the summers here suck.If ya get a chance train near or in camp verde.Hi desert better than the waste land in Phoenix.

  3. Hell ya! I've been doing Judo 5 days a week and it is helping with my fitness, plus it's wrestling with submissions and chokes!

  4. Alright thanks man & thanks for your service.

  5. What's a good distance to do a ruck march with an 80 lbs ruck?

  6. Crazy fan showing up to your house uninvited!? Wow, that's creepy and uncool. Anyway, I may have missed it in the video, but how far do you typically bike/ hike?

  7. Cool workout. Once you start to make some progress you might try doing intervals if you don't have the time for long, slow cardio.

    For instance you could do a 10 min warm up ride, 1 min close to max HR, 1 min easy ride, 1 min max, 1 easy, 1 max, 1 easy, then ride slow for 5 to 10 minutes. There is a lot of research showing how effective short, intense intervals are. They are also supposed to burn fat better than long, slow workouts.

    Take care!

  8. Maybe, but you are going to need a lot of salt if you are doing cardio in the heat.

  9. I train at a gym 1-2 times a week and school PE

  10. Keep up the good work, more power to yeh.

  11. Sweet, I train in the barracks with my issued body armor. Good stuff for real!

  12. Where do you people learn this Bullshit? Macros do not work that way, and 5K a day is nearly impossible to take in, and 10K a day is impossible without getting fat.

  13. Are you going for that 300 pft again.

  14. Coming to my nick of the woods eh.or errrr desert i should say. if you wanna do some shooting with a fan out here let me know (I'm sure you get that alot). [email protected] friends on face book. look up Aaron Brnnrd(Brennard) if you decide you're bored enough to meet up with a fan of Phoenix. good luck preparing for the desert!!

  15. Dont forget to kill ur salt use in food salt binds water(fat) in ur body ..just use salt alot less or atleast 90% less ….

  16. Right on Hoss.. Kick some ass.

  17. Oh and if you wanna boost your system try juicing man. Not like the idiots in Hollywood or wherever. Check into it. You get protein and you get so much energy. Make sure to add some kale.

  18. Check into an indoor cycle trainer. I have the black burn Mag 6. You can change the intensity and make it harder than going up hill. Also check out the Bas Rutten O 2 trainer. If you want to get a better lung capacity, it helps. Keep it up man!

  19. Congrats on putting in some work Hoss! I myself have been inspired by Mainprepper and now you as well to get and stay in shape. Congrats again and the best of luck!

  20. When people show up at my place they bring beer. Just putting that out there for you Hoss.

  21. Awesome! lol

  22. ive got some weights ill give you for free if you pick em up on your way into AZ. im in Glendale.

  23. after seeing your first az border op vid, got me into wanting to do this. been thinking bout civilian contracting. would like to meet you when you come to AZ. do you have a meet and greet with fans set up?

  24. Getting in shape too Hoss. Keep up the good work. Getting chaffed in areas I never been chaffed in. lol.

  25. I have been trying to get into better shape lately. I am not too overweight (imo at least) and my whole things has just been to stay active and my goal is to get up, get moving, and sweat every day. I would like to go for a run or do some workout daily, but with working it gets overly tiresome at times. Just start by sweating everyday.

  26. Awesome that you're getting in shape. Don't give up! I expect you to be noticeably thinner in your videos in a month or two. I will have to bust your balls if you aren't.

  27. As I'm sure you know watching your diet, not dieting, is the way to loose weight. My wife put me on weight watchers. I've lost 30 lbs so far. I like it because its just as much about portion control as it is eating healthy. I still wolf down my favorites. I'm just more conscientious about how much and how often.

    Good luck to you I hope you reach your goal.

  28. Just started running and lifting again a few weeks ago myself thanks for sharing Devil keep it up.

  29. Stay away from AZ its ran by feds and DHS, the guy Name Rick running the show at MTT is a fed.

  30. right on bro this vid has got me off my ass lol i think about getting back in shape alot but hearing a friend saying get off your ass helps a person motivated.keep up the vids bro i learn alot from them.

  31. Great message on fitness! Keep it up Hoss!

  32. to cool .. stop by when you pass by kingman .. when are yall thinking about coming down .. you can also message me on f/b bro ,, i have been doing a lot better now since we last message ea other .. yep i have to get back in shape also .. lol ..

  33. If those DVDs work for you fine. But weights are by far the best way to grow stronger. Just buying a barbell and a 300lb weight set you will get vastly stronger than you will with bodyweight. You can do high volume squats, dead lifts, over head press, rows, and a lot more. Everyone should own a barbell and weight set (well everyone who really wants to get stronger).

  34. I'd say that's weird, for not letting you know first. Not cool at all. You deserve your privacy!

  35. good luck

  36. Glad to see you're working out. I see a lot of people on YouTube concerned about self defense and guns but are so out of shape they wouldn't last 5 min in a fight.

  37. Good on you getting back in shape. Don't quit. What are your fitness goals?

  38. Hate me. I don't work out, eat whatever I want and still have a 6 pack.

  39. I have been copying you by wearing a countycomm light on my hat for the past year. Wow that thing is handy and I get asked all the time what it is. I also use it when riding my bike at night so I am more visible.

  40. Great job man

  41. I can't wait to move to Eugene in the next few months. I hear there are lots of good bike trails to check out too, which will be nice between workout days.

  42. We evolved on animal fats. That's why we're human. Your body/brain needs a lot of saturated and monounsaturated to make you happy and to cut down on inflammation :D. Polyunsatuated fats (most vegetable seed oils) are the bad stuff we eat too much of. Olive, coconut and palm oil are good to go.

    yum yum, bacon.

  43. Animal fats are generally saturated fat. you don't want more than 10% of your calories from saturated fat. good fats are unsaturated. examples are olives, avacado, nuts. 180 bpm heart rate for the hoss is extremly high. for cardio you want 70-85% of your max heart rate. max heart rate can be found by 220-your age. Keep it up Hoss.

  44. Thank you very much for this video. Physical fitness is one of the most important tools for "prepping" for a SHTF situation. I only wish you would've advised everyone to see their doctor before starting an exercise regimine. Also I think the best advice you give is,"MODERATION". I love pizza and beer but I know I can't have it every day. Thanks again.

  45. Hossusmc, You've been in hot weather countries before. I live in the Phoenix, AZ area. I work outside. Being thin and in good shape is good but surviving our heat right now is more about skill. Like when not to be outside. Constantly looking for shade. Like drinking alot of fluids. Carrying alot of fluids. Conserving effort. Keeping the sun off your head. Etc. Hossusmc, you're right you can overheat and get in the danger zone real fast here right now.

  46. that wasn't the point man. My point was I appreciate people who serve our country weather you think homeland security is a joke or not. gota love the people that always hate though.

  47. LOL wow .. the story about creepy fans is funny but also disconcerting. I agree – i am fat and in cardio hell right now and I used to be a skinny bad-ass that could hike 3 miles up a mountain with an 80lb load and not be out of breath. Sigh… between you MP and Patriot Nurse.. I REALLY need to take a hint.

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